Fallen Earth: La Rivalutazione


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Bella recensione Old!

Mi è piaciuto molto come hai spiegato il lore, ma tutto è stato ben descritto.

Mi puoi dire se le ultime features grafiche hanno appesantito il gioco? Io ho un pc medio ed avevo qualche caduta di fps in alcune città tipo Oilville. Per come ricordo, la gestione delle luci e delle ombre era per me il vero collo di bottiglia quindi un revamp di textures non dovrebbe essere un problema, ma sono dubbioso sulla "luce soffusa" che hai descritto.

Vabbè, comunque sono quasi del tutto convinto a tornare, ma farò passare le feste prima.
Gilga!!!!Quanto tempo!!!Avevamo fatto due parole su ryzom....saro' veramente felice di beccarti su ts e giocare con te,sei una persona veramente divertene :) cmque x la grafica non ti preoccupare,hanno risolto i vari problemi e le nuove texture non appesantiscono il gioco,anche xchè anche io ho un pc medio e,tolto nelle città piene di players,non ho notato rallentamenti con le nuove grafiche.....a livello visivo sono bellissime invece :) P.S:gilga libera i tuoi messaggi privati ;-)
Ultima modifica:


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Ecco l'ultima patch :)

Version Notes 1.7.4

Welcome to Boneclaw

In the aftermath of Masters' missile detonation, the CHOTA are busy rebuilding Boneclaw! We've added all new content for your gameplay enjoyment – this includes 50+ new missions (open to players of all levels), brand new questors, merchants and trainers, and a new encounter area or two (check out the Blade Dancer fortress for a fun fight), as well as an all new town layout. The terrain looks more realistic, is easier to navigate, and adds a fun vertical element to the world. Boneclaw also has a new general Crafting Facility that will provide a crafting speed boost to all of your crafting tradeskills. This facility also conveniently houses the Sector Vaults for the area. We've reused popular areas such as the Cave of Beasts in a set of new missions, provided three group-level bosses, and streamlined our Extended Tutorial set to give new players the skills they need to survive Fallen Earth's combat starter town.
To go along with our new content, we're also introducing two new types of missions: The Multi-Use Object mission sends players on a string of quests which allows for use of several target objects, and our Crafting mission rewards players not only for finding or purchasing an item but also for the skill of crafting a specified item from a recipe.
Lastly, we're introducing a special vanity pet, available only in Boneclaw. Come experience Boneclaw today!

Introduction to the New AP Spent Cap and Random AP Gains:

Players gain AP as they always have, but are now limited to spending 25 AP per level. The unspent AP number on the experience bar still shows the total number of unspent AP the player has, but the Attributes window only displays AP available for the player to spend up to their cap .
Players who already spent points over the cap won't lose anything, but they will be unable to spend more points until they gain enough levels to put the level cap past their current spent AP. When using a major respec players will only be able to reallocate points up the cap for their level.
Outside of completing missions, various Wasteland activities--such as killing creatures, PvP kills, harvesting and crafting will now grant players bonus AP. While the qualifying activities broadly overlap activities that grant experience, players at the level cap will still qualify for bonus AP, even though they no longer earn experience.

Faction Reset
In order to address player concerns about the changes to Faction skills we have added a questor, the Disgruntled Outsider, in New Flagstaff at 4492390 5512208, who will give players an item that will set all of their factions to 0. This is not a faction respec this is a faction reset. If you choose to use the reset we will be unable to restore your previous faction points. You will only be able to use this item once.


The first Combat Revamp changes are here! These are changes to core values and formulas. The biggest change is that Dodge and Armor Use are now less powerful in relation to the rest of the Skill/Mutation lines.
Armor no longer requires Armor Use to wear, and everyone will have a little more health; we added per-level health gain in addition to the health from Endurance and Strength.

