[INTERNATIONAL NOSTALE] NosQuest Reborn - Official Thread

Greetings, Warriors!

Hopefully soon we can name the opening date, but now It's time to choose the people who will join the team at release, we'll talk about supports.

We are already convinced that every community on our server is very important to us, so we are looking for supports for such communities as,
Support of the Czech community
Support of the Poland community
Support of the italiani community
Support of the Spain community
Support of the Turkey community
If you are outgoing and want to help other players, then this is a great opportunity to show yourself.

We are waiting for your applications, send your vacancies to the community manager in official discord

Perhaps we are waiting for you,

Your NQ Team!
Greetings Warriors,

It's time to announce the Official Release Date, the server opening is expected on November 28th.
Pre-registration and pre-download will be available on November 27th at 12:00 PM UTC+2

Release Time Zone:
US Time - 11:00 UTC-5
IT Time - 17:00 UTC+1
DE Time - 17:00 UTC+1
CZ Time - 17:00 UTC+1
PL Time - 17:00 UTC+1
FR Time - 17:00 UTC+1
ES Time - 17:00 UTC+1
TR Time - 19:00 UTC+3
RU Time - 19:00 UTC+3
END CBT NosQuest Patch Overview

Improving overall experience

Improving Gold Drop Rates

Improving experience gain in Land of Death

Improving gold rewards in daily quests

Improving Quest chain line from 1 to 55 level

Added - Rainbow Crystal Battle

Added - Anti Multi-Account System

Added - Auto Production

Added- Speakers in all channels

Added - Family Buffs from 2 to 20 level

Added - Family Quests

Added - New items to LOD craft

Added - Useful food to Malcolm Mix/Eva Energy Shop/Craft

Added - Some Pet Skills

Added - Tier V Chest for kill Hell Knight and Archtheridon Hellduke

Added - PvE/PvP Books for kill Act 6 Bosses, A4 Raids and A6 Raids

Act 7 - Update

Added - Twisted Spirit King Kirollas Raid
Added - Twisted Beast King Carno Raid
Added - Demon God Belial Raid

Added - RU localisation, in the future more language will available if community want it

Changed - Bazaar system slightly

Changed - Erenia and Zenas Raids(Now they work like official)

Changed - Incomplete Fernon Raid (changed tactics of passing)

Changed - Laurena Raid (changed tactics of passing)

Changed - Mother Cuby - Grenigas raids

Fixed - NosQuest Launcher

Fixed - Pets Blessing Effects

Fixed - Partners PSP skills

Fixed - Archer SP1-8 Negative/Positive Effects

Fixed - Swordsman SP1-8 Negative/Positive Effects

Fixed - Mage SP1-8 Negative/Positive Effects

Fixed - Martial Artist SP1-4 Negative/Positive Effects

Fixed - Lightning Attack/Defence

Fixed - Increases attack/defence in PvP/PvE

Fixed - Small bugs/visual errors

Balance Patch Overview

Archer/Swordsman/Mage/Martial Artist > All SP Casting time was changed to 0.3 sec
Cooldown changed to 0.9 sec.

Warrior SP

Iron Skin > Dodge was removed

Scout SP

Lighting Reload Combo was nerfed

Dark Gunner SP

Ghost Guard Buff

Damage is decreased by 30% > changed to 20%
Heal 20% of inflicted damage by reducing MP > Same
Movement speed is increased by 4 > changed to 2

Chance of inflicting critical hits is increased by 30% > changed to 20%
Increases damage from critical hits by 50% > changed to 35%

Spell Revolver Basic Attack

Ranged attack is increased by 160 > changed to 130
Shadow element is increased by 250 > changed to 220
Chance of inflicting critical hits is increased by 10% > changed to 5%

Seer SP

Blade Changer Combo was nerfed, casting time 0 sec > changed to 0.5 sec
Cooldown 3 sec > changed to 10 sec

Changed - Laurena's Witch Hat
Witch Blessing Effect, duration 10 sec > changed to 5 sec
Reduces cooldown of skiils 80% > changed to 50%
Greetings, Warriors!

There is 1 day left before the official release, so we give you the opportunity to download the client in advance and register an account

The website is open to everyone: https://nosquestreborn.com/
Official Release 28/10/20 17:00 UTC+1

By installing our game, you automatically agree with the rules of the game and are fully responsible for your actions #server-rules and #discord-rules
We strongly recommend that you use an individual password that has not been used on other servers in order to avoid problems
Greetings, Warriors!

There are 2 hours left before the official release and our team is finishing preparing the server.

It's time to make sure that you have found companions in the game and know which family to join, because this is the main component of the game.
Don't forget to make a cup of coffee and stock up on delicious meals.
And of course there are events waiting for you about which you will learn later, see you in the game soon!

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