EQ2: tutti i comandi da tastiera

EverQuest II Keyboard Commands

Mouselook Hold right button and move mouse
Pitch Up Numpad 9
Page Up
Pitch Down Numpad 3
Page Down
Recenter Camera Numpad 5
Zoom In Numpad Plus
Mousewheel Up
Zoom Out Numpad Minus
Mousewheel Down
Change View F9

Forward W
Up Arrow
Numpad 8
Left Mouse Click + Right Mouse Click
Backward S
Down Arrow
Numpad 2
Turn Left A
Left Arrow
Numpad 4
Turn Right D
Right Arrow
Numpad 6
Move Left Q
Ctrl + A
Ctrl + Left Arrow
Ctrl + Numpad 4
Mouselook + Turn Left
Move Right E
Ctrl + D
Ctrl + Right Arrow
Ctrl + Numpad 6
Mouselook + Turn Right
Swim Up Numpad 7
Swim Down Numpad 1
Run/Walk Shift + R
Autorun Num Lock
Middle Mouse Click
Jump Space
Crouch C
Sit X

Begin Chat Input Enter
Begin Command /
Chat Page Up Shift + Page Up
Chat Page Down Shift + Page Down
Tell T
Reply R
Groupsay G

EverQuest II Keyboard Commands

Clear Target Esc
Target Single left-click on object or character in worldview
Target Self F1
Target Pet Shift + F1
Target Groupmates F2 to F6
Target Group Pets Shift + F2 to F6
Target Next NPC Tab
Target Prev. NPC Shift + Tab
Target Nearest PC F7
Target Nearest NPC F8
Next Encounter NPC Ctrl + Tab
Prev. Encounter NPC {No default mapping}

Hail Target H
Autoattack on/off ~
Interact/Use Left-click on object or character in worldview
Screenshot Print Screen

Primary Bar 0 to =
Secondary Bar Alt + 0 to =
Tertiary Bar Ctrl + 0 to =
Primary Bar Banks Shift + 0 to =
Secondary Bar Banks Shift + Alt + 0 to =
Tertiary Bar Banks Shift + Ctrl + 0 to =

Next UI Mode F10
Close Top Window Esc
All Bags B
Inventory I
Quest Journal J
Knowledge K
Skills L
Map M
Socials O
Community Y
Clock Alt + C
Effects Alt + E
Group Alt + G
Hotkeys Alt + H
Quest Helper Alt + J
Maintained Spells Alt + M
Compass Alt + N
Options Alt + O
Pet Alt + P
Target Alt + T
Player Alt + U
Experience Alt + X
Game Menu Alt + Esc
Bank Bags Shift + B
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