[Developer's Notes] “Siena the Queen”

Blended Ability is?
  • New way of Soul Ability, different from Essence Ability.
  • Rune (Blended Rune) is needed, same as Essence Ability.
  • Characteristic of Blended Rune
    • Tradable by users / NPC shop sale price: 5,000 Alz
    • User can equip Maximum 3 Blended Runes. However only one is possible to use.
  • How to Gain
    • Craft through NPC ‘Rune Agent Flasha’ in Bloody Ice (50% probability)
    • 2 types of Essence Rune, Upgrade Core (High) 2ea, 1,000,000 Alz will be required in crafting.
  • Equip Rank Requirements (Each Rank has level requirements.)

How to Use?
  • Equipped in the second tab - Blended of Soul Ability UI
  • User should select ability to activate even when equipped Blended Ability in order to activate Blended Ability in the battle
  • The first equipped ability will be activated and marked as yellow frame in the slot.
  • When click right button of the mouse while more than 2 abilities are equipped, change to a mode ready to activate. (Possible to change skill even if other effect is already in use.)

How to delete Blended Rune?
  • When click on the upper right x button of each abilities, Blended Rune can be deleted.
  • AP and Core used is impossible to return when Blended Rune is deleted.

List of Blended Rune (15 types in Total)

As for Blended Rune, when skill is activated for wide-attacking to monster or character, various targets will be affected except for missed.

Activation Chance
  • All Blended Abilities are ‘Activated with N% of chances when skill is used’
    The ‘Skill’ means Attack Skill, Normal Attack is excluded.
    • Exceptional cases are as below
      Special Normal Attack for the Battle Mode 2 of Warrior / Blader / Force Archer / Force Shielder / Force Blader
  • Each skill cast time is different so that activation chance will be increased in case that skill cast time is longer than standard cast time. (Since Battle mode 2 of Wizard can cast two skills in the same time, activation chance is circulated as 1/2)

Activation Target
  • [Monster] / [Character] / [Self]
  • If selected target is monster when the skill is about to use, check Blended Ability which activation target is [Monster] or [Self]
    Likewise, if selected target is a character, check Blended Ability which activation target is [Character] or [Self]

Added Into quest for Blended Rune
  • Quest Title: Essence Ability
    • Start NPC: Rune Agent Flasha
    • Reward: Essence Rune(Defense rate) 1 ea
  • Quest: Blended Ability
    • Start NPC: Rune Agent Flasha
    • Reward: None

Add regarding NPC
  • Location: Next to Keller the Core Alchemist in Bloody Ice
  • NPC Name: Rune Agent Flasha
  • NPC Image

