-Warhammer Online is a great game and Mythic has done an excellent job on it! However, this is not to say that it is without its flaws. One of the bigger issues from players on a wide range of PC's is the problems with FPS (Frames Per Second). Some of the problems include:

-Game Hiccups
-Much More...

-Throughout this guide I am going to try and help others who are dealing with the same issues.

Can You Run It?

-The first and foremost biggest problem in experiencing low FPS is by not meeting the minimum System Requirement.
-A great site to find out if your PC is capable of running WAR is:


Video Cards

-Assuming your computer is capable of running Warhammer Online, we will continue on.
-Make sure that you have the latest drivers for your video cards!

-For ATI visit:
-For Nvidia visit:

- Now that you have updated your drivers, lets change some settings. Open up your video card control settings. You can do this on ATI cards by right clicking the desktop and selecting "Catalyst(TM)ControlCenter". On Nvidia cards you can access it by opening your control panel and clicking on "Nvidia Control Panel".

-Once in your video cards control panel change the following things:

-Change Anti-Aliasing to "Use Application Settings"
-Disable Adaptive Anti-Aliasing
-Change Anisotropic Filtering to "Use Application Settings"
-Diasble Catalyst A.I. (If it's there)
-Make it so Vertical Refresh is always on
-Turn Triple Buffering on

In Game Settings

-There a many video options within Warhammer Online, all of which can be adjusted to make, or break, performance.

-One of the biggest performance breakers is resolution. Try turning it down and you may be surprised at your gain in FPS. It may lower the visuals but the FPS is definitely worth it.

Lightmaps And Specular
-This is by far the biggest FPS killer in WAR. Make sure these are both turned off.

Draw Distance
-Lowering the draw distance from max, to lowest gives about a 10 FPS gain. Keeping your draw distance at medium still gives you a decent view of your surroundings with slightly better performance then max.

-Turning the other setting off gives a slight performance boost. I found that turning grass off gives about a 2-3 FPS boost, turning shadows off gave about a 4-5 FPS boost and spell effects off gave about 9-10 FPS. Mess around with them and see what works with your PC. Turning your spells to visible only on you increases FPS by alot! I would recommend setting it to this in RVR battles where lots of spells are going on all over the place.

Downloadable Programs / Addons

-There a plenty of programs and addons out there that can help increase FPS and performance.

-This program reduces the ammount of RAM a program uses.

-To download visit:

-Once downloaded, open it up, find WAR, and add it to the left column
-Make sure that you check the box for "Do Not Optimize The Foreground Processe"
-Optimize memory every 30 seconds
-Do not optimize is overall RAM available > 100 Mb
-Keep this program on while playing

Buff Throttle
-BuffThrottle adds a minimum delay in between consecutive refreshes of a given frame's buffs and debuffs. This helps performance immensely in situations where there are a large number of buffs/debuffs flying around.

-To download visit:

-The default delay is set to half a second (0.5) - you can tweak it to your liking by setting the BuffRefreshDelay variable, like so (change the number to the delay you'd like, in seconds):
  • /script BuffRefreshDelay = 0.5

Don't Log Me Bro!
-Did you know Warhammer Online saves all chat messages and combat logs to your hard drive? Check the logs folder and you may be surprised to find hundreds of megabytes of files! Don't Log Me Bro! disables logging and may improve game performance.

-To download visit:

See Your FPS
-This addon adds a small FPS counter. It displays the current FPS and an average over the last 30 frames.

-To download visit:


-There a number of macros that can be used to increase your FPS and performance, make sure that after reloading the UI you also use tracker spam again as the reload UI clears it

-Tracker Spam
-/script q=TomeWindow p=EA_Window_PublicQuestTracker u=q.OnPlayerInfluenceRewardsUpdated t=q.OnPlayerInfluenceUpdated s=p.OnPlayerInfluenceUpdated q.OnPlayerInfluenceRewardsUpdated=nil q.OnPlayerInfluenceUpdated=nil p.OnPlayerInfluenceUpdated=nil

-Reload UI
-Do this often

Desktop Changes

-Some things you can do to your desktop to improve performance are:

-Change view into Windows Classic
-Close all background programs
-Change Warhammer Onlines priority level to Above Normal in the Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete)
-Make sure your power plan is on High Performance. Do this by clicking the battery icon on the bottom left of your screen


-I hope that the tips i gave you today helped, tell me if it did or didn't!
-I will try to keep keep updating the Guide and making it better!
-If you have any other techniques not listed here, please let me know!