[INFO] [L2OFFICIAL] Lineage.club

Website: http://lineage.club
Forums: http://forum.lineage.club
OFFICIAL NCSoft High Five Platform

Lineage.club welcomes all the High Five fans to embark on a long-term journey full of surprises!
We guarantee a successful start with massive amount of players and dedicated administration team!

Open Beta
February 10, 20:00 GMT + 0

Grand Opening
February 24, 20:00 GMT + 0

Download Game then Download Patch then Create Account
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I. Server Description

1. Chronicle
High Five (Part 5)

2. Platform
Retail OFF (Not L2J)

3. Rates

4. Systems
Seven Signs (27 February)
Grand Olympiad (5 March)
Castle Sieges (11 March)
Clan Hall Auctions (3 March)
Items Auctions: ()
Hellbound ()

5. Class

First class: 200,000 adena (or 10 gems)
Second class: 2,000,000 adena (or 45 gems)
Third class: Quest (or 125 gems)

6. Shop
Game currency

III. Welcome Rewards

1. Players

Assassin's Bamboo Hat (7 days)
An exclusive hat to make you stand out from the crowd!
Agathion - Uthanka (7 days)
A loyal companion that will follow you wherever you go!
Fruit Cocktail Pack
Three cocktails that will ease your burden and make you stronger.

2. Clans

TeamSpeak 3 Channel