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In the grim darkness of the future, there is only war. Now it's your turn to fight it. Warhammer 40,000 is a universe in which heretics run rampant, bug like aliens torture existence, and super soldiers dominate the battlefield. Will you serve the Emperor of Mankind, or will you seek to destroy humanity? Does running across a battlefield with your Waaagh hoping your gun doesn't explode meet your fancy? Maybe you are the last of your kind, fighting for simply your existence... Eternal Crusade will let you chose between the Space Marines, Chaos, Orks, or Eldar and forge your destiny.

Our Edward "Superdvs" Nicholson had a chance to sit down and chat with Behavior Interactive's David Ghozland, Steven Lumpkin, and Ivan Mulkeen to discuss their upcoming venture, with Games Workshop, Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade.

For hero playable classes, do they plan to have abilities a similar to table top game example if they decide to include a spacemarine commander would he be able to call in an orbital strike?

Yes definitely the table top is a source of inspiration for us. Commanders will have access to weaponries taken directly from the lore of Warhammer 40,000.

It's my understanding that there is a lot of literature created around the game, will there be a story line that's completely new, or does it follow some sort of existing story line?

There is an original Eternal Crusade storyline but it is embedded into the current official storyline and timeframe. I can for example tell you that EC is happening in the 41st millennium.

What edition is this based off of?

In terms of fluff and IP visuals we are sticking to the GW current direction. You could say 6th -7th. In terms of game design and game experience we are not remaking the table top. Eternal Crusade is a game on its own in the universe of Warhammer 40,000.

Troll question, Do you have to buy every unit like the tabletop version?

Good one. It would make sense wouldn’t it? Honestly the answer is yes and no. No because you will start with a bunch of units you can use and which will be enough to play the game forever. I am talking about 4 basic classes and the veteran version plus some elites and HQ classes to refer to the table top. But some fluff classes and units will be in the store asking players to grind an in-game currency to unlock or to use some real money. We are working with the community at the moment on a system which will provide a good player experience as well as some reasonable revenue for the company.

How do you plan to separate PvP from PvE content?

They are not completely separated. PvP is about winning the war and about accomplishing your faction objectives. PvE is about keeping your territories safe and still supporting the front line. The Tyranids are a constant menace ready to attack where your faction is weak and taking your territories, cutting the frontline troops from their supply lines. As a faction your need soldiers to protect your rear guard and you need soldiers on the front to win this war. Sometimes the Tyranids might grow strong enough to launch a massive assault everywhere, so be careful.

What types of PVE raids will be available at launch?

There are no raids in Eternal Crusade. The PvE is a 4-10 players coop “matches”. Think Mass effect 3 coop or THQ Space Marine’s exterminates events. More like private smaller dungeons than anything else, against hordes of the Nids.

Will there be PvP based raid content?

No, there are no "raids" as such in this style of MMO. Instead, you'll see hundreds of players against each other in constant struggles. Think Planetside 2 for an idea, just with more orks and a lot more violent.

How will the looting system work?

You’ll be given rewards from your high command. Attack the enemy positions, defend your bases or free them from the Tyranids... this is what you are asked to do and this is what you will be rewarded for. Once you get enough reward tokens you can exchange them from some special ammunitions or equipment. There is no direct drop system in the game.

Will players or guilds be allowed to develop vehicular resources?

At the moment there is only one resource in the game: Requisition Points (RP). This is a means to pay for deploying vehicles or special units such as Elites and HQs on the battlefield. As a soldier you will have a personal daily pool which you can use at any time but you can also use vehicles and elites deployed by your commanders on the battlefield.

Will vehicles play any role in the PvE environment in any significant way?

Not at the moment. You can always spawn and use elite units in PVE but vehicles in PVE are "pending design". AI and vehicles is a challenge which we might not want to address until after next year.

Will there be any apocalypse style unit in the game, either pvp or pve content.

No, not for next year. But that’s not to say never.

Are the different chapter / affiliation choice per race give any beneficial advantage in term of special abilities?

Yes this is the idea. Your chapter is your identity which we want to reinforce with special skills/accessories and special available weaponry. Not everything will be there next year but we will bring enough to get the right feeling of different chapters.

Is there potential for a marine player to wear and use terminator armor?

Yes, we are looking into Terminators as an elite class, but we cannot confirm that it will be there for sure yet.

Will all faction have potential for a psyker style character?

Yes but some races are more Psychic heavy than others. We are talking about Warlocks and Aspiring Sorcerers as support classes; while Librarian and Wierdboyz will be more Hero type classes.

How will range players differs from melee? Will there be jumps packs. Power fist thunder hammer vs heavy weaponry to assault type rifle and how do they plan to have a thunder hammer work in term of gameplay vs let's say a chain sword?

Melee weapons are the ultimate weapons at close range. The challenge is to make it to melee range not dying in the process. A smart flanking tactic, better armor, a jump pack, or a storm shield will definitely help the melee fighters to reach their target.

How do we balance melee weapons vs each other?
This is too big of a question and a very technical one, but I can tell you that if you have a chain sword you might not want to parry against a Thunder hammer.

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