MAGE 1.6


Ecco le modifiche ai maghi nella prossima Patch :

* Purification: Ability will no longer be available to cast, and will be greyed out, if the Mage’s target does not have a Curse debuff on them.
* Illuminate – New Ability: Illuminates the weak points on a target, causing each attacker to deal additional Physical damage on 1 attack every 3 seconds for 20 seconds. Obtained after spending 14 points in Archon.

* Nature’s Cleansing: Ability will no longer be available to cast, and will be greyed out, if the Mage’s target does not have a Curse, Poison, or Disease debuff on them.
* Living Shell: Fixed an issue where this would not return Mana if used while Entropic Veil was active.

* Deny: Ability will no longer be available to cast, and will be greyed out, if the Mage’s target does not have a Curse, Poison, or Disease debuff on them.
* Haunting Pain: Fixed an issue where the damage or duration in the debuff tooltip would display as 0.
* Improved Charged Shield: Fixed an issue where this was not correctly affecting the damage of Charged Shield and Mass Charged Shield. Updated description to indicate that it affects Mass Charged Shield.
* Fixed an issue where Traitorous Influence and Mass Betrayal would not drain Mana or Energy if cast while a Charge-draining ability, such as Internalize Charge, was active.
* Fixed an issue where Ineptitude and Call of Spring were incorrectly affecting the ability and tooltip descriptions for Incompetence.
* Thunder Blast: Will now trigger Quick Thinking when cast.

* Swarming Flames: Reduced cooldown to 2 minutes.
* Velocity: Now has a 100% chance to debuff enemies hit by Crystalline Missiles.
* Elemental Fury – New Passive Ability: Successful critical hits by the Mage’s Elemental pet will increase the Mage’s Spell Power by 15 for each point spent in Elementalist at 40 and above. This buff has a 15 second duration. Obtained after spending 40 points in Elementalist.
* Planar Expansion: The damage bonus now affects Earth Elemental pets in addition to the currently affected Air and Water Elementals. Now increases Elemental pet damage by an additional 2% for each point spent in the Elementalist soul above 31.

* Mass Grave: Reduced cooldown to 2 minutes.
* The Skeletal Knight’s Bone Shatter ability will now force enemies it successfully taunts to attack the pet for 3 seconds, in addition to its previous effects.
* Deadly Collusion – New Passive Ability: Successful Critical Hits by single target spells will increase your Undead pet’s Attack Power and Spell Power by 30 for each stack of Deathly Calling on the affected target. Attack and Spell Power boost lasts for 15 seconds. Ability is gained after spending 40 points in Necromancer.
* Epidemic – New Passive Ability: Successful Critical Hits by the Mage’s Undead pet will reduce the casting time of the Mage’s next Plague Bolt within 10 seconds to instant-cast. Obtained after spending 44 points in Necromancer.

* Due to the below changes, characters with Soul Points spent in Pyromancer will receive a free Soul respec.
* Fire Storm: Now deals damage every 1 seconds, down from 2 seconds previously. Damage per tick has been reduced so that the total damage of the full channel has not changed. It will no longer deal damage immediately upon casting. Duration of the total channel has not been changed.
* Glyphs of Power: Updated the buff tooltip to match the ability description, indicating that it only buffs the Mage’s Fire damage.
* Smoldering Power: Fixed an issue where this would not consume Charge if used while Internalize Charge was active.
* Fiery Concentration: Now reduces the amount of pushback suffered while casting single-target spells by 33-100%.
* Improved Smoldering Power: Combined into the base Smoldering Power ability, removed the Improved Smoldering Power ability.
* Burning Bonds: Now instant-cast.
* Improved Burning Bonds: Removed.
* Unbreakable Bonds: Now requires points spent in Burning Bonds.
* Backdraft: No longer has Fire Storm as a prerequisite to obtain.
* Fire Shield: Now a single-point branch ability.
* Improved Flame Jet: Now a two-point branch ability.
* Heat Wave: No longer reduces the global cooldown.
* Spark – New 5-point branch ability: Reduces the Mage’s global cooldown by 0.1-0.5 seconds. Unlocked after spending 20 points in Pyromancer.
* Ignition: Now reduces the casting time of non-Fire spells by 1-5%, in addition to its original effect.
* Philosophy of Flame – New branch ability: Increases the Mage’s maximum Charge by 5-10. Unlocked after spending 10 points in Pyromancer.
* Burning Fury – New branch ability: Each time the Mage fails to critically hit a target with a single-target spell, they gain a 15 second stacking buff. This buff increases their Spell Critical Hit chance by 3% per stack. A successful critical hit on a target will consume all stacks. Unlocked after spending 5 points in Pyromancer.
* Combust: Renamed to Improved Combustion.
* Glyphs of Power: Now increases all spell damage instead of only Fire damage.
* Improve Combustion: Now appears in the combat log as its own ability, no longer attributing the damage to Fireball and no longer deals damage based on how much damage Fireball does. Now increases the chance for Fireball to proc Combust again on the target by 10-30%.
* The Combust damage-over-time effect now deals damage as soon as it is applied, and every second after. This is decreased from the previous 2-second interval.
* Fireball: Now has a base 20% chance to proc a Combust damage-over-time effect on the target.
* Countdown: Damage now increased by 5% for each stack of Combust on the target.
* Improved Flame Bolt: The buff effect now increases all spell damage by 10% instead of just Fire.
* Wildfire: Now gives Flame Bolt a 33-100% chance to proc Combust on the target, in addition to its previous effects.
* Pyromancer’s Armor: The chance for this ability to proc is now increased by 1% per point spent in Pyromancer above 40.
* Withering Flames: Now deals Fire damage and applies a stack of Combust each second while channeling. Withering Flames damage is increased by 20% for each stack of Combust on the target.

