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E questa volta ci sono le nostre domande veramente fatte al tempo dal buon Lukesh e le riporto per prime:

lukesh Asks:

1) May I know if the "time of inactivity" that I can see on the various tribe's totems is true and respect the real time of inactivity of that tribe? Almost tribes I visited are inactive since 61 or 64 days, no more, nor less.
The time is in Game Days and was not accurate before the Free Time period started. It should now be Game Days since totems were reset on May 18.

2) What differences there are between having "Hiding skill" at low level or high level? I ask because I can not find particular advantages in using this skill...
Higher skill should provide more transparency to the hiding character. This was working fine, but as things are sometimes inadvertently affected by other changes I've taken a note to check this out.

3) Do you have in mind to introduce in the game other new recipes for all the professions?
Yes. All professions are currently being revised to have Artisan and Master recipes (like Toolcraft). We are also going to add some new armor sets, tools and weapons very soon.

4) wainwright is really arduos to level up! Really arduos! For create a carts i must know leathercraft or bonecraft (for some recipes), basketry (for rope) etc. Do you think to move this profession under the "construction line"?

5) do you think we can have a new system for recognize if our friends or guildm8s are online?
An improved system is planned for the future, but not soon.

Ed ora le domande delle altre persone:

Deacon Asks:

1. Is it possible to remove the slope check for starting a project...seems a bit usless if you can move an item to almost any slope. Right now, it's almost impossible to start a project on anything but absolutely flat surfaces, the slightest incline prevents it.
Actually, the slope check was supposed to work for moving projects also. I've put this on my priority request list as it should be an easy thing to change. I will probably increase the slope for placment, but set the slope check for moving projects to be the same as placement.

2. Is it possible to start putting in meat as a hunter we can start to prepare for those that will cook?
Not yet. I would like meat to have a decay timer and I don't want to add more partial systems or unfinished items into the game right now.

3. These is use and lock selections on waterbarrels...they are not working...I'd like to leave a waterbarrel on public access so people can eat and drink while at the Citadel.
I've put this on my bug list. It should be an easy fix.

thunXa Asks:

I tried to find a question/answer for this, but no success.


Are we seeing a fix soon on the problem walking between floors?
No. We are going to implement a new collision system (based on NVidia PhysX) that will resolve this and other collision issues. This has been started but will take probably 2 months before it's fully implemented.

2.) You further plan with the rent system.

So i allready went ahead and started making a 4 story full with rooms with walls, roofs and gates.

Will we be able to give permission to specific players that can be able to open a gate and also multiple players?

How will it look like?
Will there be a craft item like keys to open my gate because its my property both the gate and the key made by me? (not lootable/tradeable) maybe with a decay over some time

Or do we just give permission to the persons we like to get in?

Maybe also like a system same as for friend and bins?

You will be able to assign walls and door to a roof 'master' to create a rentable building. The specific player renting that building or room will have access to its gate.

I will think about other options for communal gates.

Qwerty Asks:

1. Does the game move on eventually from hunter gatherers onto animal domestication and agriculture to grow crops? This would give the opportunity for more architecture
Yes. Agriculture is already in progress.

2. As a noob I've noticed the lowest grade of combat knife needs stag antlers. Stags are hard to kill and getting rare and so hunting & gutting animals, not to mention bone craft becomes impossible as I need antlers for a new knife. Can we not insert an easier starter knife that can be made? I appreciate the challenge, but not impossible gauntlets.
We are currently revising recipes for armor, tools and weapons for a more consistent and challenging system (for higher level artisan and master items). We will make sure that starter level tools require easy materials.

3. Does the game progress eventually back to bronze or iron age where we could mine the ore and forge our own blades etc?
Yes, mining and blacksmiting is planned for the future.

tybor Asks:

Xsyon Dev answered:
Not very soon, but after we run totem decay we will see. We do have a system running that generated 'forest' surface around trees, but this was changing too many surfaces and causing issues, so it's turned off until we have time to heavily optimize this.
So why not generating 'forest' surface around 2m a tree when it grows? And only on blank spots? (see suggestion

This was my first thought after planting some trees, that I have to clean the surrounding of grass, until I heard that there is currently no 'grass' or 'forest' surface grow :-(


The surface generating system was very close to what you propose. We ran it only one day and it caused too much lag, but also it was clear that this would become a big database resource hog which could lead to many problems. We will return to this system when he have time to optimize it and thoroughly test it. Right now we have other priorities.

