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Hello Crusaders!

Launch your Steam clients - we've just released patch #21 for Early Access!

This is a HUGE patch and features:

- ORKS (All classes, vehicles) WAAAGH!

- Swooping Hawks

- Full character wipe (All of the weapons you purchased with RTC will be removed and your RTC will be refunded to your account. Any relic/Founder items/weapons will of course remain in your account)

- New map: Medusa

- New map: Zedek

- New Eldar subfaction (Ulthwé)

Patch notes incoming! Happy slaughtering!!

team BuildID: 1275565

(For those who are having issues when patching the game, you can verify that you have the correct version by matching the BuildID above with what you have listed in the "Properties" window, under the "Local Files" tab. If it's the same, you're good! If it's not the same, you would need to force an update by either logging out/in Steam, or choosing "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" from "Local Files" tab.)

New and Noteworthy Additions:

-WAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!! The Orks are finally here!

-Eldar Swooping Hawks are now enabled!

-New Eldar craftworld: Ulthwé.

-2 new map: Forge District Zedek and Medusa Relay Station!

-Performance optimizations!

-Changes to the existing game modes (details below).

-Revamped visuals on the HUB screen.

-All characters have been wiped (with RTC refunded).

-LOTS of bug fixes!

Gameplay Tweaks/Improvements:

- Strong melee attacks can now be charged while moving, allowing more freedom during the charge. As a result, the distance players travel forward when performing a strong attack has been reduced (Yes, including the PF!).

-A defensive bash losing a parry/clang against a strong attack will now receive damage.

-Based on a lot of player feedback, Jump pack classes have had their total number of fuel reduced and the damage from their aerial smash attack has been reduced.

-Apothecaries can now heal their allies while they are doing certain actions (e.g. while interacting with vehicle spawners/resupply crates, using an item, while falling, etc.). Enabling this during executions was causing some problems but it will be next on our to-do list!

-When players get staggered, they now display a dizzying effect to better communicate that they’re staggered.

-PVE had some tweaks done to tighten up the experience and to prevent some possible progression blockers from occurring.

-While the game designers work on the finalized Advancements, they have been disabled and all trinkets & Wargear associated with them have been granted for use, for now.

-Evades can now be done during the defensive bash charge phase to cancel it.

-High cover peek-and-shoot angles have been improved.

-There has been a change of rules for stamina management (as well as the jump pack classes equivalent resource, fuel): Now, when you deplete all your stamina, you don’t need to wait to regain all the stamina back before being able to evade or jump! You will be able to do a stamina/fuel draining action as soon as you regain one point. As a result, stamina regeneration will be slower. We recommend using your Wargear to make your stamina regenerate faster (that’s what it’s there for!).

-Some maps have had their max # of players adjusted from what they previously were set to.

-All of the existing game modes have been tweaked! Instead of starting with longer match times, all matches will now start with less time on the clock but capturing a point for the first time will add time to the clock. The reasoning behind this change was to end less exciting matches sooner and boost the intensity of close matches even more! Here is a rundown of the changes:

  • Deadlock (formerly known as Tug of War)
>Match timer at the start of a round: 8 minutes.

>Time added per point captured: 5 minutes.

  • Supremacy (formerly known as Classic / Domination)
>Match timer at the start of a round: 8 minutes

>Time added per point captured: 5 minutes

  • Fortress/Stronghold
> Match timer at the start of a round: 18 minutes

> Time added per point captured: 12 minutes

Weapon Tuning:

-Heavy weapons that use heat venting have had some adjustments made to them.

Menu/UI/Chat Window Improvements:

-In response to some feedback we’ve received about the state of global chat in matches, we’ve decided to remove it for the playable portion of matches. It will only be available to devs / GMs / Admins during matches, but open to all at the end-of-round scoreboard. (We hope you use it responsibly, maybe to simply say “gg” to everyone who was playing? : ) )

-The Squad screen has been redesigned.

