Nuova Patch per Naval Action

Naval Action si aggiorna con una piccola patch correttiva che garantisce migliori performance del client e sistema qualche bug oltre a qualche bilanciamento.
Di seguito le patch notes:

What's new:

  • Certain FPS Improvements were achieved (if you still have low fps in the OW switch to medium settings and increase level of detail to high - it will give a good boost while keeping visuals on good level)
  • Ship turning was reworked due to a lot of graphical and physx artifacts - ship turning returned to 9.64 state (but on new physx)
  • Lower sail HP now does not reduce crew requirement for sailing (as happened before)
  • Sailing crew is now affected only if masts fall down
Fixed bugs:

  • Extra bow heel now fixed on several vessels
  • Several technical problems fixed

  • Bug causing fast leaks repairs now fixed
  • HMS Bellona visuals slightly improved
  • Cannon mass changed to historical weights
  • NPC Resource production reduced by 20%
  • NPC Resource consumption increased by 2x to provide more trading opportunities
  • Production buildings labor hour requirements normalized at 150LH per 3 days of production
  • Player production levels changed (mostly increased for all resources)
  • Upgraded production buildings now give more LH discount (increase from 10% to 20%)
  • Boarding crew requirement to achieve 100 preparation lowered from 80% of crew to 50% of crew
  • Boarding crew focus priority now equals sailing and gunnery - it will be more evenly distributed if all crew focuses are switched on
  • Third rate turn rates slightly reduced
  • Cerberus turn rate slightly increased
  • Keep in mind that turning/accel/decel changes will continue to happen over the next month as we are not fully satisfied with them
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