Basilisk Publish 3 - 2 Luglio 2013



Credo che ci manca poco a sti ammmerghani per arrivare alla fine della ricostruzione di swg pre CU, credo che per chi non ha mai giocato sia il momento giusto dare un occhiata dopo questa publisher


Publish 3: GCW, Base Busting, Screenplays and Quest

•Increased server stability.
•Added Database compression.
•Added Server quest statitics.
•Added cleanup for characters deleted from SQL db but still exist in object db.

POI/Cave/World - Added spawns to the following locations:
•Rori: Rebel base, Kobola Bunker, Imperial Encampment, Borgle Bat Cave, Garyn Raider's Bunker, Gungan Swamp Town, Giant Bark Mite Cave, Pygme Torton Cave, Cobral Hideout, Corellia Stronghold.
•Talus: Aakuan Cave, Banaryre Pirate Bunker, Chunker Bunker, Mite Cave, Fynock cave, Kahmurra Station, Lost Aqualish Cave, Weapons Depot (Rebel NPC), Detainment Center, Corsec vs. Flail Battle, Imperial Outpost.
•Endor: Orphaned Marauder Cave, Donkuwah POI, Ewok Outcast Tree, Gondula POI, Minor static spawns for Jinda, Korga, Panshee and Pubam.
•Lok: Imperial Outpost, Kimogila Town, Downed Blood Razor Transport, Canyon Corsairs Stronghold.
•Tatooine: Jawa vs. Tusken battle at Sandcrawler, Ancient Krayt Dragon Skeleton, Tusken Fort and Fort Tusken pool.
•Yavin4: Imperial Base, Woolamanders outside of the Woolamander temple.
•Dathomir: Sarlacc, Imperial Prison, Nightsister vs. Singing Mountain Clan, Nightsister Stronghold, Dathomir crash site.
•Naboo: Gungan Temple, Imperial vs. Gungan, Pirate Bunker, Veermok cave.

•Added the ability to milk creatures.
•Added additional creature types and npc lairs to all planets.
•Added newbie lair spawns to several planets.
•Tweaked Krayt graveyard spawns.
•Added spawns to introduce domesticated meat
•Changed lair spawns to be more like it was on live.
•Fixed Ancient Krayt exploit.
•Fixed exploit where certain NS/SMC would not attack ranged players.
•Fixed several naked NPCs.
•Updated enemy flag, aggressive state, size, stats, loot, weapons, attacks, and/or resources on many mobs.
•Fixed NPC lairs (missions) to no longer spawn additional mobs when the lair is attacked.

Player Cities
•Fixed Mayor citizenship issues.
•Added 'Restore Mayor Citizenship' option to City Hall terminal.
•Mayor can now register and receive voting XP in unchallenged elections.
•Incumbent mayor will no longer auto register for elections and no longer appear twice on the ballot.
•Candidates can now unregister from election.
•Election registration will now lock in final election week of election.
•Emails are now sent out after each election.
•Fixed several city email display issues.
•Factional mission terminals can now be placed in player cities.
•Terminals in player cities can now be sliced.
•City militia now requires zoning rights. - (Mayors always have zoning rights.)
•Added player city sales and travel taxes.
•Added player city structure maintenance reports.
•Added structure terminals to player city garages.
•Added insurance terminals to player city cloners. - (Requires re-deeding)
•City structures are now transferred to new mayors after elections.
•City structures will now only register on the planetary map if the city the is registered.
•Fixed load-in points for player city shuttleports.
•Fixed player city 'phantom' shuttles.
•Fixed player city shuttleports to show on the planetary map. - (Requires re-deeding)
•Fixed maintenance rate on player cantinas, hospitals, and theaters. - (This fix is retroactive to existing buildings)
•City decorations will now be tracked and limited based on rank.
•Fixed city update to Metropolis and city advancement information for Metropolis.

•Survey missions will now take the resource type one level above. - (I.E. Iron now is Ferrous Metal)
•Bounty targets can no longer spawn in water.
•Fixed mission NPC's spawning in/under buildings.
•Fixed Bounty Hunter mission targets to no longer spawn with the same X and Y coordinates.
•Fixed accepting an accepted mission
•Added Mokk scout, Kunga scout and Janta scout lairs to the mission terminals.

