iphone vs samsung vs android


Comparing Samsung and Android is like comparing an American Apple and a Korean Apple, they're both Apples. Okay, that was an ironic analogy considering iPhone is Apple ;)

iPhone vs. Android?
I would advise going for Android. It is not locked-down by the manufacturer the way iPhones are. You can easily root Android if you really need to, but with iPhones, the risk is way higher for your to brick it.

In terms of compatibility and stability of mobile games, well, iPhone will win since there is always only 1 Apple OS developers have to test on. But in Android, they have to test in Samsung brand for example. And within the Samsung brand, they have different models with different specifications.

Now imagine, different brands of Android phones with each brand having different models. From a mobile game developer standpoint, it is a huge challenge to test your game in Android, hence, it is rare to see stable Android games.

As for an Android brand, I'd say Samsung and LG are good. Sony too. Stay away from ASUS, most of their models are powered by an Intel graphics chip which is very known even in desktop, to be a very poor graphics chip for gaming.