Haunted House walkthrough


Vi posto il walkthrough che ho trovato sull'haunted house, avevo pensato di tradurlo, ho tradotto le prime tre parole poi però mi si è poppata la pigrizia e ci ho rinunciato :dormire:

The quest starts with Gigglegibber Scalper in front of the Ironforge Estate in North Qeynos (for good-aligned characters) and In the Bank in West Freeport by (for evil-aligned characters). The Scalper says the ticket for the haunted house cost 5sp, but he let me in for free, since I had no coin on me at the time. I did this quest with a lvl 2 Warden, so anyone can do it: the mobs in the zone scale to your level.

There are 3 steps to the quest:

1. Find and release the Butler’s spirit. The Butler’s spirit and his bones are in the first room you zone into. Examine the skeleton next to the Butler’s spirit, and you’ll find a small torn piece of paper. It directs you to find the rest of the note, which is on a nearby desk. The note is from the Butler’s wife, Hilda, and asks him to do 3 chores:

a. Sweep the entryway floor
b. Dust the entryway furniture
c. Realign the entryway paintings

Easy enough. Just dust, sweep and nudge all the clickable items in the first room, and when you have them all the Butler’s spirit will be freed. There are black spiders in the room, but that are non-aggro and needn’t be touched. You can kill them if you like for minimal xp.

2. Once the entryway is clean, the boards blocking your entrance to the next room will highlight. Break them and you can move onto part 2: Complete the Lord’s to do list. Go in the next room and around to the right. Examine the Lord’s remains, which are on the floor in front of his spirit and you’ll find a quill. Find the note on the table next to the Lord and it’ll ask you to do 3 chores:

a. Learn to dance with Helin. Go down the stairs that are on the opposite side of the room where the lord is standing, go around a corner and you’ll find Lady Halcovian. She’ll give you some instructions on how to dance, (by giving you 4 new abilities (Down, Sway, Back and Spin) then you have to repeat the dance steps the 4 skeletons do. You’ll do this 10 times and the dance steps get faster each round. This is the hardest part of the quest. Fortunately, you don’t have to get the dance 100% correct. As long as you complete 50% of the dance steps in the proper order, you keep progressing.

b. Spend time with the kids. After you finish dancing, the skeletons and the Lady despawn. You’ll see a note on the floor. And a dirty rotten bowl of food. Examine both, and after looking at the bowl, you’ll get a glowing trail that takes you to a trap door. You find a large rat in there. You can kill it if you wish, or just examine the bones beneath the rat to get a copper key. Go back to the area where the note and bowl were and you can now open the door that’s slightly hidden right next to them. Run straight in and you’ll release Yilin Halcovian, the son. He'll remind you to pick up the coin on the table (which you’ll need later). Turn to the left and you’ll see Teresthea Halcovian, the daughter. Walk over to her and her spirit will despawn.
c. Pay the bartender. Run back upstairs from the children’s room, back into the Lords room and find the Tipping Cup on a table across from the stairs. Put the coin in the cup and you’ll release the Lord’s spirit. (Also on the table with the tipping cup is a skull. Click on that and receive a skeleton’s mask – this is a fun mask for use anytime.)

3. Finally you have to find out what is truly haunting the house. Go back into the first room (where the Butler’s spirit was) and run up the stairs. There’ll be some cobwebs blocking your progress, but you can use the candle on the railing next to the webs to burn your way through. Continue into the next room and you’ll see a mess of non-aggro spiderlings, and one agro large black spider. Kill the agro spider then continue upstairs. Once upstairs you’ll see a foggy graveyard, and at the far end of the graveyard is a little ward and a book. Once you get read the book, the ward will become highlightable, and zombies will start to spawn of waves. 1 zombie, then waves of 2 or 3 for a few waves. You have 2 choices here. Kill the zombie for xp (which are tough for their levels, but easily soloable), or put your mouse over the ward where it’s highlightable and mash your “f” button (or whatever key you have your trigger action is defaulted to) about 6 times or so to dispell 1 zombie (for no xp, of course). After clearing the zombies, you’ll get a surprise, and then you’ll get ported out of the zone back to the Gigglegibber Scalper for your reward.

For a reward you get XP, 1-2gp and 2 items: An Arrow Mask and A Bone Trophy for your house.

The quest itself is not repeatable, but you can zone back in and do the quest again for no rewards.