Anarchy online's new engine is up!


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Spero sia cosa gradita, volevo segnalare che con la patch 18.8.0 il nuovo motore grafico è andato finalmente online.

Patch Date: June 25, 2015

New Engine Update:

  • Added option to download a "New Engine" version of the game and play on the Live server; the installer is ~5GB in size, with a installation size of ~23GB. Click here to start downloading.
  • Resolved an issue that cause lighting effects in dungeons to persist longer than they should

Profession Changes:

  • Agent "Ruse" nanos will reduce the size of the agent.
  • Trader's "Subprime Vitality Mortgage" now has a reduced 90 second cooldown.
  • Trader's "Subprime Vitality Mortgage" now requires Bio Metamor & Time&Space.

General Changes:

  • Made preparations for 2015 Anniversary.
  • Adjusted AI Bot drops on ground and ship .
  • Entrance point into the Grid has been moved.