[INFO] Lineage 2 Azure x15 Launching 26.06.2015


Azure 15x Rates:

Azure 15x Features:

We are using our own scripts,largely developed in-house. Everything works like it should,retail-like.
  • All Quests Works
  • All Skils Works
  • Geodata Full ( no bugs found yet )
  • Augmentation System Full
  • Duel System
  • Herb System Full
  • Interlude Olympiad System
  • Interlude Clan System
  • Death Penalty
  • Shadow Items
  • Cursed Weapons
  • Interlude Freight System
  • Hero Skills
  • Interlude Quest Slots
  • Offline Shop System
  • Client/Server side protection system checking client version and preventing dualboxing and hacking
  • Antibot Protection ( We know that there is no antibot protection that can block all bots but we promise that we will not accept botting and will use the "banhammer")
    And the list can continue...

Maximum amount of characters that can be in game from one computer, at the same time is limited to three ( it is per Hardware ID, not per IP ).

The adjustments are made to create a nice and unique game-play.
If something is not written here,it means that it's unchanged, examples are the Subclass, Noblesse, Class III quests, they are retail.

Dynasty Craft System:
We wanted to increase the life time of the server, so now players can craft Dynasty Armors and Accessories.
  • Added two new high level Quests ( for Dynasty Recipes )
    The Quests names are: "Slay the Dragon !" and "Dragon's Legacy".
  • In the first quest you will need to slay the Ancient Dragon Balerion, as a reward will be granted "access to the second Quest" ( Willow's Letter ).
  • In the second one you will need to hunt Dragons and bring their "Dragon bones" to Willow, as a reward you will receive Dynasty Armors or Accessories Recipes ( randomly or selective ).
    Dynasty Craft 1. Quest - Slay the Dragon !
    Dynasty Craft 2. Quest - Dragon's Legacy
  • Added Dynasy Armors and Accesories items ( recipes, parts, sealed, full items )
    Fully Client and Server Side

  • Retail Events
  • Class I & Class II Buyable
  • Team vs Team Manager
  • GameMasters Events ( Hide and Seek, Clan Tournaments etc )
  • Support Ticket from the Website
  • Support directly using our chat from the Forum
  • Friendly Administration
  • Autoloot On ( you can manually disable it if you wish so )
    We are not thinking of adding Gm Shop, Global Buffer,etc.

Server Hardware and DDoS Protection:
  • Dell PowerEdge R810 | 4x HexaCore Xeon E7540 | 48x 2,0 GHz | 256 GB RAM
  • DDoS Protection: 500 Gbps ( Netherlands, Romania, America )