-RTS items will now appear on top of the list of available items in the Loadouts menu, since the scrollbar is not currently appearing and it isn’t clear that scrolling is possible when there are lots of items to choose from.

-Players using the “Need” Comms Rose options will now display a context-appropriate icon over their head for their squadmates to see and respond to with help!

-Added a few more missing icons for Loadout items that had blank or placeholder icons.

-New battle maps have been created for the zones that have changed, where the previous ones were no longer accurate.

-Warparty max size has been increased to 30 (via a slider in the WP Settings tab). A quick note about size limits:
  • If a Warparty size is over 5, the Tyranid Lairs button from the World Map is greyed out (since PVE only supports a max of 5 players at a time).
  • If Warparty size is over 15, the Skirmish button from the World Map is greyed out (which was done to avoid matchmaking issues, since some matches only support 15 players per side).

Art/Visual Improvements:

-The HUB screen has received a slight visual overhaul, including your character now appearing on a slick new base (like miniatures!).

Controller/Input Improvements:

-Using the Sprint Toggle button on controllers will now allow jump pack classes to wall grab.

Bug Fixes:

-A large number of incorrect collision, invisible collision and stuck spots have been fixed across all maps (e.g. underneath a tank wreck that’s in the Garrison map).

-Several small visual bugs (such as one-sided textures on some of the rocky mountains in Maggon, various props in Harkus that were partially clipping in each other, level of detail pop-ins, etc.) have been fixed!

-Fixed a bug where Overtime was not correctly triggering in Fortress and Deadlock game modes.

-Fixed several bugs with vehicles falling through the terrain across a few of the available maps.

-Fixed a bug in Torias where a certain vehicle spawner was allowing vehicles to incorrectly change ownership.

-Fixed a bug where PVE players could get stuck in the unready state.

-Fixed an issue where players in PVE could see outside of the map boundaries when in spectator mode.

-There was a bug where sprinting towards a low cover and attempting to fire from there prevented the character from being able to shoot or switch weapons until they melee or evade. This has been fixed!

-Fixed several bugs with melee, including one where players where shifting to the side when repeatedly parrying.

-Fixed an issue where lock-on in melee would move the player to the previous target they were locked on to. Soft lock-on (which would automatically orient the player’s melee attack towards the closest viable target) has also been removed since it’s no longer relevant.

-The lock-on camera was tuned to limit the downward viewing angle when the locked-on target is close to you.

-Removed some debug that was accessible only in PVE.

-Fixed the missing recoil on the Plasma Cannon.

-Fixed a bug where the Power Fist would miss when hitting vehicles.

-Fixed a bug with the Dark Reaper’s strafing animation.

-Fixed an issue with the radar not displayed downed and dead targets correctly.

-Fixed a bug in Blackbolt where the killzone was incorrectly set on one of the bodies of water.

-Fixed a few button prompt and display issues in the tutorial prompts in Garrison (we’re not done, though!)

-Fixed an issue where muzzle flashes were not playing back while braced.

-Fixed a few animation bugs when Eldar are the targets of an execution with specific weapons.

-Fixed a few capture point areas in various maps that were incorrectly allowing Eldar vehicles in.

-Fixed Boltgun weapon mods cosmetics also showing up on Bolt Pistol.

-Fixed a few issues with the Eldar and Ork vehicle camera, making them cleaner. There is still a glitch when transitioning to a passenger seat (non-gunner and non-driver), but this will be fixed in a future patch.

-Fixed some problems with Out of Bounds areas being incorrectly set in a handful of the available maps.

-Fixed a bug where pressing Backspace would mistakenly close the chat.

-Fixed a UI bug where certain Wargear were not correctly updating health/armour bars in-game.

-Fixed a few maps that had stretched terrain textures.

-Fixed an issue that was preventing characters from shooting along a wall while backed up against it in certain situations.

-Fixed the characters on the HUB that weren’t rotating anymore.


Note: The Ork Tracey Shoota has an incorrect loadout point value of 200 instead of 300 like the other Shootas. This will be changed in an upcoming HOTfix!
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