_ READ! [Avviso per i Nuovi Giocatori] Creazione Account + Referrer



ps: per i nuovi giocatori e non solo, postate pure qui i vostri nick per organizzare una rete di referring in cui tutti siano in grado di ricevere bonus referring ( se non avete amici " real " da immettere nel sistema di refer)

Alla creazione di un nuovo account vi apparirà la finestra di " Referrer " ; potete inserire il nick in game di un vostro amico, per fargli guadagnare dei punti upgrades per le carte,gold o anche una carta promo,una volta che avrete soddisfatto i seguenti punti:

-riporto l'articolo integrale-

The Refer a Friend system provides players with the chance to introduce their friends to the amazing game that is BattleForge while receiving in-game rewards in the process! You can’t get much better than that can you? Being rewarded for gaming with your friends; awesome!
The system is a relatively easy one to follow, however there are a few elements which can be confusing for those unfamiliar with the process. Let us take you through the steps required to successfully refer a friend and receive the reward.
  1. Give your friend your BattleForge Persona (Character Name).
  2. After your friend has chosen their avatar and Persona name, they will be prompted to input their referrer. This is where they enter your Persona*.
  3. Your friend should now be ready to start playing. Your friend needs to unlock the game be reaching either PvE level 4, PvP level 10, or purchasing a retail copy of the game. Please note that in order to qualify for the offer both players must have an unlocked version of the game and have played for longer than 1 hour. Once this is done, play a PvE match together.
  4. Your friend should now qualify as a successfully referred friend. You will receive your reward via in-game mail.

The more friends you convince to play your favourite game the more loot and rewards you get. Check out the list below detailing what you get for each successfully referred friend.

• 1 Friend: 80 Battle Tokens, 25 Victory Tokens and 15 Honour Tokens
• 2 Friends: 100 Battle Tokens, 50 Victory Tokens and 25 Honour Tokens
• 3 Friends: A Promo Card – An invaluable addition to any collection
• 4 or More Friends: 120 Battle Tokens, 70 Victory Tokens and 40 Honour Tokens

*With this successfully done, you will receive an in-game mail informing you that your friends new Persona has referred you.

Note: The Refer a Friend offer is only valid for new accounts. You cannot be entered as a referrer for an account which has already been playing the game for some time.
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