Dakeen Asks:

We know animals have been depleted in some parts of the map. You added spawns to compensate until you can adjust breeding. My question is, is it really worth tweaking versus just having a spawning system that monitors how many animals are in the world?
Yes, the breeding system is worth tweaking. There were still some issues left over from past programmers. There are finally fixed on the Test Server.

I for one love the idea that animals breed and can be wiped out from a area but others feel different. How are you going to control players that do not want to play "your game" and instead will hunt every animal down to the last? I quote "im not going to not hunt because the sys dont work im going to kill it to show them thier sys dont work". This kind of thinking actually creates a paradox in which the system would work with out that kind of thinking. Since there are a percentage of people who will play this way is it not foreseeable that you just may be tweaking breeding again and again as the player population grows?
With the corrected system, creatures will shy away more from players as the population decreases. Creatures can 'hide' from players so that they can continue to breed if they are reaching a minimum population point.

This also stems into scrap piles, one day they just might be depleted or mostly depeleted, I know opening new land will come with new scrap piles. Is the idea for the old areas to be filled with grass wearing unarmed players? Is there a system in place to regenerate them? I read somewhere in these questions discarded items counts toward their regrowth, but I have seen no evidence of this. If no system is in place or planned is it truly up to players to preserve them or will you regenerate them manually as complaints roll in?
A system is in place, but currently turned off as it is resource intensive (like the forest surface regeneration). There is a lot of scrap in the lands that will open up next. If the center area becomes low on scrap and players will depend on scrap from the outer lands, this will encourage trade and expeditions to the new lands. We'll see what happens (that's part of how the game evolves!)

One thing that players may not be aware of is that scavenged resources can be found on almost all surfaces. There is just a much higher chance on scrap.

After a time of tweaking and added features will there ever be a point where take hard stance on the depletion of resources?
As resources get depleted we will introduce ways for players to generate them (like we did with forestry). I foresee resources becoming more region specific, but not depleted.

MrDDT Asks:

Is there going to be any kind of oversight in Guide abuse? Like guides giving players items?
Guides are allowed to give out starting items to players. Guides do not have the ability to spawn any items of above starter level quality.

Are we going to get an updated manual with what crafting skills are effected by what stats before the update?
This has been posted in our Patch Notes and should be in the current Manual version that was uploaded last week.

thunXa Asks:

From the last statement about shields in february and about the combat changes - are they ready to be implemented?
Not yet as we working on many other revisions and features at the moment.

Parry is not worth much do be used in combat.

So i think it should be on a higher priority to add some kind of defense into combat.

Will there be any changes on parry? Like parry with 1 weapon and at the same time hit with the other weapon?

Yes. We will revise parry before implementing shields so that they provide an additional boost such as a short delay in the attacker's next attack.

Also about shields, will they just have a passive use or also a active?
The reallity is that your able to block/parry and still beeing able to hit with the weapon at the other hand.

Sorry i might been watching to much Spartacus

The plan is for active directional control much like parrying, but the shield will block attacks that cross its path regardless of the player's active control. So, this is both active and passive.

raven Asks:

With the patch we have well known players bragging in chat that they are maxed on most all skills except fire building and won't be losing any of their skills since you only lose skills when something else raises. They lock the few skills they have below 100 and they never lose anything. My first question is how did you allow this to happen in the first place and the 2nd question is what do you intend to do to correct it? They get to keep all their skills at 100 while the rest of us have caps? Are the rest of us supposed to continue to pay monthly fees while being unable to hope to ever get to their level? With the system in its current state, they could quit today and the rest of us could continue to play for 10 years and we could never hope to get anywhere near where they currently are. How exactly is that fair to everyone else?
There will soon be skill loss as a death penalty. Skills are not currently hard capped, gain just slows as the soft cap is exceeded. Overall gains have been balanced and skilling through experience was made more viable through the patch.

Balance is achieved primarily through stats. High level skills are not valuable without the accompanying stats at high level.

Hodo Asks:

With the next update now on deck, will this mean the coming of crops and food from animals other than fish?
Meat from animals will come first, along with cooking. The basics of agriculture have been set up, but they will not be ready when cooking and animal meat is patched out.

Shields, are they going to be passive in otherwords have a hitbox that is there so if I hit the shield I hit THE shield. Or are they going to be an additional bit of armour that just adds encumberance?
They will have a simulated hit box much like parrying currently does.


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Nuove risposte:

Please give us an idea when all roof structures will be capable of holding containers, and when they will be rentable.
We will try within the next two months. Unfortunately I can't give an accurate time estimate on any features until we are able to expand our team.

