Guide for C9 VIP Test



Anche se non mi hanno scelto (nuoooo :cry:), vi voglio aiutare :p ed ecco una piccolissima guida fatta da mmosite per capire le basi del gioco :)

If you are among the lucky 10,000 testers, then you will be able to enjoy the following contents.


Character Creation

Once you have entered the game you will be able to create your own character.

For the VIP Test you will be able to choose a fighter, hunter, or shaman as the starter class.



One of the first classes you can play. You will be able to advance this class into a Warrior, Guardian, or Blade



You will be able to advance this class into an Assassin, Ranger, or Scout.



You will be able to advance this class into an Elementalist, Taoist, or Illusionist.


Character Customization

You can customize your character's style and appearance by adjusting various options available.
If you happen to make a mistake, you might need an item like this to cover your face.


Starting the game



The tutorial with English voice-over is available for the VIP Test. The tutorial will briefly explain about the basic controls and storyline of C9. Also during the tutorial you will get to see the friendly Hanuman.


Before we talk about the actions in C9, we will like to cover some definitions used in C9 in advance to clear any confusion.


Skill Types

There are three skill types that you will be able learn and use; active skills, command skills, and passive skills.

Active Skills - Skills you need to assign on your skill slots to use
Command Skills - Skills you initiate with keyboard and mouse control
Passive Skills - Skills that permanently give additional statsDefense System - Terms used in-game
Invincible: Evade all attacks and debuffs.
Super Armor: Avoid All Hit motions from all attacks except Grab attacks.
Semi Super Armor: Avoid all Hit motions from all attacks except Semi Super Armor Destructive and Grab attacks.
Enemy Armor: Identical to Super Armor except it's only used in Stages.
Crouch: Evade all ranged attacks.
Guard: Block all attacks from the front except Grabs and Guard Destructive attacks.
Perfect Guard: Block all attacks from the front except for Grab attacks.
*Hit Motion: The state where an enemy attack cancels an outgoing attack and inflicts shock.



Basic controls in C9 uses short-cut keys, command keys, and mouse control. Controls in C9 feels very smooth; you don't need to click each time for every attack. If you hold down on left click, it will automatically start performing combo moves. All you need to do in addition is to vary out your combo moves with short-cut keys or command keys.WEBZEN also is planning to support controllers for more console based users, so if you are more of thumb using player, look out for their future updates.

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