We've also made a few quick changes to some abilities, mostly to keep them from being out of balance in the new system but the major Skills and Mutations revamp is coming soon, so there are a lot more changes coming. Our goal is to retain solo play in our game, but to also provide a challenge, make grouping viable and necessary for group content, and encourage build variety.

• Armor no longer requires Armor Use to equip.
• The mitigation cap from Armor is now 50%.
• Dodge no longer affects the miss rate of NPCs. It still affects their critical hit rate.
• Glancing blows have been removed.
• Descriptions for Dodge and Armor Use have been altered to reflect the changes to these skill lines.
• Players now gain three health for each level, rather than only from Endurance and Strength.
• Endurance now provides three health per point, and Strength gives two per point.
• Altered the critical and location damage bonuses/penalties.
• Melee Weapons now have a smaller bonus for headshots, but also a lower penalty for limb shots.
• Increased the rate of change of critical hit percentages (determined by Attacker's Weapon Skill versus Target's Melee/Ranged Defense).
• Fixed two critical NPC damage bugs that caused all NPCs with weapons to deal incorrect damage.
• Lowered NPC damage multipliers to compensate for these NPC damage bugs being fixed.
• Boosted the mitigation percentage granted by Melee/Ranged Defense calculation to bring Dodge into parity with Armor Use.
• Fixed two bugs causing NPCs to miss far less than they should.

Graphics Engine:

• Updated the terrain system to use an alternate mapping for cliff sides to improve terrain quality and eliminate texture distortion on sheer cliff sides and canyon walls.
• Updated the scrub system for better distribution and to better match the terrain.
• Added support for color grading that is enabled with Post FX. This is used now in Boneclaw.

• Added the resist percentages in addition to the total resists in the gear window which are based on Player Level and Armor Use.
• Changed the Unspent AP in the Attributes window to show only the AP available to spend at the current level, if you have more AP than the maximum allowed to spend.
• Updated the radar stealth system to take into consideration mounts, vehicles and movement rate.
• Included the item name in the salvage confirmation window.
• Corrected the collapse/expand buttons in the gear and menu bar.


• Improved how melee-range NPCs surround their target. More NPCs can now "fit" around a target.
• Tweaked how NPCs get within weapon range of their target.
• Tweaked NPC line of sight to make it more realistic. these changes should lower the chance of NPCs shooting through tiny gaps in walls and other obstacles.
• NPCs should now fire through an open door.
• Fixed a bug where the server would 'lag' due to your pet taking a long time finding a path to you.
• Fixed a bug where NPCs were labeled as 'looking for team.'
• Fixed a bug where an NPCs direction may not have been sent to the front end.

Content Bugs:

• Fixed a typo in the description for Mushroom Sample.
• Re-instated Midway Gang Colors in Niral Pyce's shop inventory.
• Corrected several skill and item descriptions that stated incorrect stun durations.
• Added "One use only." to the Lifenet Collar Hack items to make it clear that they are one use only.
• The Heavy Maul now correctly does crushing damage.
• Smoking Sabot Round is no longer resistible.
• The Competition Slugthrower's description has been updated.
• Removed internal information from Refugee Component and Refugee Component Sack items.

Conflict Towns :

• Non-timed Conflict Towns now have a decay rate. If any Faction has over 360,000 points, all factions will lose 10% of their points every time the town checks for a new owner (about 5 minutes).
• Conflict Town guards and merchants are now easier to upgrade. All towns should require about 15 turn-ins total to get Tier 2 (less if any players are doing the missions for the first time).


• Bounty Hunter missions no longer have a delay at each waypoint.
• Bounty Hunter mission targets should spawn more reliably.
• Bounty Hunter missions that require players to use an item will always show the first waypoint.
• Bounty Hunter targets will no longer run away from the waypoint.


• Added basic Mutation injectors to trainers in: Sector 2 - Picus Ridge, Haven, Thorne's Bluff, Fracture, Post 23, New Flagstaff, Credit Bend. Sector 3 - Warhall, St Sebastians, Chemtown, Traders Flat, Dieseltown, Brigs Point, Gaia, Bankers Hole, Black Hill, Los Alamos.