  • To strengthen the guild community with various convenient function

Guild level and Guild point
  • Basic Guild level
    • When a guild is created, it is Lv. 1 and a guild can level-up up to Lv. 5
  • How to level-up
    • Automatically leveled-up when guild get requirement guild points
  • How to earn Guild point
    • Total ‘AP’ of each guild member gain is used (But notice to users guild level-up is related to gained EXP)
    • As for the character lower than Lv. 120 will be adjusted the same transfer rate as AP gain between Lv. 120 ~ Lv. 129. Only for adjust in guild point circulation, but above level character cannot get genuine AXP or AP.
    • Rules for Guild Point
      • Guild point will be renewed every 1 hour
        (Automatic update will not be marked while guild UI is opening, refresh or reopening guild window is necessary to view updated details)
      • Guild point will not be initialized and keep accumulated after level-up.
    • Required Guild point
      • Each level has different requirement for the next level.
      • Accumulated Guild Point is regarded as the requirement guild point for the next level up which is shown on Guild UI.
    • Restriction for number of guild member
      • Maximum limit of guild member to be registered a guild is varied by guild level
      • In case of founded guild before update, guild level will be determined by the number of current members.
      • The guild, number of current members is 28 will be Lv. 1, the guild, number of current members is 63 will be Lv. 3 and they will get the appropriate guild points.
    Guild Warehouse
    • Rules for Guild Warehouse
      • The guild which level is Lv. 2 or above is possible to use Guild Warehouse through the agent of Port service NPC.
      • Every guild member can store Alz and item in their Guild Warehouse but to withdraw Alz and find item is only for the character who has authority to access.
      • The same commission fee as normal warehouse usage
    • Warehouse usage restriction by Guild level
    • Possible amount of Alz to store and available number of taps to use is varied by Guild level.
  • Details of Guild Warehouse
    • Guild Warehouse can be used only for the users who have authority.
    • The same item can be stacked and stored up to 20 ea in an item slot.
    • In case that store Upgrade Core(High) 15 ea
  • When select the slot with Upgrade Core (High) 10 ea: The maximum quantity to insert is 10 ea when the items is stored into Guild Warehouse. (Remained 5ea will be retrieved to personal inventory.)
    • When select the slot with Upgrade Core (High) 4 ea: The maximum quantity to insert is 15 ea when the item is stored into Guild Warehouse. (Possible to store all)
    • When select the blank slot: The maximum quantity to insert is 15 ea when the item is stored into Guild Warehouse. (Possible to store all)
  • If guild level is not enough to use the warehouse, additonal message will be followed and Guild Warehouse will not be allowed to use.
  • Possible to register items by clicking on mouse left button + ctrl
  • Impossible to store periodic item and account bound item (But, Blessing Beads are allowed to store).
  • Sort current tap / Sort all tap button: Function to sort out registered item automatically
  • Automatic item stack is possible when item is ordered / stored / transferred between slots
  • Only for all the data is same, items are disguised as the same kind and possible to stack.
    • A bunch of Holy Disc (Lv. 3) 127ea and another bunch of Holy Disc (Lv. 3) 127ea are determined as the same items.
    • A bunch of HP Potion (Lv. 3) 27ea and another bunch of HP Potion (Lv. 3) 35ea are not the same item due to the different of number.
    • When click on “Usage History” button of UI window, current 100 History will be shown
    • The history for user store item or deposit Alz to Guild Warehouse
    • The history for user find item or withdraw Alz from Guild Warehouse

Changed Guild UI
  • Basic UI
    • before:
    • after:
  • Guild Menu UI
    • Guild Master: Invite Guild Member / Guild Board / Edit Note / Create Group / Seal Warehouse / Change Guild Name / Disband Guild
    • Guild member with authority: Invite Guild Member / Guild Board / Edit Note / Create Group / Leave Guild
    • Guild member with no authority: Guild Board / Leave Guild
  • Guild Board: Open Guild Board
  • Edit Note: Possible to edit Guild Note / Guild Introduction / Guild Homepage
  • Create Group: Possible to create a new group

    All guild members can store item and Alz so that setting authority to store is impossible
  • Seal Warehouse: Seal or unseal the Guild Warehouse. Sealed Guild Warehouse is impossible to deposit/withdraw Alz and to find/store item
    Only guild master can use the original function.
  • Change Name: Possible to change guild name (Allowed to change 1 time in 24 hours / 10,000,000 Alz is required
  • Added requirements for Disband Guild
    • Current: No guild member except for Guild Master
    • Changed: No guild member except for Guild Master and No item or Alz in Guild Warehouse
  • Leave guild: Only shown to guild member as guild master is impossible to leave guild.
  • Added to mark guild member information
    • Information will be shown when mouse over guild member.
    • Logged in: Connected Channel / Located World /Character Nation / Character Status (AFK or not)
    • Logged out: View last logged in date (Last Login: %d days ago)
Changed the guild system guide script of Officer NPC due to guild expansion

  • Entry Requirement
    • Character Lv. 135 or above
    • Battle Style Lv. 11 or above
  • Entry Item
    • Siena’s Crest B2F
    • Drop Area: Lake Side / Mutant Forest / Pontus Ferrum / Altar of Siena B1F
  • Entry Location (The same spot as Altar of Siena B1F)
    Mutant Forest (X: 123, Y: 97)

