• Venus Rising: Interview with Alex Allen

    Imagine a MMORPG where sex will be more important than combat. With an ancient roman setting and of course deities, battles, conquests. Are you ready for that? We interviewed Alex Allen, founder of FoxySoft, about his game Venus Rising.
    MMORPGITALIA: Could you introduce your company to our readers?

    Alex Allen: FoxySoft is an independent game studio focusing on massively multiplayer online role playing games for adults. Our first project is called Venus Rising. We were founded in September of 2012. Alex Allen is the Founder who is a 15 year veteran of the game industry and has been a lead developer in some major companies like Sony Online Entertainment.

    MMORPGITALIA: Why did you choose an ancient roman setting for your MMO?

    Alex Allen: Many Reasons. First and foremost, it gives tons of room to expand that world. As you know the Romans practically took over the whole world back in the day. So as the game progresses so will the lands. Players will eventually be able to conquer and settle in other settings such as ancient Greece, Egypt, Britannica, Jerusalem ect.
    Another reason we chose Ancient Rome was for its rich and versatile mythology. We can use that in endless story lines and easily inject some fantasy in the game. Players are likely to run into mythological beats and mischievous spirits.

    MMORPGITALIA: Could you talk about the three quest paths available to every player?

    Alex Allen: The questing as it pertains to each class is still being worked out and will be worked on through the entire development of Venus Rising. But basically Merchants will be given specific quests such as craft items, acquire a shop, put locals out of business... Soldiers of course will have lots of combat quests weather itís defat the barbarian hordes or round up some local criminals. Politicianís quests will have the option to befriend or eliminate potential enemies or allies. Their decisions will affect their progress in status.
    Of course there are class neutral quests as well that all players can enjoy and some of them lead to some sexy situations.

    MMORPGITALIA: Will there be divinities in the game, able to influence the gameplay?

    Alex Allen: Oh yes, a big part of Venus Rising is the mythos behind it all. In fact each player will be descended from a God or Goddess of their choosing and that choice will affect their in game abilities.

    MMORPGITALIA: Open world or an instanced one?

    Alex Allen: A little of both. Public areas will be open, private and some PVP zones will be instanced

    MMORPGITALIA: Let's talk about the balance between PvE and PvP features.

    Alex Allen: PVP not only pertains to combat but to sex as well. It will all be consensual and players must agree to engage in a designated area for either one. An arena for instance or hotel room for instance. Only one on one battles and sexual encounters are implemented at this time, but the next step is to introduce group battles and sexual activities. PvE will also only be in designated areas such as a ďdark forest full of nasty beasts or the local brothels and taverns where one can easily pick up an NPC to play with. The major hubs like cities towns will be safe for socializing and shopping. You canít gank the noobs, unless of course they want you to.

    MMORPGITALIA: Combat in Venus Rising. Classic or an action one (like TERA or Vindictus)?

    Alex Allen: So far it is very classic and basic. We wanted to focus on beautiful fun sexual activities before we delved into anything innovative for combat. Later on subsequent updates we would like to get deep into combat and perhaps change to a first person shooter style during arena battles and some sort of table top strategy style for wars when players and politicians are able to recruit armies and lead as generals.

    MMORPGITALIA: What kind of graphic engine do you use?

    Alex Allen: We have an arrangement with an existing game engine creator. Part of that arrangement is that we are not to brand along side them. Iím sorry I cannot discuss the specific engine at this time.

    MMORPGITALIA: Could you define your game as a theme park?

    Alex Allen: I guess so. I never really thought of it that way but others may think so and thatís fine with me.

    MMORPGITALIA: Sex in Venus Rising. Effects on gameplay, character's progression, storyline...

    Alex Allen: Sexual activities are very much a part of the players character development. You canít run a round having all the sex you want just like you canít run around killing everything all the time. There are consequences and prerequisites. Just like a combat structure where you need a certain amount of health, weapons, armor and experience to slay the foe. So it is with the sex. You start out with very little experience and can perform very few acts and can acquire only the lowest of trollops and gigolos. But as your character progresses you gain more and more abilities until you are able to woo the Queens and Caesars themselves.

    MMORPGITALIA: How sex will be implemented in game? What we could do exactly?

    Alex Allen: At launch we will have one on one hetero and homosexual capabilities. Players can progress through 10 levels of expertise to eventual have 16 sexual positions to choose from during an encounter. Players will be able to invite other players into their personal home or an game provided room to engage in sexual activities. Or Players can visit any one of the game provided brothels to learn from an NPC and gain experience that way.

    MMORPGITALIA: Could you explain to us, in a short way, housing and crafting in Venus Rising?

    Alex Allen: Housing will be very fun and immersive. Players will be able to choose a home from a selection of styles and sizes. They will also be able to place that home on a piece of land. Once the house is placed they can enter, decorate and invite others. The house will be designated a PVP instance so sexual and combat activities can take place there. So when we update with group activities players will be able to host their own Roman style parties. Crafting will be very UI based and only the merchant class will be able to do it. So, for example: Open a UI window, click on the icons of resources gathered to combine, the item is created, choose colors and finish. That 3d item will appear in the players inventory. Merchants will be able to set up their own shops very much like you set up a house. And of course will be able to sell their crafted goods to other players or NPC dealers. Player crafted items will of course be more powerful than in game provided items. A basic armor set crafted by a player will offer more protection than a basic armor set provided by the game and the merchant can set their own price, preferably lower than the in-game items so the economy can be player driven with the base set by the game.

    MMORPGITALIA: What kind of business model the game will have?

    Alex Allen: It will be a freemium /microtransaction model. Free to play with no adult content. All players have access to an in-game shop where they can purchase vanity items for their character with real world money. A low monthly subscription will unlock the adult content. A slightly higher premium subscription will not only unlock the adult content but reward with shop discounts and free stuff from the store every month. The exact fee has yet to be set but it will be lower than our competitors. Thank you for your time and interest in Venus Rising. I hope you find the game to be interesting and fun. Please visit us at www.foxysoft.net and join our community!