discussione presente su goha in cui ci sono un pò di Q&A.
da notare che, tra le risposte che vengono date, viene detto che ad agosto potrebbero mettere il terzo dragone, ovvero Lindvior (visto che Lindvior è presente fin da gracia final, possono solo metterlo raidabile ).

Published by another group of questions and answers from the test team Lineage 2. Some of the questions were taken from the relevant topics in the forum 4game.
A. Q: Do you plan to develop the pupils (wolves, dragons, and others), for example, to add new equipment, new branch development, etc.?
Reply NCsoft: This will be done in August. We put special pet charms Agathion, changing, thus, their appearance on the warrior.
Two. Q: Do you plan to introduce additional methods of obtaining conventional dual swords used as a rank?
Reply NCsoft: Yes, we are planning. We want to see it could be done by combining the bound single-handed sword / mace weapons. But in Korea, the value of an ordinary pair of sword shaped its high cost, and to keep it that way, we can not go on any additions.
Three. Q: Do you plan to introduce possible on / off PvP mode, so there was no need to clamp the ctrl or write special-macro to attack other characters?
Reply NCsoft: Yes, we are planning. Last time we had already started working on it. We plan to add a feature to switch from using hotkeys or in PvP mode to the mode of hunting.
4. Q: Are there any plans for alteration in the spoils and loot helbaunde, at the moment and drop Spoil nedaekvaten relative to the levels of monsters?
Reply NCsoft: We can fix it, if such a discrepancy really is. (Developers were generally surprised that the CB us someone walking, as this localization does not popular in Korea. © Azimuth)
Five. Q: Do you plan to change the buffs Agathion as current buffs them to lose much more useful caster buff Isa?
Reply NCsoft: We tested it first. We expect that in August, after the update, all players will receive an adequate benefit. Besides preparing yet Agathion elements.
6. Q: Do you plan to enter the prize in klanvarah?
Reply NCsoft: now, let's leave everything as is.
7. Q: Do you plan to introduce a reward for PvP to increase interest in this part of the game?
Reply NCsoft: No, we do not plan any awards for PvP, which do not fit into the content.
Eight. Q: Do you plan to update the skills of the hero, as the current completely irrelevant?
Reply NCsoft: Yes, of course, it is necessary. But, most likely, as long as it is impossible to implement.
9. Q: Before the release of Year of the developers have promised that the old skills 2/3 the profession will become less with each level and the player will need to give them up, but:
a. The apostle can leave Mystic Immunity, which is a huge advantage in the olivine.
Reply NCsoft: At level 89 will replace the mandatory ability to "Rhapsody in battle."
b. Lord of the Storm may leave Enchanting Echo, which works very well in pvp.
Reply NCsoft: At level 97 will be replaced by a "double magic". As for the "echo of inspiration" - his prolonged damage of course is good, but the "double magic" has an exceptional effect on the instantaneous charge. We expect that over time the "double magic" will become more popular.
a. Devourer of Souls can keep the ability to Judgment Day - is a clear skill in pvp.
Reply NCsoft: A situation in which we must replace the ability to "judgment day" for the negative effect of the radius of action. In addition, because of the negative effect it is necessary to reduce the probability of successful application of the "doomsday" against the characters of high rank. If there is any problem, we will correct them.
10. Q: Do you plan to remove the nipple from the game, since they have a few problems for players - intermittent failure, at the death of the character off, logs, increasing the force on the specific skills a certain amount?
Reply NCsoft: Many players increase physical attack or critical hit by the charge of the Soul, or Spirit of charge. These skills have a positive effect from an economic point of view. Many players adapted themselves to their use, so the charge of the Spirit and the Soul Charge shall not be considered as subjects for deletion. Therefore, if the data items is a problem, you must first understand what the problem is (does it need to correct or supplement). If we talk about the game braking caused by Ghost A charge - we will continually work to fix the problem.
A. Q: Why is there no restrictions on the use of special class mascot, which can be taken with dualklassa and transferred to Maine, such as a healer Algiz has dual caster Isa and can take a special talisman dualklassa R: Special Talisman - Reduction of MP and use it in Maine?
Reply NCsoft: With this kind of problems will not be. We will take into account the use of dual-class mascot.
12. Question: Should mascots passivki stack? For example yellow talisman talisman of protection + R85 (F.Zasch) + R90 mascot - (F.Zasch) + R99 mascot (F.Zasch) can be used simultaneously.
Reply NCsoft: Yes, indeed. There are problems with the rejection of the other functions when selecting a particular player protection.
13. Q: Do you plan to introduce new and exciting quests, continuing the story of the Seven Seals?
Reply NCsoft: Seven Sign - is first and foremost, a system of large jobs, and only then interesting content. We have nothing planned.
14. Q: Do you plan to introduce yet another epic dragon?
Reply NCsoft: In August will be added Lindvior.
15. Q: How much Ixion was not introduced?
Reply NCsoft: Ixion - the weapons used in battles between the servers. It will be available when cross-server will be available to the war.
16. Q: Do you plan to introduce a new class of reborn? We found a ruined statue of the class in the Tomb of the Spirit.
Reply NCsoft: We are considering adding 1-2 new classes.
17. Q: Do you plan to introduce new types of weapons?
Reply NCsoft: Our first priority - it is not adding new weapons, and bring balance to the existing one. We start in April with a blunt weapon.
18. Q: Why do the majority of new monsters that appeared in the year, has protection from ground attacks?
Reply NCsoft: As mentioned at the last meeting, you should check especially hunting zone.
19. Q: Do you plan to take any opportunity to Kamael subclass?
Reply NCsoft: None.
20. Q: The game will be flying mounts?
Reply NCsoft: None.
21. Q: Will there be new armor sets R, R96, R99?
Reply NCsoft: We do not have plans associated with new items. Already available for improvements to 99 levels.
22. Q: Do you plan to allow any race to choose any class?
Reply NCsoft: no.
23. Q: Do you plan to introduce the possibility of creating a unique skin for armor and weapons?
Reply NCsoft: Yes, it will be in June.

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