World PvP Changes:

• PvP Experience has been turned on. The amount of experience declines if you kill the same target multiple times in a few minutes. Players do not get experience when they or their target are in a duel.
• Players who are /pvp flagged will get the PvP Immunity debuff only when they regenerate via LifeNet. This effect is removed when they leave the LifeNet pod.
• World PvP kills now grant more Death Toll the first time a target is killed. Each time that target is killed in a short time period, the amount for the next kill is now divided by 3, 6, 10, 15, and finally 21.
• The World PvP Disable cooldown effect has been increased from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.
• Players who kill members of their own faction or clan no longer get any Death Toll.
• Fixed several cases where players with no faction points were treated as members of the CHOTA faction.
• Fixed several cases where players would not receive faction from NPC kills.
• The World PvP Disable effect does not persist through a relog. If you log out and back in, you will need to /pvp again to restart the timer for turning it off.

Faction Control Points:

• Reduced the number of Faction Control Points to 3 per server (6 total in Sector 2, 9 total in Sector 3 plus Deadfall).
• Increased the amount of points given to nearby Conflict Towns for each flag held. Each flag now gives 2500 points to the nearby Conflict Town every 5 minutes.
• Added a timer so that you must use the flag to start contesting it and then stay in range (and alive) in order to capture the point.
• The guards and flags are now inside towers.
• The guards in Sector 3 and Deadfall are a little bit tougher.
• Rewards are no longer random. Everyone who qualifies will be rewarded when a Point is flipped.
• Rewards for Sector 3 and Deadfall points have been increased to 250 DeathToll and 500 Faction.
• Faction Control Point Guards will chat in /Region when they are attacked.
• Faction Control Point Guards no longer have any loot.
• Guards no longer despawn when a nearby flag is flipped (mainly applies to Haietta).
• Fixed an issue that could cause the first harvest node to spawn for a different faction than the one controlling the point.

• Biohazard shirt now displays properly per PTS feedback.
• Armor for Earthbound mobs in Timberland now properly displays.
• Sleeves for Pheonix armor now properly displays.
• Fixed collision on shanty tower.
• Corrected the shirt sleeves from being hidden.
• Armored Mesoprene Boots now display properly when equipped with pants.
• Battle Scarred Lifenet Pants now display properly when wearing boots.
• Boneclaw Lifenet facility no longer floats off terrain on one side per PTS feedback.
• Steel support in Boneclaw Lifenet facility now has collision per PTS feedback.
• Wooden structure in Boneclaw now has collision per PTS feedback.
• Ramps throughout Boneclaw have proper collision per PTS feedback.
• Stairs fixed in opening room of Tutorial fixed per PTS feedback.
• A stuck spot in Boneclaw was fixed per PTS feedback.
• Collision removed from roadlogs in Boneclaw per PTS feedback.
• Remodeled and textured large gas tanks to improve look and performance.
• Remodeled and textured Blade Dancer boltons to improve look and performance.
• Created new shader and texture for canyon cliffsides.
• Added new gravel detail texture.
• Polished existing dirt and grass detail textures.

Terrain updates:
• Completed eco balancing.
• Added new scrub type to Sector 1 desert.
• Added scrub masking for better control of scrub.
• Balanced color on all terrain and scrub.
• Finalized all terrain textures


• Lowered Volume of Player Speech per player feedback.
• Added Ambience and Music for newly used Lifenet Level.
• Revamped audio areas for Boneclaw.
• Changed sound on wall sconce torch model in Boneclaw from roaring flame to campfire.


