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Fixes include the Skyshrine x4 zones.

The US Servers will come down on May 8, 2012, at 7:00 am Pacific for a hotfix. The expected downtime is one hour. Here's the patch notes:

Skyshrine x4 raid zones, challenge mode

  • Belkreiz Blazeclaw will no longer spam messages about reckless adds unless an add actually spawns due to the Time Vortex Curse.
  • Belkreiz Blazeclaw will no longer spawn Ancient Dracurian Seer’s if there are already 3 or more of them present in the zone.

Skyshrine: the Underdepths

  • Sevalor's Deathless now has a 35 second duration, rather than permanent.


  • “Skyshrine” scout boots focus effect now properly applies to swashbucklers.
  • Restorative Counter II, III, and IV should now trigger heals on the target of the proc instead of the caster.
  • Pantaloons of Runed Silk should now correctly have their set bonus applied to them so they match the rest of the set.

Withered Lands