L'angolo delle curiosità: Come sbloccare i titoli culinari :)


Super Postatore
Breakfast Connoisseur

9 complete hobbit breakfasts
9 delicious crispy bacon
9 eggs and onions
9 hobbiton omelets
Cake Eater

100 Lembas

3 Beef Stew
3 Coney Pie
3 Coney Stew
3 Delicious Crispy Bacon
3 Delicious Steak
3 Pork Chops
3 Pork Sausage
3 Roast of Heroes *
3 Roast Pork
3 Roasted Chicken
3 Salted Beef Delights
3 Steak & Kidney Pie
Pie Maven

7 Coney Pies
7 Mushroom Pies
7 Perfect Pies
7 Spiced Apple Pies
7 Steak and Kidney Pies
The Unwise

Barrow-bree Cheese (Dropped: Haudh Iarchith in Barrow Downs)

6 Cooked carrots
6 Fried mushrooms
6 Mushroom Pies
6 Stuffed cabbage
6 Ultimate carrot cake
6 Vegie Medley
* Roast of Heroes is only available through the cooking quest (A Taste of Skill, Part IV), the Impure Waters quest, or if you are extremely luck on the Action Hall from someone who completed these quests (I have actually bought ONE this way). Both quests are repeatable.