  • Added intro Dungeon Quest of Altar of Siena B2F

  • Entry Requirement
    • Character Lv. 110 or above
    • Battle Style Lv. 11 or above
  • Entry Item
    • Explorer’s Journal
    • Drop Area : Lake Side / Mutant Forest / Pontus Ferrum
  • Entry Location
    Desert Scream (X: 126, Y: 109)

  • Added intro Dungeon Quest of Panic Cave
    • Single Dungeon
    • 3 Types by difficulty
      Easy / Normal / Hard

  • Purpose
    • To make users to play game at ease
  • Link for Location information of Map
    • Location information is stored by character
    • Location information can be stored up to 10 in each map. (Including Mission War)
    • Location information is only allowed to use in normal world and Mission War, not in dungeon
    • Map location of linked information will be shown as different font color. Underlined to show it is link when mouse over.
    • Other messages can be insert before and after the linked message.
    • Possible to insert continuously. As for dialogue bubble, message will be shown but not allowed to connect the link
    • How to show
      ① Activate GPS map
      ② Click the location to move by using “ctrl + left button”
      ③ The location will be marked as check on the inserted user’s map.
      ④ When click on the location, chat window will be activated and location will be automatically inserted. (When inserted, location will be shown on the current set chat window)
    • How to location link
      ① Click the name on the chat window with mouse right button
      ② The clicked map will be opened and the location will be shown as mark.
    • Additional Function
      - Additional Function will be shown when click the mark above check with mouse right button.

      ① Delete: Delete the selected map location
      ② Delete All: Delete all map location
      ③ Chat: Insert the selected map location on the chat window.
      ④ Edit Note: Basically shown as “Location”, possible to add memo on the marked location of the map(Possible to insert maximum 50 Byte)

      ⑤ Mini Map: Mini map will be shown on the upper right side of screen, the color of map location check box will be changed
  • Item Information Link
    • Possible to use in the whole world (Normal Map, Mission Dungeon, Mission War etc)
    • All the items in cash inventory, inventory, equipment window, warehouse, personal shop, agent shop, NPC shop can be marked.
      (But, except for the items in temporary inventory and Mission Dungeon Quest items)
    • How to show item
      ① Click selected item by using “ctrl + right mouse button”
      ② Item will be shown on the activated chat window.
      ③ When click on the item name, chat window will be activated and item name will be automatically inserted. (When inserted, item name will be shown on the current set chat window)
    • How to get and mark item information
      ① When click the marked items on chat with mouse right button, item information window will be popped up.
      ② However, the stat requirement is shown different depending on the user information (Battle Style, Stat, Honor Point)
    • How to close the item information link window
      ① When click on the x button of upper right side of the popped up window
      ② When click on the other item link with mouse right button
      ③ When use ESC
      ④ When log out (Including changing character/server, not for changing world)

  • Purpose
    • To offer convenience to character belonged to defeated nation at Nation Compensatory Mission War
    • To induce to consume Alz
  • Warp Stone is
    • The item to provide convenience for the defeated users at Nation Compensatory Mission War to warp by Nation Compensatory Warp
    • Item information
      - Possible to trade between users and register on agent shop
      - NPC shop sale price: 100,000 Alz
      - Exclusive for Premium user and Blessing Bead – Plus using user (Only for the characters who can use GPS warp function)
      - Impossible to register on quick slot
      - Possible to purchase from the Grocer, Core Alchemist and Remote shop in the all world (1ea / 50ea to be sold)
      - Distinguish Warp Point color (Normal – Blue, Warp Point by Warp Stone – Green)
  • How to use
    • When character belonged to defeated nation and are possible to use GPS click the Nation Compensatory Warp with mouse left button, have Warp Stone in their inventory.
      (Only for defeated nation to use, winning nation character consumes return stone, regardless of having Warp Stone in their inventory)
    • Exclusive for Premium user and Blessing Bead – Plus using user (Only for the characters who can use GPS warp function)
  • Available map to use Warp Stone (=Nation Compensatory Warp)