I know 2-3 story structures were put on hold but were almost complete. I did not see them in any "rounds of development". Do you intend to put them back on the table soon?
No. We are going to implement a new collision system using NVidia PhysX first. Then this will be added to the development schedule again.

Approximately a year ago I started bugging Guides/Devs about gender correct attire for female avatars....what is the timeline for implementing this ingame?
We are preparing the schemes for about 20 female only armor sets. I plan to add them in game soon after the totem decay phase. They will be released along with revamped schemes for all armor sets.

Have you considered making baskets/bins moveable using the same feature as the water barrels? If so, when?
Yes, but as there are collision problems with multiple story buildings we won't add this until we've implemented the PhysX collision system.

Wainwrights have to level bonecrafting & leathercrafting to make different kinds of carts, this prevents them from choosing the ability to master any other skill since the soft cap was introduced. They can rely on woodcrafters & basketry etc. for some parts & I think the same should be true for bonecrafters & leathercrafters. Would you think about changing this?
The idea is that wainwrights can specialize in one or two types of cart if they wish to have other skills.

What is scrapcrafting?
This is a future craft involving piecing together junk parts to create 'scrap' armor sets.

Hodo Asks:

Will the totem decay update, bring with it basket decay. In other words, will baskets/bags/pouches left out OFF totem land become accessable, no longer locked?

I have noticed a lack of pants patterns in Tailoring, any chance of getting some pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses?
We will set up crafting of the basic starter pants with our upcoming round of crafting revisions and we have skirts as part of the coming female armor sets. Other than that, we don't have any additional cloth patterns in the works right now.

Totem safe zones in PvP, will there be a way to have real warfare, with tribal war, in the near future or is it a pipedream and this is just going to become the next Hello Kitty Litterbox?
Removal of safe zones is in the near future. Next will come the ability to fight over expansion totems.

Regarding full tribal warfare: It fits with evolving the game based on the player base, but it was not part of the original design. It won't happen until we are able to expand our team. It won't be imposed upon all players and will be tried out first on outlying expansion areas and it's not going to be made the focus of Xsyon.

On the Forums is it possible to link ingame Character Names with the Forum Account, like Face Of Mankind does?
This is on our suggestion list, but we don't have the staff to do this right now.

Whorlok Asks:

logging a tree have a realistic timer.
destroying a lying log is one hit!?..
is it difficult to change (the one hit for destroying) to a timer with destroying 10-30 seconds ?(its realistic)

It's not difficult to change, but I don't agree with a destroy timer with the game as it is. This would cause more players to litter the world with cut trees and logs rather than clean them up and attract more griefing.

i have many ideas to bring player events to life:
short look on one Event ALPHA-"Temple of Gods"

Yes! I liked your event idea but it didn't gather enough interest. If you are ready to give it another try, please contact GuideRaguel.

Deacon Asks:

After free time is over....

Will large tribes that have unsubbed members, lose tribe radius, due to insufficent members for current radius status, if their numbers drop below the number required to obtain it? Single member tribe totems will decay if unsubbed member, so in essence, they are losing radius for insufficent numbers required to maintain radius status. If not, how will you justify to 3 man tribes that are limited in space allowed in which to build. Will you implement a different system for determining tribe radius size?

No. For this first round of decay, completely abandoned tribes will be decayed and removed only. Tribe radii for tribes with any active members will not change. We reviewed different ideas for town / totem upkeep required to maintain a tribe's active radius, but we'll see. Right now we're a bit overwhelmed with what is already in progress.

Riverspirit Asks:

Do you plan on fixing the way stats average on bones and leather? I mix a stack of bones with 1.0 with a stack of 1.01 and I end up with a stack of .067. Those numbers don't add up.
This is a bug that has been reported but we've been unable to reproduce in our development builds. Please contact bugs directly so that we can get more information from you.

Caper Asks:

Hi there, I'm new and I have a few questions about the upcoming features which seem exciting.

Questions about upcoming features

1. Cooking
Can you describe how the cooking system will work with the custom recipes? And will that custom recipe thing be in for the next round or is it a future addition?

Recipes will have slots for ingredient types (for example: meat, vegetable, grain, seasoning). The slots available for a recipe will increase with the skill of the cook. The final food product will grant buffs based on each ingredient used. The cook will be able to create and name a stack of the current item created.

This system will be in for this round of development.

2. Healing
Will debuffs such as wounds, sprained ankles (from falling from too high), ailments like sunstroke or cold be in game for healing to remove them or will healing be simply a form of regeneration?

