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devo interagire con una essenza per ottenere il pulsating jin chrystall ma non so proprio come fare e dove sta grazie


Kojuko Gluttom è un mob che manco un lev 15 killa come è possibile che per una quest lev 6/10 si debba killare sto mob io ho provato 20 volte ma mi killa sempre
to complete the quest, take the Neutral Jin Crystal that Hirro gives to you, and speak with the Flowing Essence of Jin. It will give you two options, to channel either positive or negative energy.

After making a selection, a Kojuko Glutton will appear which only you will be allowed to attack. once you attack it, look the corpse and you will find the Pulsating Jin Crystal needed to complete the quest.

The next quest that Hirro gives you directly depends on what choice you made.
If you selected to channel positive energy into your crystal, you will be given the Walking With Lao'Jin quest.
If you selected to channel negative energy into your crystal, you will be given the Walking With Ra'Jin quest.

NOTE: At the time of this writing (JAN-23-2007), the entire Ra'Jin side of the quest line does not appear to have been implemented yet. Regardless of which type of energy you selected, and which quest you get next, they both will lead into the next Lao'Jin quest (Ghost Wind Academy).
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