  • Purpose
    • To solve the problem that high-valued item in game is dropped as tradable and accumulated in server
  • Added to bind item is,
    • Amor and Weapon dropped in specific area will be changed as character bound in certain chance.
    • Changed details
      - Original: Tradable item
      - Changed: Tradable / Account Binding / Character-Binding Item when equipped / Character-Binding item
    • Character-Binding Item when equipped: Item is tradable when character collects it however it will be changed to character bound if equipped on character.
    • Character-Binding Item: Item will be bound to the equipping character and impossible to trade or store in warehouse
    • Changed the way to use slot extender item
      • Slot extender usage depending on item-bind type
      • Added to mark + sign on the last slot of the slot extender used item

  • Changed the reward skill for Lv. 2 quest 'Basic Fighting’
    • Changed Details
  • Changed consumed Skill Point of above skills except for 'Burning Hand'

  • Changed the quest progress to introduce Ruina Station
    • Original: To get reward, user had to go into the dungeon and kill monster(Invader Mecca Ape T-2)
    • Changed: Changed to only chat

  • Notice for the quest regarding filed or dungeon
    • When character is at the requirement level to perform quest
    • When character who does not complete or accept the regarding quest and are above level to perform the quest
  • Changed to mark NPC, Warp Gate icons on GPS
    • Added to mark NPC and Warp Gate icons of the all the field on GPS regardless of character location.
    • Added omitted Warp Gate
      - Mark the NPC going and coming for Green Despair and Port Lux
      - Mark Warp Gate for neutral nation to enter Pontus Ferrum
  • Added Tool tip to Warp Gate Icon
    • Mark the name of Port Manager in Green Despair/Port Lux
    • Mark Warp Centre
    • Added description for untaken map code
    • Added dungeon Entrance
    • Added Dungeon Icon (Entrance)
    • Show in the Mission Dungeon Tool Tip
    • Changed Nation Reward Warp Point Tool Tip

  • Purpose
    • Increase the flexibility of community
  • How to Set-up / Cancel
    • Character Menu
      ① Set-up: Select “Search Party” from the Character Menu
      ② Cancel: Select “ Cancel Party Search” from the Character Menu
    • Insertion of Chat Window
      ① Set-up: Insert “/Search Party” in the chat window
      ② Cancel: Same as Set-up
  • Basic information
    • (Search Party) is shown on the right side of the Character’s name when search for party
    • Players who are not in any Party can only search for party.
    • Auto cancellation is applied for players in a party.
    • Other Nation’s Party list is not included for normal War maps, War Channels and Mission Wars.

