Miguel ci da dei Chiarimenti sul futuro del rogue trader shop


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Brothers, I thank you for your invaluable inputs.

One of the message was very influencial in bringing me on the Fence regarding sidegrades:

''Its all about perception and it will bring you more pain than joy Miguel even if sidegrade are well implemented and are not mathematicly P2W''

This week is another very busy for me but I will think more about this. I like as well the possibility to gain RTP ingame since yes players that are Online cost money.... but in a PvP centric system driven game, Players ARE the content so having them INGAME does bring value thus the RTP rewards.

So I probably will not have time to come back here this week but I will read all your post anyway.

Again, thanks so much for all your help.



I re-read myself and I was not clear enough: YES, I am entertaining the idea of going ALL Aestetics Only (with conveniance and consumable)

We are now entertaining going Aestitics with the possibility of RTP being won ingame but for this I leave David and the designer to look at that since it does impact Game mechanics.

I really under estimated the weight of explaining that sidegrade, if well implemented, is not pay to win especialy so early in the projet.

It would of been a lot easier if we had the game running, even in BETA, and then I would give the community a few sidegrade to test to see if they like it or not.

The ''Please Beleive me, its not Pay2Win'' does not hold much weight in an industry that has been somewhat tough on its community.