Annunciato il nuovo content update


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"With the content patch, we're also slowly rolling out burning oases, which will destroy the first tiles in the West later next week and bring new ones in the East.

Pay attention to the World Map to see when oases start burning so you can escape them in advance. Once the World Map starts changing, we'll have an ability to bring new mechanics to the game that we've been working on:

1. Clan size limit on some oases, where dynamic World Map is important so that players can plan their route in advance and not suddenly find themselves on oases with clan size limit that doesn't work for them. Another important thing we're adding for that is cooldown on switching clans (otherwise it will be exploited and the whole limit will only benefit large clans who are willing to bypass the rules).

2. New variations of oasis maps and events - asteroids with iron nodes, giant worms, and new areas to explore."
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