  1. Added expansion of Item Upgrade
    • Current: Available to upgrade to +9
    • Changed: Available to upgrade to +12 in max.
  2. Added ‘Multi Sampling’ function in the Game graphic option
  3. Added Auto Stat Distribution function
    • ”Auto Distribution” button will be printed if points exist in the character’s stats (No prints if there are no points)
  4. Added Shadow Shield FX function
  5. Added auto Astral Weapon (FA/FS) function
    • Auto turn on when character logs in
    • Auto turn on when character resurrects after being defeated
    • Auto turn off when change/cancel equips -> Auto turn on after change
  6. Added Skill when create character
  7. Added Multi Sampling in the Option Window
  8. Added to show color in the amount when purchase/sell items through the NPC Shop (Printed only if more than specific amount when purchase)
  9. Added to show notice when invite a guild
    • Current: Only person who get invitation can see the Receive/Not receive message and the person who send invitation has no such message when invite a guild
    • Changed: Added notice so that the person who send the message can also see the message
      Unable to invite other character when notice to invite guild is on
  10. Added Cash Item
    1. Pet Safety Kit
      A. Item to be saved after extract pet option
      B. How to Use
      ① Click right in the Pet Safety Kit mouse(Mouse curser can be changed)
      ② Click left to apply pet (Available to use Pet Safety Kit)
      ③ Anima Gem is created when Pet Safety Kit disappears
      ④ Applied Pet is automatically untrained
    2. Anima Gem
      A. Item to saving options of created Anima Rune using Pet Safety Kit
      B. Basic Information
      - Number of options pet possesses and the level of Anima Gem is the same
      - Seal of Anima Gem can only be applied for same level of Pet Safety Kit
      - The basic mode of Anima Rune is changed to tradable mode when character bind or being sealed.
      - Click right on the mouse to cancel “Seal”
      C. How to use
      ① Click right on the extracted Anima Gem (Mouse curser is changed)
      ② Click left on the pet to be applied (Anima Gem is used)
      ③ Option of Anima Gem will be concealed if Anima Gem is destroyed.
    3. Added Newly Buff Potion Item
    4. Added Newly Items
    5. Added Newly Avatar Epaulet

    6. Added Gift Box and Chaos Box

    7. Added Blessing Bead

  1. Changed direction of the character according to the direction of the camera when camera spins using left button of the mouse while moving keyboard with mouse pointer being fixed when camera spins.
  2. Changed high priced items grouping
    • Cash Item / Upgrade Ingredients Item (Cores, Coating Kit) / grouping items of high priced items of honor items and certified items
    • Added new item type: Pet Safety Kit
    • Changes
    • Excluded high price item
      - Force Core
  3. Changed dummy usage
    • Current: Any character above Lv. 90 was allowed to use Dummy.
    • Changed: Dummy is available from Lv. 1. However, Skill EXP cannot be gained after rank up is more than 30%
      Skill Rank restriction is same as current.
  4. Changes related to Skills
    • Delete ‘Gravity Distortion’ Cool Time Penalty of Force Archer skill
    • Changed ‘Infernal Impact’ Skill of Force Blader
      - Remove level drop and drop rate of attack up
      - Changed attack damage shown in Twin Gunner of Force Archer
      - Current: Shown as 4 continuous attack
      - Changed: Changed to show added 2 continuous attack
  5. Changed button for finish Chat Channel
    • Menu
      - Current: [End Channel]
      - Changed: [Leave Channel]
    • Chat Demand
      - Insert “/End Channel” or “/Leave Channel” in the chat window
  6. Delete free users entrance item
    • Delete Selling items of Grocers
      - Undead Ground: Ring of the Oath
      - Forgotten Ruin: Ring of the Change
      - Mutant Forest: Ring of the Stone Curse
      - Pontus Ferrum: Ring of the Steel
    • Delete reward items of related quest
  7. Canceled distance of Party Request/Invite and map limitation
    • Current: Unable to join other party depending on distance or party from other map.
    • Changed: Able to join even if it is different map or is already in an Mission Dungeon
  8. Changed icon location of War Winner Bonus Buff
    • Current: Upper left side
    • Changed: Upper right side
  9. Changed the way of showing name of the server after log in
    • Current: Name of the server appears in the middle of the screen when character moves
    • Changed: Name appears when enter to the server(stays until the character moves)
  10. Changed the spending of item upgrade of more than +8 item
    • 1,000,000 Alz for +8
    • 2,000,00 Alz for +9
  11. Changed prices of some of the accessories
  12. Changed to move faster for walking backwards( ‘s’ key in the keyboard)
  13. Changed the way of ‘No checking again’.
    • Current: “No Re-check” message appears even when it is clicked when fail to purchase item or fail to warp.
    • Changed: “No Re-check” message will not appear regardless of any situation.
  14. Changed to open the last tab when open character window (Open from the upper part when re-log in)
  15. Changed to rotate facial button when create character
    • Current: Unable to change again after last selection when Hairstyle / Hair color / facial structure has been selected.
    • Changed: Changed to automatically return to the beginning even though last specification has been selected when Hairstyle / Hair color / facial structure has been selected
  16. Changed to able to see Guild Board even the character has no guild
  17. Able to equip and cancel Weapon/Legacy Weapon even though has received buff before
  18. Changed to have same color for calling other character with the color for calling
  19. Changed to show last Legacy when open craft window
  20. Remove transparency of Monster Debuff Icon
  21. Changed the location of item level in the Agent Shop
    • Changed the search order of LAIR and SIGMETAL Items
  22. Changed the way to show Critical Hit
    • Current: Printed out in blue for the last damage
    • Changed: Damage shown from the beginning to the last is in blue
  23. Changed the way item Looping message was shown
    • Current: Printed out after making Party and play game
    • Changed: Printed out regardless of Party division
  24. Changed the Epaulet distribution in the Agent Shop
    • Current: Epaulets > Avatar Epaulet
    • Changed: Epaulets > Other Epaulets
  25. Changed item when create a character
    • Current: MP Potion (Lv.1) 5ea
    • Changed: MP Potion (Lv.1) 20ea
  26. Changed to show message when purchase item more than 10 Million Alz in the Agent Shop.
  27. Changed not to default the Chat Combo Box when re-login through selecting server or character
  28. Changed the color of system message in the Agent Shop
    • Current: Green
    • Changed: Red (Not shown when enter the Mission War)

  1. Corrected error when press ‘Enter’ key after inserting number of items to divide.
  2. Corrected error of Guild and Buddy window not being reactivated while using Rename Card
  3. Corrected error of item information window not being cleared in specific cases in the Agent Shop.
  4. Corrected error of showing abnormal price when selling Accessories with Epic Option in the NPC Agent.
  5. Corrected error of showing abnormal order of prices in the Agent Shop.
  6. Corrected error of text is out of line when there are many options to change while checking pet information.
  7. Corrected error of showing abnormal in [Costume] Suit of Mystic Blade / [Costume] Suit of Rin.
  8. Corrected error of changing “Character Bind” in the restoration window in the Agent Shop.
  9. Corrected error of scroll cannot be applied using mouse in the Agent Shop.
  10. Corrected error of ‘Full Screen Mode’ cannot be applied after adjusting resolution setting.
  11. Corrected error of account bind cores cannot be used when upgrade upper item.
  12. Corrected error of Enhanced Cores cannot be used when update Essence Ability.
  13. Corrected error of skill being used in an abnormally fast speed after changing Efx file.
  14. Corrected error of showing wrong information of Pet Change Kit “PiroPiro”.
  15. Corrected error of client being shut down when trade with inventory being full.

  1. Changed Tierra del Bruto Lv. 52 ~ Lv. 60 Entrance Requirements
    • Current: Skill Rank below A. Expert
    • Changed: Skill Rank below Master
      Able to enter only when Sword/Magic Skill Rank requirements are met
  2. Changed Heal/Mass Heal is not judged as battle. (Able to use Vital Gear)
  3. Changed the way to enter to enter the War Channel and Channels.
    • Current: Move entirely when move to the War Channel from a Normal Server/Channel.
    • Changed: Move in order when move to the War Channel from a Normal Server/Channel.
      - If it is possible to join the war, then enter right to the lobby. However, if the war is on standby, changed the message to be shown as below:

      - Selection of other characters are impossible during the standby (Able to select other characters when click to cancel to join the war)
      Able to enter the lobby when requirements are met and UI is ended
  4. Changed to unable to join Mission War while waiting for server’s reply while using Agent House
  5. Corrected error that received War Potion as a trade in the Mission War is cannot be disappeared when move to the lobby.
  6. Corrected error of showing the information of former Mini Map when enter the Mission War in channel selection message.