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volevo avvisarvi che finchè non sistemeranno il problema che ho con il log in non potrò giocare.


"Un assenza prolungata dunque?Per quanto hai intenzione di star via?" Aggrottando le ciglia FlaMe chiese al giovane soldato. "Sei stato leale nell'avvertirci per tempo, sai, molte volte capita che qualche compagno si perda per strada" Sorrise sogghignando.

Ci si ribecca quando torni ;)


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ciao ragazzi grazie per l'interessamento..

il problema è quello che ho esposto qualche tempo fa in "Problemi tecnici" e sì, ho aperto un ticket, per tutta risposta mi è arrivato sto papiro:

f the wait in the queue is aggravating you a wee bit, be a bit patient and study for your adventures on the website and learn more about the game while you wait to login. Please check the game forums to see if the servers are down for maintenance or are having network downtime.

You see before you a Windows based computer and router/network boxes of great tech. Restart those boxes of magic tech, so that they may once again push pixels and slay network packets. This is important, especially if a server was busy or went offline.

Please check the forums and website for the latest updates on bugs, server maintenance downtimes, and issues plaguing your fellow adventurers! Some of the recently reported problems have been reported there, and new updates about server updates should be discussed there by the PWE employees.

Below are some quests of a technical nature that can help you with patching and login issues. Should you choose to accept and complete it, you will gain real world knowledge and level up your troubleshooting buffs. There will be some scary parts, but I know you are the right person for the job!

Please make sure that your system meets the system requirements: http://nw.perfectworld.com/about/faq

__Foundry__ missions and instances are NOT supported. It is up to the designer/creator of the Foundry mission to make sure it is playable and tested fully before releasing it.

You may need to run the game or launcher as Run as Admin, in Windows.

---->Temp hotfix for 403 errors:
Login to your account on this page here: https://my.perfectworld.com/nw/redeemkey
Then try the launcher again!

You can try running Options > Force Verify on the game launcher menu, let that complete and try the game again.

You can try disabling on-demand patching in Options on the game launcher and try the game again.

-> You can try flushing your DNS to help with connection issues. (no, this is not a spell of great flushing and no water is involved, promise!)

1) Press the Windows Key + R

Should bring up Run window.

2) Type in cmd and press Enter

A black command prompt window should appear.

3) Type in ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter.
Since the update, your security software may have decided to start blocking the game or patching process. Please carefully go over the info below to help you.

----> Please make sure that you have Team Viewer disabled, and you may need to disable Display Fusion too. They can bee troublesome orcs.

Check to make sure the following ports are open and allowed through your firewall.
TCP Ports: 80, 443, 7000-7500

You may need to check with your internet provider (ISP) your network device's Help or Support resources, on how to do so. Dealing with some ISPs is like trying to roll a twenty underwater. ;)

You can try reinstalling the game with the latest game client. If you are having problems with the launcher, you can try replacing it for your game:

(New link added April 30th, 2013)

You may have to be on a Windows Admin account, or have Run as Admin access to be able to download, install, update, and run the game. If on Windows Vista or 7/8, you may have to change the level of your UAC settings or turn them off temporarily.

You may need to update to the latest version of DirectX and Internet Explorer 8/9/10 with Javascript enabled. --> You should try setting Internet Explorer as your default web browser if on Windows 7 or 8. Also try deleting the cookies and cache on all of your web browsers, especially Internet Explorer, then restart it.

You may also need to check or change your network settings. In addition, you should check that your CPU, mainboard, and video drivers are updated if applicable.

You can try adding the game folder/files to your exceptions list in your antivirus and firewall software. Please see the help menu or support website for the software that you use if you aren't sure how to do it.

At your own risk, you may have to disable your antivirus, firewall, and other security software temporarily while you download, install, update, login to, and play the game. Sometimes the security software will block it or throttle it, no matter what you try or even if you try to add exceptions for the game files in your security software.

You may also have to disable, shut down, uninstall, or disable any: torrent, keyboard/mouse, web browser toolbars, video/screen capture, gamepad/input device, multimedia, Instant Messaging, voice over IP, web browser games, other games software applications before downloading, installing, updating, logging into, and playing the game. Basically shut down all non-essential programs.

If you need further help, when you contact us by a NEW support ticket, please answer the following questions:

What exactly did you try in the information presented to you?

What changes to your software did you make?

What errors did you get?


Pragmatically Yours,

Your Perfect World Tech Support Team.

http://techsupport.perfectworld.com/ or https://support.perfectworld.com/

===> Check out our latest game, Neverwinter! http://nw.perfectworld.com/

You also have a chance to win 500 Zen in a monthly drawing,
by simply completing our survey after your ticket is solved. We value your feedback! =)

non sono una cima in inglese, ma più o meno ho capito che tentano di capire se è un problema di impostazioni sbagliate del mio pc e/o connessione.. il bello è che io non ho problemi a loggare la sera tardi. inoltre sul forum ho visto che diverse persone hanno lo stesso mio problema ma, per il momento, non c'è ombra di soluzione pare