Will healing only be a form of crafting to produce medicine or will you also be able to apply those medicines to the patients and will your chance of success then be dependent on your healing skill?

Healing will first be added simply as a way to regenerate health.

Healing skill will consist of both the creation and application of bandages / salves.

3. Talisman crafting
Can you give us a rough estimate on when talismans will be in game?

How will talisman crafting work? Will crafting consume faith? What materials will be used?

Talisman craft will be like other other crafts. It will not consume faith. Materials will range from hunted to scavenged items.

Talisman won't be implemented for a few months at least. It will come after revenants, crafting revisions and cooking.

Azzym Asks:

Two questions for you, one long and one short.

1) The way scavenging works it doesn't really seem to matter much what your stats are when it comes to the quality of what you find. I bumped my charm and perception by 20 points ea up to 90+ and couldnt notice any difference of quality, nr of items or the nr of recpies found. Spent long hours and wonder if I wasted points in the wrong stats. Can you assure me those stats have an importance for the scavenging skill? (did not try the extreme of minmizing the stats)

These stats do affect quality of found objects (roughly 20% of quality is based on stats). They do not affect the number of items found. I ran some quick tests and this seemed fine. I made a note and we will check this more thoroughly. It's possible that the quality of objects you found were boosted within the same quality range (for example from 91 to 99 quality).

2) Crafting is extemely annoying click-wise and even more so with the thing (bug) that forces me to click 2-3 times to add material for every crafted item. Are you planning on fixing this bug? And even better, are you planning to implement a simple queue-system for craft so we can do a batch of items?
I'm unaware of this and certainly I am unable to reproduce this on my machines. This may be dependent on frame rate. I am going to investigate this tonight.

A queue system is on our suggestion list but is not currently planned.


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Qwerty Asks:

I have noticed that with a small player base that with no cart degradation that the market to sell carts to will soon become saturated. I am selling at the moment to mainly returnees and a few rare subscribing noobs and therefore becoming concerned. Is it possible to introduce cart degradation sooner rather than later please so wainwright crafters have some degree of sustainability for their trade?

tomduril added:

I asked the same thing about 2 weeks ago. As I found the market for new carts reducing fast - especially because more players are able to create carts and big tribes seem to provide the carts to their tribe members. So the market really narrows to a few homestadters that are reluctant to purchase more than 2-3 carts. The same is true for waterskins

I second the question (again).

Also see suggestions:

Regarding cart decay, I answered above:

The plan is to set up decay that affects a cart's speed until it's repaired. This would not affect contents and players would be able to dismantle broken carts. This is slated as an improvement to 'fit in' over the next few months when there is time.

Also, the demand for carts should pick up after the first totem decay runs as we are going to launch a promotional push then to get new players.

Qwerty Asked:

Good suggestion tomduril of which I have voted yes with my thoughts on the topic. Also I might have a gripe that having grind-ed up wainwright which as you know is quite a marathon that I find that I'm not able to do all the cart types without one of the supporting skills. A nasty hidden suprise when you have a message come up saying you need for example level 55 in bonecraft for a particular recipe. You may say every trade gets to build their own cart, but I say as a wainwright that I should be allowed to trade with leathercrafters and bonecrafters to complete the relevant type of cart, leading onto the repair suggestion. No good finding a player out in the wilderness when you find you can't repair his type of cart. After all an Architect doesn't need to know masonry or woodcraft to complete his or her projects so why should the Wainwright be severely punished?
It's not intended as a punishment, just a limitation so that players begin to specialize. I personally think there should be more schemes that require multiple crafts so that players do specialize more.

I wonder what the devs think about the above as this one is one of the reasons why some players rage quit wainwright?
It's possible.

Would you be prepared to change this as per my thoughts extending the number of recipes that can be learned by the wainwright to cover all cart types including the future scrappers cart?

Remember reward should equal effort and wainwright is a real tough grind just to put some emphasis on this.
If a craft feels like a particularly hard grind, it can be gained through experience points and experience can be gained through questing and actions. I don't plan to revise wainwright gains at the moment. If players are not using the experience and quests enough I will improve the system further so that it becomes a more viable alternative to 'grinding'.

Deacon Asks:

Actually, the slope check was supposed to work for moving projects also. I've put this on my priority request list as it should be an easy thing to change. I will probably increase the slope for placment, but set the slope check for moving projects to be the same as placement.
If you do this to moving projects, it will be impossible to build some of the stuff we build....we have to move some accross really steep places to get projects in place and to fit. What is the purpose to limit slopes we can build on anyway?

