free key for XENOFIRE


We’re excited to be giving away 50,000 keys for exclusive access to the Xenofire gun, Fallen Earth's only gun that grows with you! This gun comes with its very own tech manual, allowing you to rework it every ten levels so that you never have to leave it behind. Since the Xenofire is a scoped assault rifle with a striking custom gold finish, you'll be killing in style all the way to the top. This is an Alienware Arena exclusive!

In addition, Alienware Arena is giving away 10,000 Fallen Earth product keys (valid only for new Fallen Earth accounts), so if you don’t have an account subscription yet, you can try out the full-featured game for free for 30 days and then get your own Xenofire gun key as well.

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About Fallen Earth: Blood Sports: Welcome to the Apocalypse
Set in the Grand Canyon in 2156, Fallen Earth: Blood Sports explores a post-apocalyptic universe in which players must craft, trade, and scavenge through the wastelands of the American South West to unravel mysteries involving what caused the deadly Shiva virus, the mysterious GlobalTech Mega corporation plans, and the factions of mutated survivors that compete for power and dominance over this new world. For more information please visit the Fallen Earth website at


1 Login or Create an Alienware Arena Account (if you don't already have one)
3 Within the game, click the Menu button in the user interface and click "Redeem Key" (you must have completed the tutorial to redeem a key)
4 Enter your code
5 Click "Submit". The item (A custom Xenofire Case with all the goodies inside) will appear in your Pack. ekko il link raga è semplice
1 basta registrarsi
2 premere get key
3 redeem key nel sito e vi dirà di fare questa procedura qui sotto in game
4 poi mettere in game nella chat

/key "my giveaway key" senza le "

5poi controllate nell inventario e aprire il pacco :D
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è un buon fucile light, io ce l'ho ma afdesso non lo posso + usare, cmq è un fucile ke livella, nel senso ke vi dnno anke la recipe x poter modificare di lvl + alto, sono 5 o 6 step se non rikordo male... e poi è GRATISSEEEEE

l'estetica è veramente fika!!!!


io invece come un cretino non so il termine preciso cmq l ho tipo aggiornata e ora lo posso usare al lvl 10 -.- e sn ancora al lvl 4 xD cazz xD