•Fishing catches can now be picked up.
•Corrected the way to handle sockets and attachments.
•Composite armor color can now be changed via radial menu.
•Fixed bug causing armor to display 0 stats.
•Added X31 speeder to starting items for new characters.
•Jetpacks now hover several meters above ground.
•Backpacks can no longer be overloaded.
•SE Goggles can now have their lens color changed via radial menu.

Theme Parks/Quests
•Added Tekil Barje Quest.
•Added Eran Sif Quest.
•Added Rakir Banai's Quest.
•Added Captain Gavyn Sykes Quest.
•Added Luthik Uwyr Jedi Temple Quest.
•Added Pfilbee Jhorn Quest.
•Added Mat Rags Quest.
•Added Xaan Talmaron Quest.
•Added Kelvus Naria Quest.
•Added Jatrian Lytus Quest.
•Added Drakka Judarrl Quest.
•Added LX 466 Quest.
•Added SG-567 Quest.
•Added Kitster Banai Quest.
•Added Booto Lubble Quest.
•Added Ajuva Vanasterin Quest.
•Added Draya Korbinari Quest.
•Added Hefsen Zindalai Quest.
•Added Indintra Imbru Yerevan Quest.
•Added Magur Torigai Quest.
•Added Sloan Rusper Quest.
•Fixed several ‘running loop’ NPC’s
•Theme park logic now has return waypoints.
•Fixed and cleaned up Vardias Tyne Quest.
•Added additional paintings as reward from Ephant Mon.
•Fixed several R.I.S. Quest bugs.
•Added several tweaks to themepark logic.

•Added many no-build zones to the world.
•Added check so builings can no longer be overlapped.
•Fixed floating sign on merchant tents – (Requires re-deeding)
•Added medical rating to all adventure planet taverns!
•Emptying harvesters will no longer deselect the current resource.
•Fixed structure maintenance reduction for all pay methods
•Fixed error message given when trying to place a structure while mounted.
•Fixed placing structures in the same place simultaneously.
•PayMaintenanceCommand will now use the targeted object if selected instead of using the closest structure.

•Trandoshan Regeneration ability can now only be used by Trandoshans.
•Added racial prerequisite check for skills.
•Added Wookiee Roar ability.
•Zabraks can now have hyphens and apostrophes in their names.

•Loot rights are now based off of group damage.
•Fixed permission issue where players outside group could open loot window.
•Added resource recycler schematics and parts to loot.
•Added Jetpack parts to random blacksun spawns.
•All loot containers in populated POIs now have a chance to contain loot.
•Donkuwah NPC spawns can now drop Donkuwah Poison, Donkuwah Knives, and Donkuwah Bone Armor segments.
•Ewoks now drop low end loot.
•Added Ewok crossbow as a very rare drop.
•Fixed green cubes to have integrity on them.
•Fixed yellow cube to have the correct armor base effectiveness.
•Fixed interwoven bone armor segment schematic.
•Fixed fire spider loot.
•Added loot to a few creatures that can work as spice.
•Kliknik glands now drop.
•Kliknik glands can now be used to enhance grenades stats.
•Fixed several high end mobs loot tables.

•Added factional bases and turrets.
•Master smuggler now receives a 25% faction perk discount.
•Smugglers now need to be Special Forces to bribe a recruiter.
•Added /gcw command to see which faction controls the planet.
•Added recruiter status to high ranking imperial and rebel officers NPCs.
•Combatants can now get military destroy missions.
•Fixed several recruiter spawns.
•Added Rebel recruiter to Tyrena.
•Players must now have 200 faction points in order join a faction or speak to a recruiter.
•Updated attacks, weapons, and loot on all faction mission targets.
•Added Imperial racial penalties for faction perks.
•Added an XP bonus for faction controlling a planet.
•Faction perk cost penalty for faction not in control of a planet.
•BH, BE, & Commando can now gain XP for slicing HQ terms.

•Fixed the Auto retrieve feature for the bazaar.
•Reduced bazaar listing time to 7 days.
•Bazaar/Vendor in game mail now properly states where the transaction occurred.
•Fixed structure terminal's Find Lost Items feature to no longer move vendors.
•Fixed bazaar fee reductions.
•Zabrak vendors can now be customized.