I see. The purpose was to prevent placing buildings such as tents on the sides of hills or half way hanging off a cliff. This should not apply to posts or walls. I see now that this was not implemented correctly. I'll have to spend some time to revise this properly. It's not going to be a quick fix as I thought because this will require more personal planning and testing by me.

1. What is supposed to be the difference between the hiding skill , and item camoflauge bonus?
Camoflauge will reduce the range that creatures detect you. Hiding works against other players.

2. What is the difference between the agility stat (effecting run speed and combat swing speed), and item speed bonus? What is the item speed bonus supposed to influence?
Item speed bonus will apply to weapons only and will increase attack speed with that weapon. It will not affect running speed.

3. When do you think item bonus (armour bonus, damage bonus, speed bonus, etc), other than those effecting stats will function?
In a few weeks. I'm working on a revision to crafts and bonuses right now.

4. Currently bear paws used in "hugaleti bearbone boots and guantlets" give no strength bonus, is this working as intended?
Yes. Paws were not assigned bonuses. This will be changed though as part of our current revisions.

Fyrex Asks:

Please reduce the time it takes for a creature to mature. It is way to long right now, and you can't ask a entire server to stop hunting for a month for creatures to grow up and be worth hunting. Its great to see lots of creature out and about now but they are just taking way to long to mature.

Also is there something wrong with hunting? It seems to be going up very slowly than what other skills do.

We've changed this on the Test Server and now creatures age by game month instead of game year, so they will mature much faster when we patch out these changes.

Osirrus Asks:

how many more 'free weeks' for old players are there to come?
Two more, until June 25th.

totem decay -

will there be a period of time when totem decay is on the test server so we can see how it functions before it goes live?

Yes, we'll test this out next week (week starting June 18th).

will we be able to place an expansion totem of our own over the decayed totem area? will this allow us to terraform and basically clean up the old decayed totem area?
Expansion totems won't be in yet, but new players / tribes will be able to claim decayed areas. (The old totems will be gone).

will there be a period of time where there will be a community discussion of how totem decay will work? / how the differently timed vunerabilities will work?
No. This first round of decay will run quickly.

when is totem decay starting?
when will totems start to disapear?
when will i be able to loot abandoned/decayed totem/tribelands?
will there be a period of time when a totem is still there/visable but the areas it should be protecting are lootable?

I will post the full plan later this week in the Announcements section rather than here so that all players are aware of the stages of decay.

Deacon Asks:

1. We used to be able to make leather scraps from leather, using shears....but we can no longer do this. Tailoring can do this with cloth scraps. Can we get the ability back to do this again ?
Strange. There never was a scheme set up to make leather scraps from leather. I can add this though as we are working on craft revisions now.

2. Before the skill degrade, some people bought schemes for skills they will most likely let decay now...some higher leveled schemes. Will high level schemes still be usable if the related skill drops below the scheme level ? If not, will there be a way to change that learned scheme, back into a trade-able scheme item?
I need to double check this. If a player drops skill, the schemes should remain in place but not be available for use unless the player gains the minimum skill level again. There will not be a way to turn the scheme into a tradeable recipe.

MrDDT Asks:

Is there any plans to add content to the game?
After having 100 in all the skills building a few tribal areas (for no reason other than looks) I'm wondering what is to keep people in the game.

Of course. The next content is as listed as part of the In Development section:

Current Round:
Crafting properties revisions - This will include a few new tools and many new armor sets.
Scavenged resource distribution balance
Death penalties

Totem Decay
Coming of Revenants
Real Estate System completed

Next Round: game immersion and survival.

Cooking, healing and other minor skills
Comfort and weather effects on players
Combat revisions including ranged combat
Ability for tribes to remove safe zones


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Ed ecco altre risposte di Xsyon alle domande dei giocatori:

Lots of questions here! I'll do my best to answer them quickly!

- Are there any plans of adding canoes to the game, or any other boat?
Plans, yes, but not set in stone.

- Would it be possible to share/describe a possible increase of population in the Xsyon world (subscription wise)?
Yes. We are finally at a stage where I'm comfortable doing some advertisement (once the Abandonment has set in). With a bit of growth over the next two months we will also finally be set up a system to run and maintain a proper trial server.

- I heard in the past that you were thinking about adding the ability to make tunnels 'alla Minecraft'. This would involve lot's of reprogramming, but how is this plan proceeding?
It's not proceeding until we can really expand the team. It would require a full reworking of the terrain. It's still something we want to do in the future, but it's a ways off right now.

