Downtime Thursday, June 20, 2013 - SOE/ProSieben


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Di per sè, questo update serve per Separare la SOE con ProSieben. 4 ore down. In teoria, i server dovrebbero tornare up per le 17.

Oltre cosette.. aggiungono una nuova finestra per housing, e cambiano la classificazione di diverse spell.

Added a new window, “Housing and Leaderboards”. This window, which can be accessed via the EQ2II menu and from the main menu bar, allows easy access to many housing related features. It allows you to manipulate all your current houses, browse and buy new houses, visit houses associated with the current zone you are in, and view the current housing leaderboards.

Furnace of the Ages [Challenge Duo]
Fire Thief now has custom text to clarify how the effect works.


Radiance will now get the effects of Ability Modifier when used above level 70.
Divine Castigation will now use Disruption.
Divine Guidance, Equilibrium, Immaculate Revival, Sacrifice and Perseverance of the Divine will now use Ministration.
Divine Recovery will now use Ordination.

Hersey, Smite Heretic, Repentance and Chilling Vengeance's damage components will now get the effects of Ability Modifier.
Repentance, Hersey, Chilling Vengeance and Smite Heretic's damage components will now gain the effects of spell skills.
Fanatic's Protection and Chilling Invigoration will now use Ministration.

Sanctify will now use Ministration.

Wrath of Nature will now use Disruption.
Faith of the Fallen, Protective Instinct and Howling with the Pack will now use Ministration.

Lightning Siphon and Stormbearer's Fury will now use Disruption.
Force of Nature and Natural Regeneration will now use Ministration.

Clearwater Current, Winds of Growth and Cyclone will now use Ministration.

Rabies II will now gain the effects of spell skills.
Totemic Protection, Spirit Aegis and Ancestral Channeling will now use Ministration.
Avenging Ancestors will now use Disruption.

Defile will now gain the effects of spell skills.
Wraithwall, Phantasmal Barrier and Soul Ward will now use Ministration.
Malicious Spirits will now use Subjugation.
Spiritwrath will now use Disruption.

Barrier of Spirits and Ancestral Support will now use Ministration.
Slothful Spirit's damage component will now gain the effects of spell skills and Ability Modifier.

Psychic Trauma will now use Disruption.

The damage of Spell Curse, Ether Balance, Mindbend and Destructive Mind will now gain the effects of spell skills.
Asylum's on expiration damage component will now gain the effects of spell skills.
Coerced Intensity will now use Ordination.

The damage of Prismatic Chaos and Theorems will now gain the effects of spell skills.
The on expiration damage component of Brainburst now will gain the effects of spell skills.
Chromatic Illusion will now use Disruption.
Illusionary Vigor will now use Ordination

Planar Burst will now use Disruption.
Blazing Energy will now use Ordination.

Death Grip will now use Disruption.
Rot Flesh will now use Subjugation.
Necrotic Lifeforce will now use Ordination.

Static Discharge and Blast of Devastation will now use Disruption.
Ethernere Chains will now use Subjugation.

Hail Storm's on expiration effect will now gain the effects of spell skills.
Frozen Detonation, Frozen Rain and Hellfire will now use Disruption.

Occult Bolt, Caustic Detonation and Toxic Assault will now use Disruption.
Aura of Pain's damage component will now gain the effects of spell skills.

Cadence of Destruction, Deadly Dance and Dexterous Sonata will now use Ordination.

Wail of the Banshee's on expiration effect will now gain the effects of spell skills.
Eulogy of the Fallen and Battle Cry will now use Ordination.
Echoing Howl will now use Disruption.
Exuberant Encore will now use Ministration.

Energizing Ballad and Bagpipe Solo will now use Minsitration.
Reverberation will now use Disruption.
Upbeat Tempo, Abhorrent Verse and Mamba of Blades will now use Ordination.

Soulclaim and Crusader's Faith will now use Ordination.
Aura of the Crusader will now use Ministration.
Zealous Smite will now use Disruption.

Castigate and Consecrate's damage will now gain the effects of spell skills.

Life Draw, Essence Siphon and Reaper's Mist will now use Disruption.
Siren’s Grotto: Dissension - Empowered Coral Stone has had its stats adjusted to be more in-line with the fighter charm. Will of Gen’ra now has Ability Mod.


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Piccolo aggiornamento... Il tutto dovrebbe durare 5 ore, non 4. Quindi i server "dovrebbero" tornare up per le 18.