Patch 9.7.2012


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Oggi ci sarà una nuova patch finalmente,_2012

Weapons & Magic

The Quarterstaff now does slightly less high end damage.
The War Hammer now does slightly more high end damage.
The Bardiche now provides an even more reliable damage range, with slightly less high end damage.
The Harm spell now interrupts at 100% success rate every 5 seconds.
The Heal spell has been reduced in effectiveness slightly.


"Evil" regions have been added wherein all players are flagged criminal and no murder counts are applied for killing players. These areas are now: Yew Orc Fort, Destard Swamp, Yew Crypts in addition to Buccaneer's Den.


A crash bug was fixed.
Several Treasury Region bugs were fixed.

The Pinnacle now has no join requirements.

Monsters & Dungeons

Skeletal Mages now appear differently.
Skeletal Dragons no longer produce barbed hides.
White Wyrms added to the game.
Shadow Wyrms now have increased treasure.
White and Shadow Wyrms have had their breath effects altered.
Wrong Dungeon has been revamped.