- Ranged combat is the next thing after Totum Decay to hit Xsyon. Are there any plans, and/or sketches, of how magic (both combat and non combat) is going to work?
Ranged combat will include spears and bows. Magic won't be added at this stage. I'm not going to go into any details of what's been designed as far as magic as development is still slow and I want to concentrate on what can and will be done in the next coming months.

- I read the announcement last week stating that there was a search to expand the development team. How is this going?
The search continues. I don't plan to actually add any new people until August. It's difficult to find the right kind of programmer for a project like this (who works very independently).

- The thing that Xsyon is missing at the moment is a stable and fairly big player base. Advertising campaigns are the way to do this, are there any plans, and if so, could you share them with us?
Yes. As stated above we will be advertising soon. This will be in the form of typical banner ads and a Facebook ad campaign. We are preparing a Kickstarter page to raise funds to really push Xsyon to the next level as well, but the goal first is to expand the player base by attracting new players with our ads.

- New players are pretty much screaming for meaningful combat. Revenants would bring some 'probably' meaningful combat. How is the development team intending to add meaningful combat in the game, when a relatively small player base is keeping them from PVP?
I think the creature revisions we've focused on these past few weeks plus the coming of revenants will provide much improved combat.

- For new people, including me, how difficult would it be to kill a Revenant? Will our game be heavily affected with their presence in the game?
They will range from being a decent fight for mid level players to being a challenge for high level players. New players should have to band together or seek the aid of higher level players.

- Recently several Arena's were created, wouldn't it be nice if there was an actual mechanic for this? In a way that people could teleport to an Arena, set the rules and fight..
Please feel free to contact one of our Guides and discuss. We are more than happy to assist with events run at player built arenas.

- Perhaps more of a suggestion, but is there a tutorial in the making for new players? It is difficult to get into the game when you are relatively new, and the low playerbase isn't helping that much, so perhaps a full covering tutorial would help new players to play this game independent at first.
It's something I'd like to do, but would take a lot of time that we currently don't have. I do like the fact that Guides and other players have been around to help new players and I think this has helped a lot with building a community.

- The fact that the homepage of this website hasn't been updated in a long time scares some people away. Are there any plans to make the homepage/website more interactive? Perhaps a blog, release notes page or anything that indicates that this game is alive and doing relatively well would give people are more comfy feeling.
are pretty much screaming for meaningful combat. Revenants would bring some 'probably' meaningful combat. How is the development team intending to add meaningful combat in the game, when a relatively small player base is keeping them from PVP?We keep the forums active as that is really our 'face' to the community. We do have some volunteers working on setting up a better home page for us that will update with our latest news.

- Are there any plans, and/or discussions in the team, to increase the experience gained per action and therefor making it easier to level?
No, this hasn't been discussed. We did ask for feedback on this while we were working on balancing experience, stats and skills. I plan to increase experience gained for quests as these should be used more often. For actions, I haven't heard any other requests or comments to increase the experience gained, but I will discuss with the Guide team as they interface more with players directly.

- Last one for today; people are making a huge effort creating two story buildings, cant some love put into this to make two(or more)story building easier?
I was working on a two story construction, until I found out players found tricks to build the two story buildings with a bit more effort. Right now it's not a priority as I like the fact that it's something that takes effort and ingenuity and there are 'bigger fish to fry'. Really, we will get back to proper two story construction after we've revised collision using the planned PhysX system.

Alright, as for now, I have been playing several weeks right now, this game is not solo friendly. For a starter, even with my skills and some leather Armour I made from scavenging, it is still virtually impossible to fight against even the smallest of a deer (1v1 fight). This is frustrating, as bonecrafting and hunting in general is a no-go area for solo players this way. Don't get me wrong, I like to interact with other people, but I heavily prefer to fight and die on my own.
To make my point;
- Will Xsyon be more solo-friendly in the future?

With the latest revisions to creatures, I think so. Part of the goal is to have low level creatures easier for new solo players to fight.

- Can damage of certain animals get decreased? Just the more average animals is alright with me. Being able to kill a deer with 2 spears and leather armor shouldn't be a problem right? I hear it all the time, and it is just very frustrating to get killed by a pack of squirrels when you go into the game. It is very illogical and frustrating from the very beginning.
This has been done and is being balanced. Please check our Feedback Request post and let us know what you think of creatures currently on the Test Server.

