cappellani confermati.


dietro ad un cespuglio
Hey guys - wow, Google translate did that better than I expected :)

So we are currently in the process of having these questions finalized, and I don't want to say things before they are for 100% sure, but the way I understood things so far:

a F2W Orc can only become a Boy (essentially he will only get the classes available for Boyz)
a B2P Orc can be a Boy, a Nob and a Boss (where the Boss is equivalent of a Chaplain)

About the size thing, this is technology we are still investigating (we didn't have time to finalize it) but we for sure want to have size differences, we are not sure yet on how we will do it without having 3 different Ork models and 3x the equipment and different sizes for the weapons, even different animations might be needed. So please have some patience about this question - I can even imagine that in early modules we won't have those differences, but again, remember the bucket system Miguel always talked about? Well this is one where we don't have the final answer yet!


chaplain confirmed