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Rift Storm Legion Harbinger DPS Solo Build

The Harbinger soul is a melee soul. Most of the abilities most be used in melee range, though the 48 Root spell, Phantom Blades allows you to use all the abilities at range for a short time.
There are 3 different weapons the Mage can conjure and use with the Harbinger soul. Each one provides a unique benefit.
The Lightning Blade is the highest DPS weapon, the Luminous Weapon is for survivability and tanking, the Tier 9 spell, Reaper’s Blade, is a mixture of both DPS and self healing.
When you are out in the world soloing and questing you’ll want to use the Reaper’s Blade, if you are DPSing you’ll want to use the Lightning Blade. We take 10 points in Pyromancer for the Fireball spell the Crit Buff, the passive damage increase, and Combust. 5 in Chloromancer for Natural Awareness. The buff from this will be up almost 100% of the time.
Harbinger introduces a new Attack type, Slashing. Though the elemental damage is usually Air, most abilities in the Harbinger tree count as “Slashing” attacks, and get bonuses from the Harbinger soul.
Harbinger DPS Rotation
The rotation is made very simple by a macro:
#show Piercing Beam
cast Piercing Beam
cast Vengeful Shock
cast Vorpal Slash
cast Storm’s Fury
cast Tempest Winds
cast Storm Slash

With this macro in place the rotation is as follows:
Make sure you have a weapon buff active (Lightning Blade, Luminous Weapon, or Reaper’s Blade) and Eldritch Armor.

  1. Blazing Light or Lucent Slash – If the Blazing Light DoT is already applied, refresh it with Lucent Slash. Otherwise apply it with Blazing Light.
  2. Fireball – Only if Eldritch Armor has proc’d which makes the Fireball instant cast.
  3. Macro Spam – Just spam until Blazing Light needs to be refreshed or Eldritch Armor procs
Pretty simple, right? There is one minor caveat, the Tempest Winds spell is a channel and is very easy to cancel if you are spamming the macro. You may prefer to take the “cast Tempest Winds” line out of the macro and place the ability somewhere on your bar. For maximum DPS you’ll want to cast it as often as you can and allow it to run its full 3 seconds.
Your Charge consumption is Charged Blade and between Fireball and Lucent Slash this will stay up most of the time. If it ever falls off just wait until you’re above 70 Charge and activate it again. It typically hovers, but can go either way depending on procs.

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Ancora non ho capito da dove sbuca la falce usata dal mage XD
Poi sul forum ufficiale ho letto:
When you are DPS in a group use Lightning Blade, when you are solo or duo use Reaper's Blade
Lightning Blade e Reaper's Blade sono 2 skills?
Grazie della build e per una eventuale risposta

Grazie lo stesso
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Sono 2 buff, durano un'ora e a seconda di quale usi cambia l'arma che hai in mano, raper è la falce, ti curicchia e aggiunge un danno ai tuoi attacchi, lighting aggiunge maggior dps ma non ti cura ed è danno air.
Per ora io sto provando 2 spec HB differenti, una col cloro per surviving e pvp, un'altra mista cloro/sc per grinding aoe.
Appena ho accomulato un minimo di feedback ve le posto.


Anche io ho abbandonato la spec da me postata per farmene una da livellamento personalizzata super farmante la posterò a breve