•Looted schematics can no longer be learned when already known.
•Fixed display of looted components on manufacturing schematics.
•Architect: Fixed Mineral Mining Installation schematic requirements.
•Architect: Fixed Light Ore Mining Unit complexity.
•Architect: Added additional Fountains, Statues, and Streetlamps to crafting process.
•Artisan: Melee power ups are now able to have min damage as a secondary stat.
•Bio-Engineer: Fixed BE tissue experimentation percentages.
•Chef: Fixed bio-component being optional in food additives.
•Doctor / Combat Medic: Fixed stats & experimentation on several schematics.
•Droid Engineer: Added Droid Reconstruction Kit - B schematic that was missing.
•Droid Engineer: Seeker and Arayd droids now have correct number of uses.
•Weaponsmith: Corrected min and max damage on AOE chemicals.
•Weaponsmith: Fixed Geonosian Sword Core schematic to require Master Weaponsmith skill to learn.
•Weaponsmith: Fixed missing chemical dispersion mechanism schematic.
•Weaponsmith: Fixed number of uses on executioner’s hack schematic.


•Laser knives now only use charges when cutting a wire.
•Added skill checks for slicing.
Scout / Ranger
•Fixed lair foraging.
•Fixed glow-juice trap fail message.
•Camping XP bonus is now based on camp type, camp duration and are now added ontop of the base camping xp.
•Assuming camp ownership now checks a player's skill and whether they already have a camp placed.
•Assuming camp ownership now sends a system message upon success.
•Camp vistor list, accrued XP, and duration are reset upon camp ownership.
•Fixed XP gained from High Tech Field Bases.
•Moved NPC area track to Tracking 2.
Medic / Doctor
•Fixed faction healing.
•Fixed/added medical mods on player houses and cantinas.
•Fixed resist buffs.
•Resist buffs now scale properly with the doctor's wound treatment modifier.
•Resist pack values are now more in line with pre-CU stats.
•TendWound now reports positive number of healed wounds.
•Fixed cure packs incorrectly comparing to potency instead of efficiency.
•FirstAid now gives you the proper error message.
•Fixed range on QuickHeal ability.
•Lower level buffs can no longer be applied while higher end buffs are active.
Combat Medic
•Fixed DoT stacking of same type.
•Fixed Stamina Disease Area C affecting wrong pool.
•Fixed Mind Heal to be more like it was on live.
•Fixed the chance to apply dots to buffed and un-buffed targets.
Jedi / FS
•"Jedi business. Nothing to see here...move along."
•Changed weighting of resources in the random pool to be more like it was on live.
•Fixed surveying mini-game SUI box rezzing players.
•Fixed sampling while in combat.
•Grenades and heavy weapons can now be crafted and used.
•Added special attacks for heavy acid rifle and flamethrower. - (No DoTs yet)
•Added clothing bio tissues.
Squad Leader
•SL Retreat and Burst Run no longer stack.
•Rally & Formup now have a higher chance of landing.

•Fixed combat spam for all combat professions.
•Fixed accuracy reduction from both movement and the blind state.
•Warcry no longer breaks from non-damaging attacks.
•Snipershot is now considered a combat action.
•AOE/Indirect damage will cause lairs to be damaged and spawn creatures.
•Corrected damage distribution on ScatterShot 1 and 2.
•Fixed Melee1hScatterHit1 and 2 to round out the multi-pool fixes.
•Fixed Melee1hBlindHit1 to not be AoE.
•Fixed Mindshot1 to apply bleed.
•Fixed Strafe1 to not be AoE.
•Fixed Startle2 to be AoE.
•Warcry and Intimidate now only be used on creatures, npcs and players.
•Fixed creature area DoT attacks.
•Posture changing while dizzy will now cause players to fall down.
•Mobs will no longer continue to attack a vehicle that is disabled if other valid targets are present.
•Fixed a bug causing mobs to stand back up after death and grant double XP rewards.
•Fixed weapon certificates for several weapons.
•Removed damage from Force Choke ability until later publish.
•Guild war combatants will now be ‘red’ upon cloning.
•Players marked as AFK can no longer initiate an attack.