* Due to the below changes, characters with Soul Points spent in Stormcaller will receive a free soul respec.
* Hypothermia: Increased the duration of the Hypothermia debuff to 15 seconds. Duration of the Snare effect is unchanged.
* Building Storm, Favorable Conditions: Abilities removed.
* Storm Shard – New Ability: Tier 3 branch ability with 3 ranks. Gives your Air spells a 33-100% chance to make your next Icicle cast within 10 seconds an instant cast, and gives that Icicle a 100% chance to critically hit with increased critical hit damage bonus of 100%. Cannot occur more than once every 10 seconds.
* Lightning Conductor: Now causes Electrocute, Thunderbolt, Raging Storm, and Forked Lightning to deal 10-30% more damage if the target is suffering from Hypothermia.
* Watertouched Soulstone: Fixed an issue where this was not correctly working with AoE abilities.
* Lightning Rod: Now reduces the pushback caused by damage attack by 50-100% while casting area effect spells.
* Eye of the Storm: Damage increased.
* Icicle: Damage increased.
* Permafrost: Ability removed.
* Severe Weather – New Ability: Increases damage done by area effect spells by 10-20%. Tier 5 branch ability unlocked after spending 20 points in Stormcaller.

* Devouring Shadows: Now deals damage every second, down from 2 seconds previously. It will no longer deal damage immediately upon casting. The duration of the channel has not been changed, but the damage and charge generation per tick has been adjusted to maintain the same overall damage and charge from a full channel of the ability.
* Neddra’s Influence: Now increases both Death and Fire damage dealt by damage-over-time spells.
* Improved Warlock Armor: Renamed to Improved Mage Armor. Now increases the Mage’s damage by 2-10% when they have any Mage Armor buff active. Updated icon.
* Void Decimation – New Passive Ability: Increases the Mage’s Void Bolt damage by 1% for each of their Death damage-over-time spells affecting the target. This bonus increases by an additional 1% for each point spent in Warlock above 40. Obtained after spending 40 points in Warlock.

Wozz Traduci !!!!


Quasta patch farà effetto sul Pyro e sullo Storm, sopratutto il Pyro con questa:

Heat Wave: No longer reduces the global cooldown.

Riducerà parecchio il burst dps

I vari aoe tipo Firstorn e Devouring shadows fanno danno ogni secondo anzichè 2, ma ogni tick fa meno danno

Bho non vedo niente di buono in sta patch


Ecco un bel copia -incolla da bluedot sulle nuove possibili spec da mago :

This is a list of the builds I have found to be the highest DPS on the current PTS patch.
They are all subject to change, and will be updated as the PTS is updated. The rotations are not perfect as they haven’t been tested in a raid environment.
On the dummies I have been parsing the best with the 51 Pyro and the SC/Pyro. This may change dramatically in a raid or on specific encounters. It can also change before it goes to live servers so take it with a grain of salt.
Keep in mind there is still a lot of debating on the little details of the rotation or the exact build, these are what I have found to be the best but until I can test them in a raid I can’t know for sure. As soon as I can i’ll have a much more detailed guide for each of these as well as movie guides.

51 Lock / 8 Necro / 5 Ele + 2
  1. Life Leech
  2. Necrosis
  3. Dark Touch
  4. Neddra’s Torture
  5. Defile
  6. Spam Void Bolt until DoT refresh
This build takes advantage of the new 40 point Warlock Ability Void Decimation, which increases Void Bolts damage by .75% per point at and after 40 points in Warlock, and per Death DoT on the target. At 51 Warlock your Void Bolt gets an additional 8.25% per Death DoT on the target. Necro is to increase Death damage and get Necrosis. Ele is to increase Crit, which is even better if you have the 4 Piece HK Warlock Crystal.

28 Pyro / 38 Lock / 0 Archon
Taking Opportunity is actually better then some of the other talents like Neddra’s Torture, Neddra’s Grasp, etc.
  1. Life Leech
  2. Dark Touch
  3. Draining Bolt
  4. Defile
  5. Spam Void Bolt
This only works if you have the 4 piece HK Warlock Crystal.

51 Pyro / 11 Archon / 4 Warlock
Priority System:
  1. Fulminate
  2. Cinder Burst on Proc
  3. Leeching Flames
  4. Fireball with Heatwave
  5. Countdown with 3 stacks of Combust
  6. Searing Vitality
  7. Withering Flames
  8. Flamebolt (Wildfire)
  9. Fireball spam
Might look complicated but it isn’t once you try it. You can use macros to make it even easier.

51 Ele / 11 Pyro / 4 Lock
  1. Ignite
  2. Icy Carapace
  3. Lightning Strike
  4. Crystalline Missile
Use the Air pet. Use Fast Summon to summon Swarming Flames. Use Intensify Elements while Swarming Flames are up. Keep ignite on the target.

35 Stormcaller / 31 Pyro / 0 Archon

You can also go 36/30 or 38/28
  1. Raging Storm
  2. Ice Shear
  3. Icicle
  4. Cloudburst Spam
  5. Refresh Electrify with Forked Lightning
Use Static Flux.

Prima di Wozzpedia!!!
Non vorrete mica che ve lo traduco... per quello c'è il class leader !!


Solo un nano puo' fare copia e incolla di nero su grigio scuro....

Cmq nn facciamo teoria, le build vanno provate prima di usarle.

Come gia' dissi di mio al tempo, il pyro/ele sara' soppiantato dal full pyro/archon, maledetti monotasto ^^ :cavallo2: