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When a hostile force is on norhoop follow these procedures. If one part of it doesn't fit at first, go on to part two. Roving Gun's TS is official alliance TS for norhoop ops. If you're fighting on norhoop and you're not in RG TS you're doing something wrong. Other people form up there all the time that are willing to fight... join up with them!

1. Put an X in norhoop. Don't worry if someone doesn't invite you right away.
2. Join Roving Guns TS at ts1.rovingguns.com Port: 9850 pw: honor move yourself to the NORHOOP DEFENSE OP channel and await instructions.
3. Stay grouped with people and follow instructions. Moving by yourself in anything under 110kph is probaly going to get you blown up.
4. If you have FC experience, if you have the nessicary leadership skills, and noone is taking charge... TAKE CHARGE.

Teamspeak Comms instructions.
1. No idle chatter on battlecomms. We don't need to hear about your sisters wedding, or your level 85 mage. STFU unless you have something vital to say, such as "there's 12 enemy at location x in bot types Y

[ITALIANO, traduzione libera]
Quando una forza ostile è su Norhoop seguite queste direttive:

1. piazzate una X in Norhoop (il canale di intel),se volete partecipare e abbiate un minimo di pazienza

2. entrate sul TS dei Roving Guns (RG) : ts1.rovingguns.com Port: 9850 pw: honor , muovetevi da soli alla stanza NORHOOP DEFENSE OP e aspettate istruzioni.

3. State in gruppo e attendete istruzioni, muoversi da soli (specialmente se non andate a 110km/h o più)è una buona garanzia di essere scoppiati.

4. Se avete esperienza come FC (comandanti,leader di squadre pvp etc) e nessuno ha preso il comando, fatevi avanti!

5. Quando siete tu TS in azione pvp, niente chiacchiere inutili, parla il capitano di squadra o voi se avete da riportare posizione/spostamenti dei nemici, null'altro

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