• Sympathy Pains and Scorching Rebuke have had their damage reduced.
• Armor Reducing abilities have had their magnitude reduced to bring them in line with the current lower mitigation levels. This should include all armor reduction abilities: Armor Melting, Brutalize, Decomposing Acids, Devastating Shockwave, Dissolve, Feint, Perforate, Pierce Armor, Pinpoint Vulnerability, Puncture, Scorching Bombs, Sonic Lance, and Storm of Steel.
• Skills that previously required faction to learn and use no longer do so; these should be available on the appropriate skill trainers.
• Capstone abilities no longer require faction. There will still be major changes to them in the future.
• Capstone abilities can be purchased from Sarah Robins in Trader's Flat.
• Knockdown is now a Melee ability and a prepared attack.
• Other player abilities causing Knockdown now cause Stun.
• Stuns now last one second.
• Rifle Smash now has a shorter snare duration.
• Agonizing Wound has a slightly shorter snare duration.


• Increased the maximum range of grenades and bombs from 12 meters to as far as they can be thrown.
• Grenades and Bombs now have a 5 second delay.
• Deadfall Ice Grenades now do 30 damage. Their snare is unchanged.
• Quick Death Poisons now do 73, 95, and 120 damage (by rank).
• Crude Electric Generator now does 100 damage and shares a cooldown with other damage consumables.
• The Tesla Coat has had its damage shield pulled due to bugs and balance issues. It has been given additional secondary and tertiary resists.
• Standardized the relative differences between the costs of higher tier components and their base component.
• All Slugthrowers now have a scope on the model and on the item.


• Decreased and standardized the time required to refine materials.
• Standardized the number of components required in refinement recipes.
• Refinement recipes are now better differentiated from recipes that create components out of other components.
• Refinement recipes have been added for Fasteners, Paper, Gears, and Circuits.
• Increased the quantity created by the Tune Up In A Box recipe to 10.
• Added Crafted Security Deposit Boxes. - These stack with both the Exclusive and Prestige vault boxes. New knowledge books can be found in Deadfall; from Veterans, Bosses, and Masters. Security Boxes themselves require minimum Construction skill to assemble, but the components required for them are difficult to craft and span all 10 crafting disciplines (Armorcraft, Ballistics, Construction, Cooking, Nature, Geology, Medicine, Mutagenics, Science, and Weaponry).


• Promoting/Demoting guild members will no longer remove their wargroup status.


• Most Escort NPCs have increased health.
• Merchants can now sell up to 64 items.
• Added a garage near the new Lifenet pod, south of Boneclaw (4013421 3212801 142622)
• Added a stable manager to the old garage, north of Boneclaw (3994519 3255959 142668)
• Three new Serendipity mobs have been added to the world, one in each sector.


• All Camps now last 3 hours.
• The Active Camp effect is now 2 minutes and should be refreshed while you are on the same server as your camp.


• Enabled the impact effects when shooting at trees.
• Improved error messages when entering item key codes.
• 'Loot all' will now skip over items that don't fit into your pack.
• Fixed a particular case of character warping.
• Fixed a bug where you could be thrown out of an instance if you failed to connect on the first attempt.
• If harvesting / salvaging fails we now display the name of the attribute that is out of range.
• Fixed a possible crash bug processing queued database queries.
• Numerous server-side optimizations.

Improved Tutorial:

The tutorial has been reworked; it is now shorter, streamlined and more action-oriented.
The major changes include:
• New players start at level 1 and keep the gear they receive in the tutorial.
• The experience is more scripted with NPC animations and voiceovers. There is less downtime and travel time.
• Help tips have been rewritten.
• Mission text includes instructions for how to do the current task.
• A new mission gives out more help tips after the main tutorial is over.
• The Town Chooser now limits players to choosing Boneclaw, Clinton Farm, or Midway.