•Fixed stats on mandalorian armor.
•Fixed Mandalorian boots crafting in DWB.
•Added Poison clouds and Electric shock to Geo caves.
•Fixed several spawn points in the Geo caves.

•Fixed guild transfer permission checks.
•Fixed guild and group chat commands.
•Fixed error message in GuildRemove command.
•Fixed full group invite message.
•LFG tag automatically removed when joining a group.

•Stomach digestion will now continue while players are offline.
•Many actions now take the secondary stat into account for the action cost.
•Fixed bug allowing players to drag items into corpses.
•Title selection and no title works correctly.
•Changed starport wait times to 1 minute.
•Swimming state is now checked and applied on position updates.
•Yavin4 Imperial Outpost is now available for outbound travel.
•Shuttles can no longer be boarded before they land.
•Player characters are no longer set at terrain height when dismounting on ramps or structures.
•Deleting a character will now remove any structures owned by the character as well as remove the character from citizenship of a city.
•Condemned and destroyed structures that are a declared residence will now have the declared residence properly removed and citizenship removed.
•Fixed a bug causing players to rubberband if they mounted a swoop while burstrun/retreat is active.
•Removed bugged spawns at 0, 0.
•Fixed placement of ticket terminal in Coronet starport.
•Fixed player movement speeds while prone.
•Fixed AI to not attack their own faction players.
•Added 2 second cooldown between mount and dismount to fix exploiting.
•Fixed issue where crate items would be lost when splitting from factory crate with full inventory.


Super Postatore
Non capisco perché non se lo fila gioco già prima di questa pub3 era ad un ottimo livello (punte di 1900 giocatori), a mio avviso.
Per gli italiani che ci giocano io in game sono Iakazzi :)


non capisco neanche io ehheeh, ho provato SWTOR ma non c'e' nulla da fare, questo qui per me e' meglio in tutto tranne che ovviamente grafica punto

sono sicuro che appena terminano e cominciano a creare server 'ufficiali' gli italiani saltan fuori :)


be le 100 visite in 2 giorni di questo post sono molto incoraggianti, so che esiste ancora qualche italiano interessato io non mollo mai eheheh


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sono tentato anche io...dopo tanti anni devo dire che sento a volte ancora la mancanza di quei posti.


Io sono registrato come Ddrenai sul forum di SWGEmu. Qusto è il link al mio profilo per ogni evenienza:

Di italiani interessati ve ne sono fidati, basti vedere qui:

Purtroppo la cosa si è protratta talmente a lungo che logicamente,causa anche i wipe del server,i giocatori dello stivale fino all'uscita di un prodotto finito (o quasi) non se la sentono di investire parte del loro tempo libero in questo, per quanto glorioso, "clone" (nel senso buono eh!) di Ultima Online :)
Ultima modifica:

Nemesys V

Super Postatore
sono tentato anche io...dopo tanti anni devo dire che sento a volte ancora la mancanza di quei posti.

per ora niente jedi,niente creature handler,niente droid engineer,niente bio engineer,e niente spazio x ora,ma il resto cè tutto ci cazzeggio con ghiaccio 2 3 orette al pome.
Dicono che il prossimo wipe quando ci sarà,sarà l'ultimo o almeno lo dicevano 1 anno fa e che non ce ne saranno altri,staremo a vedere,
il server bene male è stabile ci sono circa 1500/2000 durante la giornata e puoi anche loggare 2 pg contemporaneamente del tuo account meglio di cosi:p
Ultima modifica:


Io ci gioco regolarmente da un mesetto e sono delle cose che non vanno ma onestamente non che il gioco originale fosse meglio, anzi...per me la più grande pecca è permettere di avere fino a 10 char per account...praticamente un calcio in c... alla "player driven economy", per il resto il gioco è bello come 10 anni fa...ovviamente per chi amava l'impostazione preCu.


Per problemi in real ho dovuto temporaneamente interrompere SWGEmu,ma posso confermare che il gioco è molto godibile per chi volesse cimentarcisi.Tra parentesi,se non erro Panino76 è abbastanza presente nel gioco.