Fight Club

written by Dont
Yesterday, as I was looking for a Slayer hero in the Praag oRvR lake to kill, the following sight has greeted me in a deserted alley:

Two Swordmasters, a Black Orc and a Witch Elf were forming a circle and glaring at each others, but doing nothing. Then, a chain of emotes has started:
Witch Elf looks like she might be thinking about Swordmaster.
Swordmaster screams at Witch Elf. He’s clearly worked up.
Witch Elf seems agreeable to whatever Swordmaster wants.
~they fight to death, Witch Elf wins~
Witch Elf bows before Swordmaster.
A few minutes later the previously defeated Swordmaster returned to the alley, while another fight has started. It was just like Fight Club, except for the fact that it was completely sponateous and not organized, thus perfectly legal.
Then, just like in the film, more and more people showed up. Ten minutes later, three Swordmasters, two Black Orcs, a Bright Wizard, a Witch Elf and me were cheering and clapping for the fighters. I had my own duels too: one defeat and one victory against the same Swordmaster.

The beauty of the whole thing was, that newcomers didn’t start killing everyone in sight, but understood what was going on and joined the circle. When a duel ended, the “audience” healed and resurrected the participants. During fights, Order characters often cheered for the Destruction fighter, and vice versa. If someone was near-death, the winning player often stood back and didn’t kill his/her duel partner. And on the top of this, not a single word could be seen in the chat window, only emotes so players on both sides could understand the other.
Although I doubt that I will ever run into another “Fight Club”, I will definitely keep an eye open for them.
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Duels #3: Disciple of Khaine & Squig Herder vs. White Lion
written by Dont
Duels is still alive!
I was R28 back then, but the scrimmage was exciting nonetheless. The participants:
  • Destrucion:
  • Disciple of Khaine (me)
  • Squig Hereder (Equal)Order:
  • White Lion (Dangerous)
The White Lion died just after me, thanks to the joining Squig Herder. Still, I put up a decent fight imo

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Duels #2: Disciple of Khaine vs. Witch Hunter
written by Dont
Still remember Duels? Well, I proudly present you the second movie!
Today we will see:
  • Destrucion:
  • Disciple of Khaine (me)Order:
  • Witch Elf (Equal)
I have little to say about this one. I’ve lost in a fair game, I nearly got him though.

I apologize for the lack of music. Originally, I used Bleed It Out from Linkin Park, but I had to mute it because YouTube sent me an email with the following:
Video Disabled
A copyright owner has claimed it owns some or all of the audio content in your video Warhammer Duel #2 - Disciple of Khaine vs. Witch Hunter. The audio content identified in your video is Bleed It Out by Linkin Park. We regret to inform you that your video has been blocked from playback due to a music rights issue.
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Duels #1: Disciple of Khaine & Black Orc vs. Warrior Priest & White Lion
written by Dont
Greetings, and welcome to the brand new Duels section of Blame the Healer!
What is this all about? Since my Disciple is on an Open-RvR server, there are situations where the circumstances for a duel are given. And I have Fraps up all the time so it just takes a button to have all these duels recorded. I know that they are forbidden but they are totally random and not arranged so it shouldn’t be a problem.
Furthermore, I will be sharing even the ones that I’ve lost. I don’t want anyone to think that I’m boasting, it’s just for entertainment.
So, what do we have today?
  • Destruction:
  • Disciple of Khaine (me)
  • Black Orc (Challenging)
  • Magus (Trivial)
  • Squig Herder (Trivial)Order:
  • Warrior Priest (Challenging)
  • White Lion (Challenging)
Before anyone goes “boo, destro were OP”; it was a pretty balanced duel. The Magus and Squig Herder died at the beginning (although the former showed up after the WP died). The beam of light was the Golden Stein buff which probably helped a bit.
Anyway here’s the video, enjoy!