C9 VIP Test FAQs



FAQs Temporanee
Dear C9 Users

VIP Test being only few hours, we thought we would give you a list of FAQs of VIP Test.

We know some of you already have had a chance to play C9 from other region's service.
It will be great if those indivisuals help out our users whom are rather new to C9.

We just wish to keep our C9 community a friendly environment.

And for those of people who will try to scam or trick others with their prior experience,
we will be watching and put appropriate measures.

Now back to VIP FAQ list

What time does VIP test starts?
We have count down towards our opening hour at [URL]http://c9.webzen.com/VIP/Countdown[/URL]

How long does VIP test is on?
Server is open for 24/7 and VIP test will finish on Feb 28th

When does Stamina points gets refilled?
GST 150 Daily Boost 7AM(daily), 250 Weekly Boost every Saturday 7AM(weekly)

When does Resurrection Scrolls get refilled?
30 Resurrection Scrolls reset Daily 7AM(GST)

How do I send money to my other character(same account)?
You can send money or items to other character through mail or trade,
you can use Warehouse(storage) to send items or money to your other characters
because warehouse is shared per account.

I'm stuck with something during the game play, where can I get information about C9?
You can always bring up the Help guide by pressing 'F1' key anytime in game for Help guide.

I've got a quest and I have to turn it in to a NPC, how can I find where he or her is?
There is a NPC tracker menu on the right side of screen below the minimap.
You can search NPC's Name or find them by going through the list.

When we will be able to play PVP contents?

PVP contents including Intrusion contents will be updated on Feb. 16th.

How do I create a guild?

You have to talk to Guild Manager NPC in a Village, it costs 10,000 Gold.

How about Guild Emblem?

After creating a guild, once you guild reach Guild Level 5

Place you guild emblem at your PC directory C:\My Documents\C9\ImageFiles

or C:\Users\Home\Documents\C9\ImageFiles

*Guild Emblem image bust follow below settings


you open up a guild menu in game 'U', click 'Guild Crest' button, and check image and click 'confirm'


Hope to see you, VIP Testers in game soon ;)