Il secondo DLC verrà mostrato al PAX


I am very excited to let you guys know that this Friday's livestream (which will be on the official Twitch channel) will feature live gameplay of some new DLC 2 stuff straight from our alpha servers.

We've been telling you recently that something we're trying to change going forward is bringing you guys more information sooner, and this is definitely one big result of that change. We haven't even shown this new content to any press or talked to anyone about it. It'll be the first time anyone outside the company has been shown or even told about this stuff.

(Somewhat) specifically, we'll be showing off a big new coop gameplay "event" (think Sieges, Arkfalls, etc) as well as a few small but substantial changes/additions to how pretty much all fights in Defiance will go down in the future. I know it's cheesy to use the term "game changer", but this is a case where it's appropriate. We're going to show you some things that are truly game changers. I'm not going to spoil what it is here but feel free to guess ;)

Again, the show will be at 1pm PDT this Friday on the official Twitch channel:
Pare che i recenti cambi interni abbiano portato Defiance ad avere tutt'altro passo di sviluppo rispetto ai primi mesi di vita.è ancora presto per dire se effettivamente riusciranno a risalire la china però fa piacere sapere che ci stanno lavorando.