- Is it possible to create a Social hub, perhaps on an island in the middle of the game, where both tribes and players can meet, trade and perhaps even challenge each other for a fight? Perhaps teleport is a nice idea. The game is large, VERY large, and going to players can take at least 30 min. It feels sometimes that I am playing a singleplayer game, and that is not where Xsyon is all about, even as a solo player.
Founder's Isle is meant to be a type of social hub and I hope that players will form other social hubs on their own. I believe that with more players coming and a few improvements in the works (trade at totems, real estate rental) these social hubs will come of their own.

- After totems (and tribes) got abandoned, how long will it take to get them *removed*?
Roughly two weeks after we patch the first phase.

MrDDT Asks:

Is it meant to have animals not attack? If so, where is the "survival" at all in this game and why?
Of course not. Feedback on creatures not attacking is best in the feedback thread. Creature AI has undergone a lot of small but important changes these past 2 weeks on the Test Server.

When do you expect your game to be fun?
I think it's fun now, and will only get better.

This game is mostly made for solo players it seems, do you have plans for large objectives for tribes and groups of tribes?
No specific tribal goals are planned for the current round of development.

AI is still doing very bad, and animals are way to easy, who do you have working on this code now?
The most recent revisions have been done by myself and one other programmer.

Do you have any devs that work on PVP objectives?
If by PvP objectives you mean siege or conquering of tribes, we are not currently working on those.

What are your plans for PVP objectives and when?
Again, if you mean siege or tribal conquest: this is something that can only be worked on after we can expand our team. Currently we are not at that point and I'll make solid plans only when I know that I really can.

Economy is still not working very well, I know you keep saying you are working on it, but when is this going to be top of the "to do" list?
As the economy depends on many factors, we can only work on these factors one at time to see how the economy impoves.

Deacon Asks:

a.) Will human bones get stat bonus ?
Yes, they will provide bonuses based on the highest stat of the human (revenant) killed.

b.) Can you raise the max quantity for 'Goal' on totem quests? 100 nails isnt gonna buy much of anything
Yes, noted and can be done easily.


Super Postatore
Deacon Asks:

Something that has bothered me for quite some time..

Can you explain the reasoning behind having the windows in pioneer log walls not centered...and all the same height? It would be nice to be able to reverse one wall and butt it up to another, and have windows align correctly, and have round log walls inside and real log cabins.

These were simply up to the artist's creative discretion.

And while on walls Are we gonna see brick walls in future with windows or even arrow slits?
Most likely yes.

Also, some of the roofs are not centered on the wooden frames, and the 8x8 mason brick roof just isnt large enough for the frame...walls dont look right with it.
Please report this to the bugs email so that we can check and adjust. These were checked before, but details do get missed.

Why dont items made with white cloth...come out white?
That's the way the shader shades them when set to pure white material. The textures have grey scale tint to them to bring out details when shaded in other tones.

.................................................. ....................

Now that hiding no longer gives XP, and is in 'Action' section like running ...does it still use perception as a deciding factor of how well you hide, and if someone can see you? And if it does..will it effect the stat when using it?


Hiding uses your perception and agility, and it does run stat gain on these. Hiding using the perception of the viewer to reduce the effect of hiding.

Once the majority, if not all...abandoned totems have decayed away, and few if any players unsub afterwards...what will become of revenants? Where will they come from, or will they still be in game...and if so, to what extent?
The revenants don't leave an area once a totem is abandoned, only when land is reclaimed. When land is reclaimed, they look for new homes (other abandoned totems). If there are no abanonded totems, they either go way (are removed) or find empty locations on the map to haunt.

A little technical, but....Are there any concerns of differing results when using PhysX with Nvidia GPU cards vs those having to run in software mode? e.g. slower framerates or different level of accuracy on GPU vs CPU? This is assuming you are doing this on the client side and not just server side collision, of course.
Not at the moment. The first implementation of PhysX will be used for normal collision and will definitely be more optimal than our current system.

Also, were there any considerations besides price that made you choose PhysX rather than Havok?
Familiarity by the programmer who'll be implementing PhysX and available assistance from friends at NVidia.

In another tread, you told us: "The goal with revenants is for them to range in power from that of a mid level player to being a challenge for high end players. Newbies in groups of 3 or 4 should be able to take down a normal revenant". It seems to me that this conflicts with the original goal of totem decay: to clear occupied land for players to claim, especially for new players, so that they don't have to run across the world just to find a spot...
By making revenants this difficult, you will have created yet another way that newbies rely on vets.
I don't have a question here, just pointing out the issue. Care to respond to this concern?

