Dungeons in Vanguard


Visto che ci sono parecchi nuovi che stanno iniziando a fare i loro primi passi su VG, vi copio e incollo qui sotto LA lista di dungeon su Telon, gentilmente scritta e sudata da un mio ex-compagno di gilda.
Potevo anche likarvi il post ma ho pensato che è meglio avere qualcosa subito a portata di mano qui su mmorpgitalia.

4-8 Rindol Storehouse Tursh Village
7-10 Broken Fang Cavern Vault of Heroes
7-11 Riftseeker's Torrent Tursh Village
10-14 Urugog Cave Vault of Heroes - solo
10-15 Jade Depths Veskal’s Exchange - solo
10-15 Vault of Heroes Vault of Heroes
12-17 Achatlan Lair Veskal’s Exchange
13-18 Khegor’s End Bordinar’s Cleft
15-18 Stonesmasher’s Enclave Three Rivers Village
16-18 Misthaven Mines Misthaven Crossing
16-22 The Fallen Lyceum Kaon’s Rush
18-23 Conlor Mine Shoreline Ruins
18-24 Cairnworth Hall Silverlake
18-24 Tharridon’s Scar Renton Keep
18-25 Hilsbury Manor Misthaven Crossing

20-22 Den of Vashat Shoreline Ruins - solo
20-25 Hive of Zihurr Renton Keep
20-26 Ruins of Castle Landsview Coastal Graveyard
22-30 Ruins of Trengal Keep (TK) Ruins of Trengal Keep
25-31 Falgarholm Falgerholm
28-30 Nexus of Fathesi Fathesi Steppe

30-35 Ruins of Vol Tuniel (VT) Ruins of Vol Tuniel
30-35 Spire of the Decakin Spires Keep
30-43 Dargun’s Tomb Dargun’s Tomb
31-34 Dark Eye Hold Northern Highlands
31-35 Red Sparrow Depths Southwatch
32-36 Dreadfang Hovel Southwatch
35-40 Lair of the Drake Riders Thelaseen
35-42 Falderhol Fields of Despair
35-42 Dungeon of Keeper’s Lair Fields of Despair

39-44 Greystone Beranid Hills
40-45 Velerium Mines Lost Canyon
45-50 Unknown dungeon Ichtakhta (note: The dungeon has no name but qualifies as a dungeon)
45-50 Mnalus Lair Swamps of Rumug (note: also Hegnerian’s Lair)
45-50 Poisonous Caverns The Fallen Cove
46-50 Old Targonor (OT) Old Targonor

48-55 The Ancient Port Warehouse (APW) Innovus (Raid)
54-55 Vi’Rak Lair Ruins of Vol Tuniel (group/raid)
55 Shadow Hilsbury Misthaven Crossing

5-8 The Serpent of Sihari Lomshir
6-9 Ksavari Hollow Khal - solo
10-15 Azebaj Hive Qa Riverbank
10-15 Haekemishe’s Excavation Lomshir Plains
12-16 Kharrus Fahrel Jharru Flats
12-17 Cavern of Notzgha Temple of Dailuk
15-20 Ksaravi Gulch Ksaravi Gulch
15-20 Chrysol Mines Tauthien Delta
16-22 Temple of Dailuk Temple of Dailuk
18-23 Imanjul Sacellum Skrilien Point

20-25 Kalendra’s Coven Skrilien Point
20-25 Cyclop’s Tower Skrilien Point
20-26 Skawlra Rock Skawlra Rock
21-24 Grotto of the Sea Hags Hag’s Coastline (note: entrance is hidden in a shipwreckage on the cliffs)
22-25 Infenium Mines Coterie Infenium Sanctuary
25-30 Infenium Sanctuary Coterie Infenium Sanctuary

30-34 Zossyr Hakrel Zossyr Hakrel
33-36 River Palace River Palace
34-36 Karrus Ennir Karrus Hakrel
34-38 Dazar, Cavern of Reflection Tar Janashir (note: has two entrances. One is a solo dungeon, the other is a group dungeon)
36-40 Karrus Hakrel Karrus Hakrel
36-43 Rakshasa Citadel Sunset Pointe

40-45 Trickster’s Haven Razad
40-45 Vault of the Hidden Jathred’s Twist
44-49 Xennumet Mind’s Crown (note: requires key to enter)
45-50 Rahz Inkur (RI) Rahz Inkur
46-50 Nusibe Necropolis Nusibe Necropolis
46-50 Temples of Tehatamani Temples of Tehatamani (note: There are many different temples – big and small – throughout the Tehatamani area)

50-55 Pantheon of the Ancients (PotA) Strand of the Ancients
50-55 Bridge of Destiny (BoD) Bridge of Destiny (raid)
55 Island of Garuzamut (IoG) Island of Garuzamut (raid)

7-11 Ra’Jin Stronghold Tanvu
8-11 The Arks of Harmony Jalen’s Crossing
10-14 Wailing Wind Asylum Blighted Lands
10-15 Gardens of Xia’Liu Wildgrowth Forest
12-18 Gulgrethor Fortress Sundering Wastelands

20-25 Tomb of Lord Tsang The Tomb of Lord Tsang

50- 55 Magi Hold Magi Hold (solo/group/raid)