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"An adherent to the ways of the ancestors, a Wrathguard can actually use thier knowledge of the past in order to channel the spirits of warriors long-fallen. They are unrivaled in their skill at arms due to their inheritance of the knowledge possessed by the ancestral spirits they command."

Blood Warrior
"These powerful combatants draw their strength from their ability to forge a blood link between themselves and others. The magic of this link allows a Blood Warrior to protect their allies as well as hinder their enemies. While not an offensive powerhouse, they have a great deal of endurance and can withstand a great deal of punishment."

"Practitioners of martial combat, the Adept are gifted with a variety of powerful methods of sight. Their special vision can be very useful under the proper circumstances. They make excellent leaders and are often found commanding forces in battle."


Death Hand
"Poisons form the backbone of a Deathhand's arsenal. They have a powerful array of skills which involve their knowledge of poisons, and are particularly adept at facing a large number of foes. For this reason, they can be most often found lending their support to a group of their allies."

"A stealthy and nimble combatant, the Trickster makes use of illusions and sleight of hand in order to gain the upper hand. They are also capable of creating small devices which enhance their abilities and can be used to confuse and injure opponents. They are also reknowned for their speed."

"These rogues are masters of changing their shape. The Face Dancer makes for an efficient and deadly assassin, and possesses a variety of melee as well as ranged combat skills. They are also considered the most adept practitioners of the art of stealth."


Rune Mage
"These arcane savants are powerful wielders of destructive magic. They are also unique in their ability to create runes that enhance the power of themselves and others. A Rune Mage can be an imposing enemy due to their offensive power as well as an invaluable ally on account of their rune mastery." Rune Mages specialize in AOE (area of effect) attacks.

Void Seer
"Through their study of the Oracle, these mages are gifted with powerful magical abilities that counteract the spells of others. The Void Seer is quite adept at mending the wounds all too often suffered within the scattered Shards, as well as providing magical reinforcement to their allies. They can severely weaken the magic of enemies, and as such are often found in the company of many friends." Void Seer's specialize in single target attacks.

Ancestral Mage
"The might of these summoners comes from the spirits of the past. By calling upon these spirits an Ancestral Mage becomes a dangerous force to be reckoned with. While the Ancestral Mage does not have much personal power, they are quite capable of enhancing their summoned spirits as well as their companions."
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