A creature that can be dealt with by 3-4 new players is not extremely difficult, but I think this is a small challege that does several things: encourages new players to seek initial assistance from veteran players, welcomes new players to join an existing tribe for a while and then set off on their own if they like, urges players to work together even as a band of new players. All of this creates social interaction in game and helps build a positive game community.

What will happen with revenants when no tribe lands are being abandoned?
Some will disappear, other move on to haunt unoccupied lands.


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Deacon Asks:

Can you add the cargo shorts and beater shirt to crafting while doing the crafting update? be nice to have some solid color clothes that are made by players.
Yes, this will be part of the update.

would also be nice if carts could go up ramps O.O
We are implementing improved collision to fix this and other collision issues. It's a major task but it's currently in progress.

will higher danger areas, yield better scavenging results and more rare items?
Yes, more rare items will be found in the high danger regions.

Are you ever going to implement a totem placement system where we dont have to guess if where we're actually putting it, fits the spot we want, or is centered in our area, after we had to move it to work around it?
At some point we may allow moving a totem after it's placed. Currently totems are placed right in from of the player and the tribe is always centered on the totem. This is a change that seems minor but can cause issues with off centered tribes so it's not a priority right now.

MrDDT Asks:

Whats your plans for high level and high skilled crafters to do for trade and economy?
High level crafters will create the most powerful and high quality objects. In the future we'll add specializations as well. I'm aware that tools have made the creation of high quality and top level objects too easy and this is being revised with the crafting changes.

What are some of your "end game" goals for players? Meaning not really end game forever end, but what do you expect high skilled and high geared players to be doing?
The goal is for players to create their own societies and adventures.

This could include:
Leading a tribe and managing the society.
Developing trade.
Conflicts with other tribes.
Designing and building extensive constructions.
Creating adventures and events for other players.
Hunting mutants and high danger creatures.
Experience in game daily life.

As we continue to add features and systems, there will be more possibilities.

Really it's up to you. What a player does for an 'end game' should be up to that individual player and not my expectations.

KMan Asks:

Question about luck. In this thread one of the players complained about not learning any new architecture blueprints from building things and one of the guides responded with info about hidden stat called Luck. I would like to know if it really exists and how it works. Is it something that gets generated during the character creation and never changes so if you are "unlucky" you are screwed or is it stat that changes (daily for example). Is there a way to modify it by keeping certain items in your packs (lucky horseshoes ;-).... I myself had a problem with wainwright blueprints. I got my Wainwright skill up to 90 and could not build a simplest cart which was very disappointing. Does it mean that my "hidden stat" Luck is low and I need to find a way to fix it? Thanks.
Luck is a hidden stat that does affect many actions including learning new schemes. All players start with neutral luck. Luck increases when you pass a 'luck check' roll. It decreases when you fail. Basically it reflects your real luck at 'luck checks'. It does balance out and some players are lucky while others are not.

Luck is affected slightly by Charm and we will have items in the future that will increase luck.

Another question about armor defensive bonuses. I heard this question asked by many new players: which armor is better grass or cloth? There seems to be a consensus amongst older players that bone is the best then leather but opinions differ whether cloth or grass is next.

So is it:

bone > leather > cloth > grass or
bone > leather > grass > cloth ?
bone > leather > cloth > grass

This depends on the quality and wear of the the armor as well. There are cases where a suit of grass can provide more armor than a suit of cloth.

Also since the quality affects defensive bonus that armor provides is the low quality bone still better than high quality leather?
A new highest quality set of leather can provide more bonus than a worn lowest quality set of bone armor, but in general the bone > leather > cloth > grass does apply.

Would it be hard for you to implement a display for each armor piece of the exact defensive bonus that it provides (kind of like you display stat bonus on the armor when hovering mouse over the piece)? That would help people figure out which armor they want to wear and also give us an idea of what defensive bonus we get from it. The total bonus from all armor displayed on the character screen would also be nice. People like seeing these numbers. Keeping them in the dark and constantly guessing is not a good idea. Thank you.
I am considering this. I realize many player like to see the numbers. I personally don't and it's something I always wanted to avoid in games. However, the game does evolve and adjust based on what players want so we will see.

Case study: I have basketry at 92.3, Agility 94.3, Spirit 24.0 and Foraging 84.4. I can gather VHQ grass but I am unable to produce VHQ grass twine from them. Where is the problem? I assumed that having very high basketry level should be good enough but it is not. Is it my "hidden stat" Luck affecting me or my low Spirit?
This is a problem with objects created without tools and is being revised in our current round of development.