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Having met with Alexis Leveque , in charge of the design of fighting Warhammer 40,000 - Eternal Crusade, we discussed with him his place in the team and gameplay issues . Today we continue our exploration of the development of the MMO scenes of action, this time duels issues and balancing after an item on the news studio.

How did you feel as a member of the team the recent changes within Behaviour Interactive , including the departure of Miguel Caron and the arrival of Nathan Richardsson?

The departure of Miguel saddened the whole team. Beyond the fact that Miguel is really an endearing person and the positive mind (for those who saw in the Twitch , it is like that all the time even in "real life"), it is also a boss that employees can trust, and gives great importance to the human factor in its decisions.

The arrival of Nathan has nothing to do with the departure of Miguel. These are just two separate events that happen at the same time. Nathan arrives as a senior producer on the project Eternal Crusade , while Miguel was the head of all Online Behaviour studio (which is also developing a part of the project Star Citizen ). What happens is that the Studio Online Behaviour is no longer a separate entity, but just like the other teams inside the studio.

We were waiting for the arrival of Nathan before starting to learn Miguel. To be honest the arrival of someone of his caliber as a project of the producer is obviously very good news. When we know his background and we see the enthusiasm he has shown about the project, it further strengthens our confidence in the potential of Eternal Crusade.

The new roadmap delays early exit Eternal Crusade of months, how do you feel about this kind of advertisement? (Relief to have more time pressure to meet deadlines, etc).

A little of both. When developing a game, it is still torn between the desire to refine the details, improve such a system or such a mechanism, and the desire to see the players have fun playing. In a way, release a game causes a mixture of excitement, hope and stress, just as must be the case when a parent takes her child for her first day of school.

As usual, what are your work since the last time? Do you want to deepen certain points or detail your thinking?

Right now I'm working on how to improve and finish the combat system in melee. Currently the system works well for the side "rapid kill." For example, use a jet pack to go in the air and make a dive attack on an enemy and finish when he is still stunned by the surprise attack. Such mechanism was important to balance because it determines the balance of power between the more specialized characters ranged combat (using "boltguns", "Melta Guns" and others) and more specialized characters close combat (using "Chainswords", the "Power Lines" and others).

Now, I try to improve the combat experience in a duel between two close combat specialists. There are a lot of challenges and constraints to get the right system. For example we began by studying different games with medieval battles, given the weapons that are used in the world of Warhammer 40k for combat melee. Among the games there was Dark Souls , Chivalry, Mount & blades and some others. But we must move away slightly from their different systems for different reasons:

It is necessary in a duel Eternal Crusade, even at very high level , does not last more than a few seconds, otherwise there would be a risk that the duels are systematically interrupted by other players who shoot the protagonists .
In Eternal Crusade can be used at the same time a melee weapon and a ranged weapon. The most classic image of the Space Marine represented with a "Chainsword" in one hand and a "blot Pistol" in the other. This is quite unique to the license. In most other games can be used one or the other but not at the same time.
In Eternal Crusade we will also oppose the very different types of fighters from each other. For example, Eldar benefit from a higher speed movement to other factions. Out in many medieval type of games, the speed is THE key to the high-level victory. If for example the fastest no error, he invariably end up beating more powerful. So we need a way to balance the chances of victory between opponents is slightly thinner, such as what the fighting games console.
To play Eternal Crusade, the most natural device is the keyboard and mouse, even if it is possible to play the joystick.
I can not really go into detail on how we will handle it all because my proposals must be validated by David Ghozland (creative director of the game) and Brent Ellison (the lead game designer of the game). Simply, we will of course use certain types of movements that exist in other medieval fighting games, adapting them to our needs. And the pace and speed of the fighting, I draw a bit of an old game of the time of the PS1 named Bushido Blade.