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  1. seyfer110 ha detto:

    preso, thanks!

    1. VoN Ti@TiX ha detto:


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  3. -Ashram- ha detto:

    peccato che non funzioni su win 10 x64…..

    1. Spenky ha detto:

      Ci ho giocato per 10 minuti, ma sul mio funzionava senza accorgimenti extra.

    2. Dimmu ha detto:

      Funziona perfettamente su Win10…

      1. -Ashram- ha detto:

        While GameGuard is nominally compatible with Windows 10, we have
        unfortunately seen quite a few issues (such as Bluescreens and
        initialization errors), especially with newer Windows 10 builds, insider
        preview builds, and 64-bit versions.

        While some of the solutions suggested here have resolved the issues of
        some player, this will unfortunately only be comprehensively resolved
        once INCA releases further compatibility updates for the GameGuard Game
        Monitor module.

        One possible way to resolve Windows 10 compatibility issues specifically
        can be to return to an earlier version of Windows 10 by using the
        in-built recovery / rollback feature. This can be done under Settings > Update & security > Recovery > Go back to an earlier build.
        This won’t remove your personal files, but it’ll remove recently
        installed apps and drivers, and change settings back to their defaults.

  4. Ryu ha detto:

    grazie ! 🙂

  5. josep ha detto:

    ma è un MOBA ?

    1. -Ashram- ha detto:

      un hack and slash

  6. indubiis ha detto:

    l’avevo inserita ma non ho ben capito se è arrivato o meno il premio, pazienza il gioco mi ha già stancato :p