Game Update 39 Preview


Come da test Update :sisi:

Admit it, you are excited about the upcoming Rise of Kunark expansion and have kept a keen eye out for each and every detail that gets out about it. What you may have forgotten is that the EQII dev team is also working hard on the live game and that we are due for another game update! Game Update 39 is slated to go to the live servers on October 17th, and it's time to take a look at some of the features coming to EverQuest II before Rise of Kunark.
Guild Bank Enhancements!

Guild banks will soon offer greater flexibility and control for guilds all across Norrath. Each guild bank tab can have a unique name along with comments about the contents. Guild leadership will also be able to set individual tabs to recognize removal of a stack (or any part thereof) as a single item withdrawal for purposes of meeting the bank withdrawal limit.

Recipe Level Shows on Harvest Items!
Harvest items continue to gain new clarity! In addition to rare items already separating themselves with their sparkly backgrounds, all harvested items will show what level recipes they work for upon examination or in their pop-up tooltip.

The Shard of Fear!
Even before we find ourselves in the Nights of the Dead, the Shard of Fear now brings forth our worst nightmares. Remnants from the Plane of Fear have manifested and are now accessible through the Fear Gate in the Feerrott. Dare you face your terrors in this new Level 70 group zone? The Shard of Fear also incorporates the persistent instance technology and can be taken on in steps should your group need time away from the computer!
Game Update 39 brings a flurry of enhancements to EverQuest II even before the Rise of Kunark expansion goes live! Make plans now to check out all the new content later this month, or head straight to the Test server to check it out now!
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