Dethdlr’s Adornment Calculator Rises From the Ashes!


indispensabile da sempre, adesso nella nuova versione e' ancora piu' utile (se possibile! :p)

Dethdlr’s Adornment Calculator v2

Because Adornments in EQ2 can come from so many different zones and places, and because crafting them requires a variety of tokens, components, and specialty fuels, trying to keep them all straight without some kind of Excel spreadsheet or website is all but impossible. This complexity is ultimately what motivated Dethdlr to come back and resurrect the calculator. So after four years and much prodding, Dethdlr has gone back to a white piece of paper and rewritten the Adornment Calculator for a new era of White, Purple, and Cyan adornments. It’s not only been built from the ground up, but it is now database-driven, solving one of the biggest problems with the original version. The new calculator can be extended as new adornments, colors, and types are added.

As an added bonus, the new Adornment Calculator is now integrated with EQ2U and allows loading your EQ2 character and pre-populating all the adornment choices with what you’ve got equipped, and filtering what adornments are available based on your character class! So without further ado, here’s what Dethdlr has been tying up his brain in knots for the last few weeks working on… Dethdlr’s Adornment Calculator v2

vi linko il post su eq2wire dov'e' spiegato nel dettaglio come funziona :)