• Improved texturing, lighting, and model placement throughout Hoover Dam tutorial.
• Raised elevator brackets in Hoover Dam so they no longer interfere with player camera.
• Added a Staircase that leads directly down to the Lightbearer fight in Hoover Dam.
• Removed all extraneous rooms from Hoover Dam.
• Fixed a major load delay on the door to the axe room of the Hoover Dam.
• Resized several stretched textures in Hoover Dam.
• Blocked off most of the warehouse room to fit new tutorial event.
• Added a new room at the end of the underdweller encounter in Hoover Dam.
• Moved respawn in warehouse closer to the underdweller encounter in Hoover Dam.
• Optimized NPC pathing throughout Hoover Dam.
• Added a recess below the elevator in Hoover Dam tutorial so that players will no longer get stuck.
• Several fixes made to objects clipping into walls in the tutorial per PTS feedback.
• Several stuck spots alleviated in the tutorial per PTS feedback.

• Changes to existing Elena VO.
• Added NPC Lifenet Technician VO.
• Added NPC Sara Douglas VO.
• Added NPC Harvey Vegas VO.
• (4) New Aro Sei PA announcements.
• Snipers now fire at you in the LB fight room.
• Increased sound range for Sniper Rifles.
• VO cue for LBs running from Snipers.
• Increased Underdweller SFX ranges.
• Added Underdweller cue to enhance the suspense when they appear.
• Added fan ambience to Underdweller room.
• Adjusted Action Music volume.
• Fly SFX around the corpse you get the axe from.
• Reverb should work properly throughout the entire Tutorial Level now.
• Ambience should now work properly throughout entire Tutorial Level now .
• Added sound for tutorial elevator going down.
• Numerous volume and level adjustments to tutorial sounds and cues.
• Reduced overall reverb amount for tutorial.

Mica male eh?Questo è veramente il momento giusto x tornare :)
Ho finito di scaricare il client,credo che domani mattina potrò giocare,forse.
a proposito il download della trial ti fa scaricare in automatico anche le patch?


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Ho finito di scaricare il client,credo che domani mattina potrò giocare,forse.
a proposito il download della trial ti fa scaricare in automatico anche le patch?
No,devi installare il client,creare un account e far partire il launcher del gioco,dopo ti installa tutte le patch
mamma mia che lento,non per spammare,ma com'è su lato lag?
a me craft of gods mi va, con qualche scattino ma mi va,e ho la mezzo mega,sapete abito in montagna.
meno male che dove andrò a vivere avrò la 4 mega,spero,perchè se mi attaccano all'altra centrale(ce ne sono 2)avrò la 54 kb e sarò fregato.
lo so questo gioco e' spettacolare,però non mi posso permettere una tassa mensile per un videogame,infatti odio i P2P e preferisco di gran lunga i B2P o i F2P,ma spero che di poter Comprarlo,se no mi taglio le vene per trovare i soldi per comprarlo,o al massimo mi arrenderò all'idea di usare un server privato o free.
oh non ti arrabbiare ma non trovo nulla riguardo a questa cosa della chat,mi daresti un link o delle delucidazioni riguardo questo lato?
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Gilga!!!!Quanto tempo!!!Avevamo fatto due parole su ryzom....saro' veramente felice di beccarti su ts e giocare con te,sei una persona veramente divertene :) cmque x la grafica non ti preoccupare,hanno risolto i vari problemi e le nuove texture non appesantiscono il gioco,anche xchè anche io ho un pc medio e,tolto nelle città piene di players,non ho notato rallentamenti con le nuove grafiche.....a livello visivo sono bellissime invece :) P.S:gilga libera i tuoi messaggi privati ;-)

Grazie per la risposta :) non mi ero accorto di essere arrivato al limite nei pm, risolto.

Le patch le avevo lette comunque, qualcun altro le aveva postate, ma era per precisare che è stupido non consentire a tutti di leggerle.
in teoria,qualcuno ci sarebbe a gruppare domani dalle diciamo 17.15 alle 18.15?
vorrei expare per arrivare dal livello 1 al 5 almeno
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Io avevo lasciato poco dopo l'inzio sopratutto per la totale assenza di socializzazione ma magari....ci potrei fare un pensierino per natale...