Members: Double Up on Bonuses Until March 2


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It’s another great week to be an All Access Member! From From 12:00PM (Noon) PST on Wednesday, February 24th through 12:00PM (Noon) PST on Wednesday, March 2nd, there’s a LOT happening in Norrath!

We love the double bonuses so much that we’re doing THREE of them. During this week, Members can earn:

Double XP (Personal, AA, and Tradeskill)
Double Guild XP
Double Status

And if all the double bonuses aren’t enough to get you excited, we’re ALSO increasing the regular 10% off discount members receive in the Marketplace. But we’re not just doubling it… no, for this week, members will get 30% OFF in the Marketplace!

Not a member yet? Now’s a good time to join:

Quindi... da questa sera fino al 2marzo, Doppia XP, doppi SP e doppia xp di gilda. Ma niente doppia currency :(

In compenso lo sconto sul MP passa dal 10, al 30%, ovviamente solo per i membership.

Nessuna news per la quest da 5mil.