patch 19 pve


dietro ad un cespuglio

Steam BuildID: 1226775

New & Noteworthy Additions:

-Tyranids are here in 5 player Co-op PVE on their first map. Prepare to die.
-Performance improvements.
-Vehicle physics improvements.
-Player Commendations.
-Extra XP events (such as Capture Point defense, Interrupt assists).
-Lots of new Wargear and Armour have been added.
-Rebalancing of damage, accuracy and survivability across the board, Eldar should see the biggest changes.
-Some notable Weapon changes (Melta and Fusion weapons now have a warmup time and turning limitations, lots of weapons had their damage; drop-off distances; accuracies and recoil modified).
-New Eldar weapon: Fusion Pistol (RTS version is there to test with, regular version to be released ASAP – Remember, credits get reset when we do wipes!)
-Ongoing melee improvements (no more sailing past your opponents & durability is more significant.)

These are just some preliminary patch notes as I prepare the full notes. Check back later for the rest!