Monster Hunter Online, Brevissimo Ritardo per la Traduzione e FAQ

Qualche giorno fa abbiamo annunciato il rilascio della traduzione amatoriale per Monster Hunter Online.
La data di rilascio è stata posticipata di due giorni a causa di un aggiornamento del client ufficiale e sarà quindi scaricabile il primo giugno.
Di seguito le FAQ rilasciate da TeamHD, gruppo di appassionati dietro alla traduzione.
Chi proverà il gioco grazie a questa traduzione?

Q: Is this patch official?
A: No, it isn’t. This is an unofficial-fan made patch made by us from Team HD.

Q: Is it safe to use this patch?
A: Yes! We’ve been testing it for quite a long time now and we are fine so far!

Q: Does this patch use google translate?
A: No! We, Team HD tries our hardest to bring you a good quality English Patch by staying on track of how things goes with the original series.

Q: When will you guys release the patch? Or at least the beta for us to try?
A: After the patch on May, 24th we, from Team HD have discussed about our first plan of releasing the patch on 30th and we do think that there will be an update to the client either on 30th or 31st (the weekly server maintenance) With this in mind we decided to PUSH the release date after the game's update which is either around MAY 31st or even 1st of JUNE

Q: Does the BETA open for everyone? Or just to some people?
A: The BETA will be open to anyone!

Q: Do you guys have an Installer and an Updater for the patch?
A: We are working on it now, hopefully these will be done before the BETA released.

Q: What will the BETA patch contain(s)?
A: A lot of things! Materials, consumables, hunting tools, armors, npc names, translated UIs, etc.

Q: Do you guys plan on translating everything? Or only important parts of the game?
A: We plan on translating everything to English!

Q: Will we be able to report issues? Such as bug, miss-translation of things, inconsistencies?
A: Yes! We will provide an email address for that!

Q: How long do you need to release a new patch after an update to the client?
A: It might take us at least a day before we can release new ver. of the patch. This is because we have to re-check and re-apply everything, new update tends to have some new lines inside certain files. This is also to minimize the chance of having bugs.

Q: What should I do while waiting for the next update for the patch?
A: Uninstall the last patch! As I said above the new patch usually contains some new lines inside certain files. So, do this to avoid bug(s). All you have to do is go to your installation directory/TeamHD and run the TeamHD-patch-unins.exe,

Q: An error appeared when I tried to delete Team HD patch file, what should I do?
A: Open the Task Manager, go to Processes tab, look for a process named iipshostapp.exe and hit End Process button.

Q: Do you guys takes donation for your work?
A: NO! We do this because we wanted to help the community so... you don’t need to spend any money for us! Helping us by sharing the news is enough.


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