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Il post è messo in evidenza come cronologico delle modifiche " in game "

25 Gennaio 2012


Managed Offers
  • Included managed offers for BattleForge which allow you to earn BattleForge Points.
  • You can access these offers through the payment link on the website or by using the "Earn BattleForge Points" button in the in-game marketplace.
Token Offers
  • Included two larger packs of Tokens, one for 50 BFP and one for 200 BFP which also give some extra
  • Tokens and Gold compared to the existing 10 BFP pack.
  • For legal reasons, these packs are only available in these countries: Germany, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Norway
System Mails
  • Included some additional safeguards to help prevent scamming and phishing attempts by abusing the in-game mailing system.
  • Attention: Official EA mails now have an EA logo to mark them!
Cheater Handling
  • Improved cheater detection and handling.
  • Players caught cheating will now also be notified in-game about this instead of by email.
Scam Warning
  • Newly created characters now get a scam warning via in-game mail to make them aware not to send their account details to anyone.
  • An error which caused players stuck in the loading screen in 2vs2 has been fixed.
  • You cannot join a match where the match leader has you on his ignore list.
In-game Mail
  • Added a Reply button for in-game mails.
  • You can not send an in-game mail to a character that has added you to their ignore list anymore.
Chat Spam Reduction
  • Added a system where a character can not send same or similar messages via chat in a short amount of time.
Social Management
  • Search for character does find offline characters now, too.
  • You can add offline characters to the friend and ignore lists now.
Deck Management
  • Increased the maximum number of decks to 100.
  • Decks are sorted by name now.
Card Management
  • Your list of cards/upgrades does not jump back to the top when you apply upgrades, add a card to mail/auction, house/deck/trade, etc.
Map Script Functions
Added new script functions for User Generated Maps:
  • PlayerPowerAmountIsEqual{} and variants
  • PlayerVoidPowerAmountIsEqual{} and variants
  • EntitySetMaxHealthAbsolute{}
  • PlayerCardBuildingFakePlay{} and variants
  • WeatherSetUserGenerated{},
  • CardActionClone{},
  • GetLastCardID{}
  • Documentation of the new Functions will be given in the BattleForge forums.
  • Powercost increased 150 -> 200 (U0,U1,U2 135->180 U3)
  • Percentage of Voiddamage reduced 2000->1800% (U2,U3, 1800%-> 1600% U1, 1700%->1500% U0)
Wheel of Gifts
  • Does not stack any longer with same buff categories.
Forest´s Vim
  • Increased duration and recast time of 5sec on all upgrades
  • Fixed Loka (wrong values).
  • Now also pushes L and XL back (ground only)
Ice Age
  • Powercost decreased 100 -> 80 (U2,U3 110->100 U0,U1)
  • Frost Affinity: Restores Iceshield for 800->1000 U3, 750->900 U1,U2, 650->800 U0
  • Nature Affinity: Regneration of Iceshield per tick 40->50 U3, 35->40 U1,U2, 32-> 35 U0
  • Fixed a bug and reduced the amount of bolts
  • so now Thunderstorm fires 6 x 2 Chainlightning bolts in total, i.e. dealing more damage.

Void Storm
  • Fixed a bug which caused the game to crash when Voidstorm was played.
  • Fixed a bug which caused units to get spawned with Summoning Sickness near Power Wells / Monuments etc. in rare cases.
  • Fixed a missing card description not being displayed in the Tutorial Map on certain screen resolutions.
Ultima modifica:


Tanta attesa per niente....sono tutte cose che avrebbero potuto mettere tanto tempo fà!!.. Ma fatele uscire stè benedette carte e mappe nuove......cosa posso fare, andare al parlamento europeo??...all' O.N.U, oppure dalla Merkell!!!!..ma che devo fareeeeeee???????????


Io era un pò che non loggavo, il client non mi partiva più(mi dava errore di non so cosa che aveva provato per 5 volte non so a fare che), lo sto riscaricando :eek:


forse ti mancano dei files specifici? Sul forum ufficiale c'erano questi file che eventualmente non riusciva a scaricare facendo la patch normale...messi dentro nella directory poi si sbloccava



- Map of the Week is now Map of the Month. Rankings reset on 1st of every month.
- There are rankings for every PvE map now. They work as the Map of the Month rankings: The faster the time, the higher your match will be in the rankings. Expert difficulty beats Advanced beats Standard.
- Four new PvE Ranks have been added: Chronicle Keeper, Loremaster, Vigil of the Forge and Master of the Forge. These ranks cannot be gained by playing PvE maps.
- Every 1st of a month, the first places of each PvE map ranking will get additional XP as a price.
- You can sign a PvE match as Speedrun in the matchmaking screen to show others that you want to complete this map as fast as possible. For Random PvESpeedrun is only possible if Map of the Month has been selected.
- You can show the rankings of the past two months now, too.

Modifiche per gli amanti del PVE :)

Quello che piu' importa sono le continue conferme dell'imminente rilascio della Amii Edition, che non riporto ma che sono state correlate alle anticipazioni qui riportate.


Cheater Handling- Banned characters are shown as such in character selection after login.
- Matches are shown in the PvErankings now after they have checked for use of cheats.


Loot Drops
The drop of upgrades of the following cards has been fixed or added:

- Architect's Call Frost Affinity Upgrade 1
- Firesworn Frost Affinity Upgrade 1
- Fleshbender Fire Affinity Upgrade 1
- Hatecaster Shadow Affinity Upgrades 2+3
- Lost Spirit Ship Nature Affinity Upgrades 1+2+3
- Incredible Mo Upgrades 1+2+3
- Curse Well Upgrades 1+2+3
- QueekQueek Upgrades 1+2+3
- Moon Upgrades 1+2+3
- Jorne Upgrades 1+2+3

A quanto pare si sono messi di buon impegno questa volta...sperando che tutte queste modifiche,giuste,al game siano di anticipo ad una magnifica nuova edizione !


si ma hai visto quanto costano i punti battleforge adesso??....secondo mè hanno fumato qualcosa di forte.., oppure è una mossa per uccidere il gioco definitivamente!! e poi dicono che è illegale servirsi di siti esterni per aqquistare i punti che costano la metà??:aggrotta: