Patch Notes


Beta Patch Notes
Brand new tutorial, new mounts, bosses, weapons and armors. This patch has it all.

  • Added a search bar to the vendor window, you can now use it as an item filter.
  • Added a 'rare item protection' that applies for special vendors which accept items other than traditional currency as payment, you can no longer 'accidentally' sell your special items to those vendors without trading them for something.
  • Haven now has a crafting tutorial and a combat tutorial (not completed yet)
  • Added support for compass waypoints for tutorials (only horizontal compass)
  • Added support for traps
  • Added /endtutorial and /resettutorial commands
  • Added support for simple task system used by the tutorials
  • Added fanfare UI used when the player completes a great achievement
  • AI can now trigger specific attacks when they go into certain states
  • Added script support for overriding music
  • Added Etherworld Portal Spiritism Spell.
  • Expanded the system for AI attacks to create more varied and interesting attacks.
  • Added support for Tier 2 AI
  • You can now see all tutorials in Haven in the map UI
  • Added Nitre Queens
  • Added a new UI window for selecting haven instances or myrland starting locations
  • Removed old haven statues and added one for haven & another one for myrland
  • More game messages should now get checked for translations
  • Lances can now be crafted
  • Added Furnaces to Vadda, Bakti and Moh-ki
  • You can now see your current Haven instance in the Haven statue city/instance select
  • More game msgs passed through localization
  • Movement speed will now get updated when mounted
  • Added Common Vitis to gathering
  • Added new translations from the community <3
  • Added Desert Horses
  • Added Mongrel Horses
  • Added Jungle Horses
  • Added Jotun Horses
  • Added Mountain Spiders
  • Added New armor "Ranger Armor"
  • Added Vadda graveyard.
  • Added keep spot ruins.
  • Movement speed will now get updated when mounted
  • You can now drag & drop your items to sell at the vendor

  • Updated Tindrem City
  • Update player mounting and dismounting sequences. It is now faster and more fluid to do these actions.
  • Updated AI turn and look around behavior. AI behavior when targeting an opponent in combat has been improved.
  • Update turn left and right transitions for quadrupeds.
  • Replace rotate inplace behavior for all characters. It's now smoother and looks better for both the AI and other players over the network.
  • Improved support for AI looking at different things in the environment independent of their actions, such as how to face opponents in combat. It will be used to further improve the quality of AI behavior in the future.
  • Adjusted skylight intensity transitions during dusk and dawn.
  • Adjusted look at character field of view for players and NPCs (when they start looking at others). Players will now only look actively at other characters when aiming closely at character faces. NPC FOV have been reduced to half to not excessively track every character in front of them.
  • Guard patrol paths have been updated in Haven.
  • Improve AI movement interpolations. This should improve stutters and sudden "sprints/teleports" mid combat during network load spikes and movement in general.
  • Update the mercy mode pose for Sators to be more readable by the player.
  • Adjusted movement for some creatures to be better synchronized with the ground.
  • Spiritism casting effects now have the correct duration when caster is on mount
  • Nitre hatchling now has new visual material
  • Fixed floaty hands during Axe warcry (in animation, may still be caused due to race size differences)
  • Updates to Sator's locomotion posture.
  • Oghmir pipe clade gift will now behave like bandages, it will take you out of combat mode etc
  • Reduced lowest FOV value in video settings from 90 to 60.
  • Set default FOV value in video settings to 90.
  • Rebalanced walkers in Haven Graveyard
  • Damage Scaling from int now gives more effect for earlier points and less effect for the later points
  • When casting spells that require spirits it now gathers spirits from multiple boxes to meet the required amount.
  • Counter melee damage reduction lowered from 50% to 40%.
  • Counter melee damage reduction now isn't refreshed when the counter hits.
  • Hidden AI now reset
  • If you gain new skills while having crafting open the UI will now update correctly
  • Added better control over how long AI holds aggro vs a target
  • Updated and optimized compass UI
  • Basic spell book now contain Ether Portal (if you buy a new one)
  • Human clade gift 'Soldier' now gives an additional +10 anatomy.
  • Mental focus & offense xp gain is now based on mana cost,
  • you should still gain the same base xp for using spurt but it increases linearly the more mana the spell costs.
  • Changed XP gain calculation for certain melee & ranged combat skills which gain exp for dealing damage, they now gain less base xp but the xp will increase based on damage dealt.
  • Human clade gifts were rearranged this patch meaning that humans will need to reallocate their clade gifts the first time they login.
  • Mental projectile now hits closest bone on target instead of a static placement in the middle of the body
  • Boar/Razorback/Farmpig animations updated.
  • Updated world lighting.
  • Updated Hyllspeia door heights.
  • Made most, but not all tamable Ai attacks parryable.
  • Suicide now takes your current health in damage rather than 1000 reducing the amount of longterm health lost.
  • Turned off capsule shadows on characters for improved performance and to remove shadow artifacts.
  • Adjusted Shadow quality settings. Shadows should be more stable and look better at lower quality settings. Still some flickering to improve on the lowest setting.
  • Adjusted Texture quality settings. Texture streaming pool has been reduced on some settings to save VRAM on the GPU.
  • Enabled ambient occlusion in lowest post process setting.
  • Reduced intensity of refraction in magic reflection charging effect.
  • Updated haven lightning.
  • Reduced saturation in darker skin colors for sidoian.

  • Fixed a lot of reported landscape issues.
  • Fixed pet equipment that could be equipped to any pets using right click.
  • Temporarily removed the ability to mail bags because it's not implemented properly yet.
  • Fixed crafting weapons with metal in the core not taking Oghmir metalsmith clade gift bonus into account.
  • Fixed skill book tooltips not being shown.
  • Fixed strange deformations of Farmpig hips.
  • Skill book tooltips should now show more accurate information regarding prerequisite skills and disabled skills when hovered, it was showing outdated info sometimes.
  • Your own mount frame should no longer get updated by other players' mounts.
  • Fixed mount stamina going above max.
  • Fixed issue with the game menu sometimes disappearing until relog.
  • You can no longer click on stuff behind settings in the main menu.
  • Fixed characters not gaining stamina after they stopped swimming/falling while mounted.
  • Fixed mount frame not reappearing after dying once.
  • Sometimes the skill you clicked in the skill tree wouldn't get updated properly, showing previous limitations and such which were no longer active.
  • Fixed an issue where mount frame max HP would not update when mount gained levels etc.
  • Fixed some crafting UI.
  • Fixed thirst stat not updating properly.
  • Fixed Thirst stat being reversed.
  • Fixed issue with loot bags sometimes spawning in the ground
  • Fixed issue with mail not being cleaned up when a character was deleted
  • Fixed issue with AI spawning other AI in the wrong position
  • Fixed several typos
  • Mental healing now shows the name of the caster in the combat message instead of the affected target's name.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused counter attacks to deal 0low damage instead of proper counter damage.
  • Fixed an issue that caused loot bags and carcasses to not be targetable while having a Transcendental Awareness buff.
  • Putting someone in mercy mode using melee, ranged & magic should now turn the attacker criminal
  • Fixed spelling errors in skillbook tooltips and such
  • Clade Gifts weren't taken into account when checking if you should be knocked off your mount due to carrying too much
  • Community translations of channel names were used when obtaining items causing it to get set to local
  • Fixed vendor msg ending up outside the trade window when using translations
  • Some points in AI path updates had a bad direction, causing AI to face the wrong way or hitch.
  • Clients would sometimes halt movement updates while the player was standing still and just looking around, making it appear to others as if the player was just doing nothing.
  • Player hands should now match properly when doing clapping emotes. Hands did not match because IK was disabled during these sequences.
  • The player camera should no longer do a one frame hitch when dismounting a horse.
  • Fixed issue where you would get the quantity popup when buying things that you can only buy 1 of at a time.
  • Mercy mode debuff icons fixed
  • Pet equipment appearance should no longer change when casting spiritism magic such as transcendental awareness or after resurrecting.
  • The TVlike static noise should now be gone when logging in while falling.
  • Fixed bug where weapons got stuck in your hands during bandage animation due to spamming bandage
  • Fixed an issue with selling spirit boxes back to vendors.
  • Fixed crash related to pet panel
  • Fixed bug where weapons got stuck in your hands during bandage animation
  • You can no longer use archery while in mercy mode
  • Updated mental offense description to reflect its effect(calculations remain unchanged)
  • Spellbook should now show more accurate values based on your skills & intelligence
  • Weapons breaking from mining or woodcutting now gives a message
  • Got rid of the strong camera hitch that happened when dismounting a horse.
  • NPCs no longer get an odd head movement when looking at someone for the first time after starting the game (the lookat target got a bad initial value).
  • Fixed Sators playing the wrong mercy mode animation while being unarmed.
  • Fixed incorrect collision settings on the extraction crusher which ignored weapon attacks.
  • Players no longer slide/vibrate on the floor while standing still and turning left or right.
  • Reduced camera hitching when turning left or right while standing still.
  • The dungeon in Haven is no longer loaded and visible at all times. It will now only load and show when the player is nearby. This should improve performance in Haven.
  • Closeup camera in character creation should now follow the face of the character again instead of being stuck in the air when the character changes size.
  • Fixed issue in AI pathing where the last point had zero velocity causing AI to sometimes stop short of its target or caused hitches between movement updates.
  • Fixed issue where some levels would unload when the player got killed and entered ragdoll mode. This could happen in for example some of the dungeons in the game.
  • Fixed issue where some levels in the game would do a brief unload and load when the player transitioned from and to the etherworld.
  • Got rid of excessive black shadows that could appear on characters in some places Fabernum.
  • Fixed wrong materials used by risar poleaxe handle.
  • Dropped equippable items are now sellable

Known Issues
  • Some particles and sound effects from NPCs and creatures leak into the etherworld. For example the troll will be very noticable. We are working on piping all the effects through the same path to be able to filter them effectively.
  • It is possible to get missing in-game UI after a crash that can happen in some locations like dungeons. If you log back in with no UI, move out from the cave, force close the client and relog.


Hotfix Notes
Some final fixes and polish before we enter the stress test.

  • Added the ability to trade pets.
  • Enabled far shadow cascades for high, epic and cinematic shadow settings. Disabled for low and medium shadow settings. This allows larger parts of the environment in the distance like mountains to cast shadows.

  • The game has been split into 350+ pak files to hopefully improve the patching performance on Steam. You will most likely not see any improvements in this patch as all files have changed.
  • Updated the scene lighting for the paperdoll preview.
  • Adjusted the int/damage curve so it doesn't provide as much dmg for early points.
  • Lowered intensity on lamp posts and lanterns in graveyards and for tutorial paths in Haven.
  • Removed client side navigation data as it is no longer needed. This should improve level streaming hitches in some regions of the game.
  • Updated damage calculations for jousting. It should now use relative velocity to the target as was initially intended. Holding a lance or spear towards the side will also be weaker than attacking straight on.
  • Sword1H and Sword1HShield first person animations have been updated to be less prone to handle hits. Sword1H has also moved the left arm out of the screen because it looked bad while moving around.
  • Adjusted shadow transitions for sun and moon during dusk and dawn transitions to be shorter as it is expensive to render both at the same time. Moon shadow cascades are temporarily reduced during this transition to improve performance.

  • Fixed an issue causing the int/damage curve to give more dmg than intended.
  • Sanitized rotators in code to ensure AI can't flip sideways.
  • Rebuilt grass maps for all of Myrland to fix missing grass in some regions.
  • Fixed multiple landscape seams, gaps and floating foliage.
  • Disabled rendering decals on Blainn fur.
  • The UI element for displaying the full screen version of paperdoll was slightly deformed. It should now maintain the screen ratio and not end up blurry.
  • A player going mercy mode on mount should no longer use a grounded walk that causes the camera to shake excessively while trying to move with the mount.
  • Sword1H and Sword1HShield should have less hitches/flips in first person when doing multiple swings in a row from different directions.
  • Added missing swimming volume to one of the small ponds and made its water gatherable.
  • Added missing swimming volume to Tindrem castle yard river.
  • Fixed misplaced volume sticking through terrain near Risar Dungeon causing the view to go dark when being outside the dungeon.
  • Fixed issue with a large white square appearing in the vendor UI window.
  • Fixed issue causing option 'Maintain Vertical FOV' to not get initialized properly.
  • Fixed bug where it sometimes said you are trading yourself.
  • Tutorial waypoints should now align based on player view direction instead of movement direction.
  • Fixed bug where you got combat-movement related xp instead of normal movement xp, simply for having a weapon equipped.
  • Added missing door at entrance stronghold in MK.
  • Removed floating wall piece in crafting building in Toxai.
  • Added lighting to the second bank in Toxai.
  • Fixed hole under alchemist building in Tindrem.
  • Got rid of the black border artifact that would appear in the horizon across the sea on Haven.

Known Issues
  • Some particles and sound effects from NPCs and creatures leak into the etherworld. For example the troll will be very noticable. We are working on piping all the effects through the same path to be able to filter them effectively.


Beta Patch Notes
This patch has a lot of fixes but most importantly bears can now wear bags.

  • Added support for voices when AI communicates.
  • Added a couple of voice lines to the tindremic guards.
  • Added support for crafting bear equipment.
  • Added creature taming HUD messages.
  • The haven combat tutorial is now twice as long and contains tutorials for archery and hunting.
  • The haven crafting tutorial is now twice as long and contains mining, extraction and shield crafting.
  • Added a lot more titles and steam achievements.
  • Added support for changing your titles in the title menu.
  • Added fanfare when you gain a clade level.
  • Added fanfare when you unlock a title.
  • Added argus sponge gathering.
  • Added Greater Natours.
  • Added new creature Campodon.
  • Added new creature Shore Prower.

  • Revamped the look of the Thursar clade gift shield.
  • TakeHit effect on all creatures
  • AI that gets damaged, and can communicate, will now communicate with their group
  • Pets that deal damage to AI will now add their owner to the aggro list
  • AI that use bandages now use their level to calculate how much HP they get
  • AI that leave mercy mode will now regain 10% of their health
  • Lootbags now update their name and color much quicker
  • Chat now has a empty space between the channel name and the text
  • Mount movement/throttle/break speeds is now impacted by the mount type
  • Max HP calc changed slightly, stout characters should have pretty much same hp as before
  • You now see 3 decimals for cooking/alchemy related ingredients
  • Fixed typo on Springbok in cooking.
  • All waters should now give correct water step sounds for both players and mounts.
  • Updated horse step sounds.
  • Updated clade level up sound.
  • Lowered durability on the starter sword.
  • Slightly lowered steel base weight
  • Change fanfare sound when you get titles and clade gift levels
  • Increased animation range for most animations. Attacks, blocks, and other sequences, should now be visible further away.
  • Pets now have 2 equipment slots one for bags one for armors.
  • You can now right click pet equipment in your inventory to change your pets current equipment without first removing the old equipment.
  • Separated pet bags and armors into 2 different items (old pet equipment will be lost or “fallbacked” as in they will show up as neon colored).
  • Human clade gift 'Erudite' now gives +20 skill levels in the Ecumenical magic school instead of +10 to all magic schools
  • Alvarin clade gifts were rearranged, alvarins will need to reallocate their gifts.
  • Alvarin bow strength cladegifts now act as if you had +10 str.
  • Oghmir cladegifts were rearranged, oghmirs will need to reallocate their gifts.
  • Oghmir cladegift 'ironmaster' refining bonus yield was reduced to +3% from 10%.
  • Thursar cladegifts were rearranged, thursars will need to reallocate their clade gifts.
  • Thursar cladegift 'Tenacious' now grants +10 points to endurance, active regeneration, subsisting and passive regeneration.
  • Thursar clade gift 'Styganthrope' now doubles the effect of passive regeneration.
  • Updated some cladegift descriptions & buff descriptions.
  • Updated tattoo system.
  • Armor weight stamina penalty is now impacted per kg of armor weight.
  • Armor weight stamina penalty per Armor kg set to 0.5%.
  • Jump height is now impacted per kg of armor weight.
  • Jump height penalty per Armor kg set to 0.6%.
  • Damage bonus is now called Melee damage bonus to avoid confusion.
  • Crafting sliders now get rounded to the nearest integer.
  • You can now exit combat mode while holding block, like while holding an attack charged.
  • Weapon names are now 'blade' with 'handle' instead of the reverse.
  • Crafted equipment now show their primary material in the name e.g 'Cuprum Mercenary Plate Torso'.
  • Made several changes in Haven for the new tutorial steps.
  • Some AI that leash (returning to spawn after moving too far away) will now reset their health.
  • Shield Crafting tables now only give the basic shield crafting skill when opened instead of 3 skills.
  • Having just the shield crafting skill now lets you create a small round shield with a flat boss frame.
  • Increase the lowest amount you can get from gathering,woodcutting and mining with 0 skills.
  • You can no longer tame animals when mounted.
  • All tutorial vendors now have custom armors.
  • Female Tindremene vendors now speak.
  • Only pets 10 meters or closer to you will now log out with you. Pets too far away will stay in the world after you leave.
  • Improved locomotion directional blends for player movement. Directions should now have better transitions, such as switching between strafing and nonstrafing directions.
  • Improve player movement updates. Player positioning, seeing other players move around, should now be tighter and more responsive.
  • Player movement prediction is now dynamically scaled based on velocity. This should reduce overshoot/rubberbanding when players move slowly and change directions suddenly.
  • Improved a few calculations in relation to character updates which could save a few CPU cycles. Might not be enough to be enough to be noticable for the end user.
  • Players are now forced into a walking animation when moving too slow, even if they are jogging or sprinting. This should remove the exaggerated slow mo run appearance while being over encumbered (having too much weight in the inventory).
  • Cougar, updates to combat animations.
  • Taurdog, updates to reaction animations.
  • Updated blocking skill description.
  • Adjusted taming messages a bit, you can now see the taming level requirements.
  • The split stack window no longer closes due to distance, less annoying safety implementation.
  • The campfire outside Haven graveyard should now cast shadows.
  • Adjusted paperdoll scene to have warmer colors.
  • Adjusted world lighting to improve scene contrast and color across most regions.
  • Adjusted distance fog to not affect the sky color as much (it caused the sky to have desaturated colors).
  • Adjusted ambient occlusion radius so that it does not cause ugly blotches on character faces when in shadow.
  • Adjusted camera exposure settings during the night to reduce blinding lights from for example magic effects.
  • Removed all titles from the title menu that could not be completed.
  • Banked items in Haven are now sent to the bank of the city that you spawn at in Myrland after leaving the tutorial island.
  • Removed all Haven banks from Myrland.
  • Updated the cougar animations (mercy mode, reactions, attacks, etc).
  • Various CPU optimizations related to characters.
  • Disabled light animation on an environment prop that was barely visible and only cost unnecessary CPU cycles.
  • Removed an unnecessary extra light source in an environment prop.
  • Disabled tick for training dummies to save some CPU cycles.
  • Reduced CPU cost of crosshair targeting (when seeing names on objects).
  • Reduced CPU cost of the weather a bit.
  • Unified the ID’s on Town Bankers, Brokers, Stables and Mail NPC’s (this can cause some pre patch stables and mail to end up in other cities).
  • Increased damage on Lance heads.
  • Increased durability on Lances.
  • Moved Fabernum Trade Broker and Mail to the opposite side of the bank.

  • Fixed a performance bug where mounts for other players would get a costly feature enabled that was only intended for the local player. This fix should only improve CPU performance when there are many mounted players around.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with the fleeing behavior of herds.
  • Fixed issue where AI could not be damaged or give damage to other AI when tamed.
  • Fixed issue with equipment hits on AI not removing most of the damage.
  • The Subsisting skill now correctly levels up, reduces the time spent in mercy mode and increases the amount of HP you get when you leave.
  • Fixed issue with stolen equipment not showing as stolen in loot bags.
  • You can no longer loot stolen items with the "enable criminal actions" option off.
  • Fixed chat channel "game" showing up as "game!".
  • Fixed issue with pets that had armor/bags equipped while being abandoned which would massively decrease damage received.
  • Fixed a couple of potential crashes.
  • Removed combat mode re-entering upon dismounting.
  • Dismounting while riding is now less clunky.
  • Polished crafting UI & tooltips.
  • Fixed broker bug where receiving payment opened a COD payment prompt when it should not.
  • Fixed broker bug where the 'New items' message did not get updated after claiming the items.
  • Fixed Mail items not showing the correct quantity.
  • Fixed invisible item bug when drag-dropping items from a bank to paper doll.
  • Fixed bug where a new HUD message sometimes turned invisible because of another HUD message ending.
  • Removed spacing from some localization messages and added them manually (because people don't see em over at localizor causing weird names).
  • Casting a ecumenical spell with self cast and releasing with normal cast should now not be selfcasted.
  • Horse Mercy Mode animation no longer breaks parts of the skeleton.
  • Fixed an issue causing bow release sounds to not be played by other players.
  • Fixed wonky physics on one of the male sheevra hairstyles.
  • Fixed annoying hitch when strafing left right left right.
  • Got rid of movement hitching when jumping. Might still happen when players bunnyhop excessively on the spot.
  • Player movement should now look better when doing small sudden movements, like when "stepping" a few inches at a time. Characters would previously do quite odd/jerky leg movements when stepping around like this.
  • Player movement should now be smoother when moving from standstill or when stopping suddenly (there is still a hitch on other players when they stop after sprinting and will be fixed in a later patch).
  • Players should now login facing the same direction as when they logged out. This got broken a while back when we improved the movement updates and players ended up always logging in facing east.
  • Players should now see other players load in facing the correct direction. This got broken for the same reason as the patch note above and only affected other players standing still when appearing on the screen. Players moving around were never affected by this, which is why this issue has barely been noticed.
  • Fixed issue with thirst UI showing the wrong values.
  • Thirst should now update correctly without having to drink a potion first.
  • Spawners now take back control over their AI when a server node dies. This will stop duping of AI if this happens.
  • Possible fix for that one last server crash we had during the stress test.
  • Various minor fixes in the world.
  • Small fixes to metal resource materials.
  • Fixed issue with clade gift UI shields not updating.
  • Fixed gathering on some trees that had split materials.
  • Rewrite of equipment changes to hopefully fix crashes that happen when spam switching equipment.
  • Fixed issue with unarmed shield not making a shield sound when hitting an opponent (only worked when hitting the environment).
  • Wolves should no longer be silent when they aggro a player.
  • Fixed issue with some pickable spawners existing as an invisible, blocking and targetable "MyrlandPickableSpawner".
  • Fixed Mount stamina regeneration when not mounted.
  • Fixed Thursar buff 'Battlecry' not working with bows.
  • Fixed issue with swift riding & controlled riding getting increased by the wrong clade gift.
  • Fixed broken pickable Bor spawners.
  • Walking in water should now give the correct water footstep sound.

Known Issues
  • Some particles and sound effects from NPCs and creatures leak into the etherworld. For example the troll will be very noticable. We are working on piping all the effects through the same path to be able to filter them effectively.


Beta Patch Notes
It’s time to take on the mighty Minotaurs and experience the Tindrem gardens.

  • Added Tindrem sewers.
  • Added Tindrem Arena District.
  • Added Tindrem Garden.
  • Added mana regeneration to statistics.
  • Added Minotaur King.
  • Added Minotaur Guards.
  • Added Pet Broker.
  • Added more titles.

  • Reverted changes to player movement updates in previous patch to see if the occasional jitter/stutter in player movement is related to those changes.
  • Optimized the Jungle area to reduce stuttering.
  • Small horse bags now have their correct look.
  • Updated navmesh in Morin Khur area.
  • Character creation’s weight sliders min value is now 70%(skinny) and max is 180%(bulging).
  • AI that goes into hiding after appearing will now regenerate their health.
  • Increased the distance that you see AI animations at.
  • Reduced chance for the horse idle head shake to happen as it was too repetitive.
  • Mount/dismount silent stun timer decreased.
  • 'Interaction timer' now only progresses when not 'silently stunned' (e.g. after bandaging, dismounting etc.) but no longer gets cancelled. This means you can now simply hold down the 'Interact' button without needing to refresh it.
  • Pet bags will no longer close when riding.
  • When guards start attacking you, you lose reputation with that nation. This can only occur once every 5 minutes and resets on death.
  • High level creatures are now harder to tame, and low level creatures easier.
  • Changed armor weight stamina regeneration penalty to be a curve, which is more forgiving on low and medium weights

  • Issues with the broker should now be sorted.
  • Removed a large hitch that happened when going from sprinting to jogging in combat mode.
  • Fixed crash related to loading a player with a bow.
  • Fixed issue with titles. They should now update properly in the UI.
  • Fixed roughness values on Conifer tree Billboards which were causing graphical issues when using low AA settings.
  • Fixed issue where large black spots could appear on screen at times (was related to volumetric clouds).
  • Fixed missing texture on pillar in Meduli docks.
  • Fixed Oghmir clade gifts 'hefty' and 'strong willed' being switched around.
  • Possibly solved 'randomly getting hit by nothing and taking no damage’ bug (report if you still experience this).
  • Fixed issue with item quantities not showing in trades.
  • Fixed attacks bouncing off AI characters if they had previously blocked in that direction, even if they were not currently blocking.
  • Fixed issue where you could place items in pets which you did not own, even if they didn’t have bags equipped.
  • Fixed minor visual bug when attempting to place stolen items in bags (it's not possible).
  • Fixed issue where you were able to use bandages, potions & ichor pipe all at the same time.
  • Fixed issue whereas Mana recovered while resting was not impacted by armor weight.
  • Adjusted streaming bounds to mitigate hitch around bridge near Fabernum GY.
  • Fixed issue where Warcries’ cooldowns were not getting applied correctly if you were not the original caster.
  • Improved collision on windmill in Hyllspeia.
  • Fixed an issue where Mana regen could get lower than the intended minimum at certain armor weights.
  • Temporarily disabled 'overflowed skills button' for a few seconds after pressing it (to avoid the rare issue where clicking multiple times drains too many points).
  • Fixed an issue where the interaction circle would sometimes get stuck after interacting.
  • Attempting to drink potions while in combat mode will no longer re-enter combat automatically.
  • Eating food while in combat mode will no longer re-enter combat automatically.
  • AI now handles appearing from hidden in a better way.
  • Fixed a wall that could be jumped inside of in Meduli.
  • Bags now fit better on Taurdogs.
  • Adjusted light in Sator Dungeon.
  • Fixed issues with logout areas being way too big.
  • Fixed taming chance calculations when taming as the risk of failure was way too high.

Known Issues
  • Some particles and sound effects from NPCs and creatures leak into the etherworld. For example the troll will be very noticable. We are working on piping all the effects through the same path to be able to filter them effectively.


Beta Patch Notes
A lot of AI updates, etherworld combat and guild wars. Patch has something for everyone.

  • Added Skin complexion for human clade and veelas
  • Added Guild Wars
  • Spiritism and Etherworld combat.
  • Added press extraction devices to all cities.
  • Added Task NPC’s to all cities
  • Added Snapping Turtles to the Jungle Beaches.
  • Added Coralis Crabs to the Jungle Beaches.
  • Added Spirits to the Etherworld that can be drawn out with the spell transcendental seance.
  • Added the last of the Spiritism magic school spells.
  • Added a new butcher building to Meduli.
  • Added carapace materials to armor crafting.
  • AI now tries to avoid others while moving around, a.k.a. “crowd movement”. Improvements will mostly be seen in combat. This first iteration is a bit rough and we will continue to improve upon it.

  • Reduced hearing and sight of the minotaur king to make it easier to get a group into the room.
  • Improved AI target scanning to avoid AI starting attacks on targets that are outside of the leash.
  • Updated Sator animations.
  • Pets are now guild flagged.
  • Guild Enemies now show up as red.
  • Updated AI navmesh in Sewers and Minotaur dungeons.
  • Minotaur King’s Berserk animation updated.
  • Pig cooking values decreased.
  • Springbok cooking values increased.
  • Updated world distance fog.
  • Updated colors in the world.
  • Increased daylight intensity.
  • Increased contrast in the world.
  • Adjusted fog in Gaul Kor.
  • Visual updates to Morin Khur.
  • Creating a guild, starting a guild war and ending a guild war now fanfare.
  • Using Transcendental seance now always fails if you are alive when doing it.
  • All guild messages are now localizable.
  • Loot bags are now guild flagged.
  • Expanded Meduli bank building.
  • Mounts are now very cautious when riding inside dungeons and caves and won’t move faster than slowest speed.
  • The AI movement has been refactored with various improvements. See fixes for more information.
  • Players can no longer charge a bow or release arrows while standing too close to a wall. Doing so will cancel the action. The cancel will be replaced with a temporary block in the next update. Please report if the shoot-through-wall exploit can still be done.
  • Added new bank locations in Fabernum and Haven.
  • Optimized character method for finding look-at targets to save a few CPU cycles.
  • Re-enabled dynamic movement prediction based on player speed so that other players don’t get bouncy movement when they stop moving.
  • Reduced prediction amount when jumping to reduce sudden unexpected movements.
  • Optimized CPU usage for undeads by removing unused animation behavior.
  • Bandits and Risars can now feint attacks.

  • Horses no longer stop on small objects/edges.
  • Lictors now correctly spot criminals and give standing loss.
  • Guild Friends and guild friends' pets no longer count as illegal to damage. This means that the “can become a criminal” option will not stop you from damaging these.
  • Fixed Bandit Sewer Leader not moving.
  • You no longer get login messages telling you what pets are stabled or sold.
  • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in a wall in the Minotaur Dungeon boss room.
  • Tweaked movement for AI. This should reduce AI that are standing inside other AI while attacking you when you are attacked by more than 1 AI.
  • Pets that timeout on the broker will now go back to the stable.
  • AI now slows down and settles in place faster at their stop location.
  • AI no longer lags behind when traversing steep slopes.
  • AI no longer speeds up briefly when getting close to their enemy in combat.
  • Disabled strafing for undead. Strafing caused undead to not face their movement direction when engaging players, causing sliding and moon walking.
  • AI is now better limited in how far up and down it can spot targets.
  • Guards should no longer enter the Tindrem sewers.
  • AI movement is now less jerky due to improved calculations for speed and acceleration in path follow behavior.
  • AI look-at has been improved while moving and/or targeting opponents.
  • AI now properly settles in their heading direction when stopping during patrol. Guards could previously stop at a point and look sideways until moving on.
  • Fixed landscape hole in Tindrem.
  • Players will now be pushed away from NPCs and creatures if they end up standing inside them.
  • Bandits and Risars AI will no longer get locked up in blocking/nothing states when a player attacks them very fast.

Known Issues
  • Some particles and sound effects from NPCs and creatures leak into the etherworld. For example the troll will be very noticable. We are working on piping all the effects through the same path to be able to filter them effectively.


HotFix Patch Notes
  • Adjusted some skill descriptions.
  • Players without enough rank to change wars will now see the war buttons disabled.
  • Bloom values lowered.
  • Dusk/Dawn transition tweaked to be a bit brighter.
  • Character avoidance (“crowd movement”) updated. The separation between AI characters is slightly improved, patrolling guards should try to walk around you, and the CPU performance of the avoidance system is better.

  • Bow wall-block check did not ignore characters making it impossible to use mounted archery.
  • The refactored look-at for characters did not ignore etherworld boundaries, causing priests to look at dead players.
  • Fixed a glitch where you could pick up more than one from a pickable in the world.
  • Fixed broken textures on player ether ray.
  • Fixed blocks sticking up through the landscape.
  • Improved level streaming on Tindrem entrance.
Ultima modifica:


Beta Patch Notes
New skills, new bosses and a lot of bug fixes.

  • Added checks for aggressive (attacking) AI to make sure it’s not stuck. Stuck AI will leash back to its spawner.
  • Added new localization from the community.
  • Spiritist Traders added to all cities.
  • Added Scribing.
  • Added Veterinary skill.
  • A new boss has been added to the Tindrem sewers.
  • Added clothos spider dungeon connected to Minotaur Dungeon. (No Boss)

  • New Effects for showing that Spirits and their Orbs are getting damaged.
  • Removed the need to hard charge an attack to be able to weak spot. Weak Spot chance is now scaled with power up to a maximum of 100% of the calculated weak spot chance (faster attacks have a lower weak spot chance).
  • Basic spell books no longer contain all spells.
  • Tweaks to weather vfxs.
  • Books with parent skill requirements now require the parent skill to be at an effective level 'x' in order to be read, instead of needing to be trained to 'x'.
  • Added auto scroll for the broker after searching for items.
  • Blue priests no longer resurrect criminals, murderers, and now also players with less than 0 in their nation’s standing.
  • Using a bandage while targeting your pet and being close to it will now start to bandage it instead of yourself.
  • Added and renamed some pet broker categories.
  • Banish no longer automatically resurrects the banished player.
  • Free armor weight before mana penalty changed from 2kg to 4kg.
  • Transcendental awareness now works for Ghosts to allow them to see the living world.
  • Max concentration skill now gives a total of 60% chance to avoid spells getting interrupted.
  • Slightly increased damage on spurt, outburst and lightning spells.
  • Increased the range of Mental Projectile.
  • Decreased sell price on Coralis Crab Meat.
  • Increased damage on lances.
  • When over encumbered the carry weight/armor weight text will now turn red.
  • Ether Momentum duration increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

  • Skills set to level down should now work correctly.
  • Fixed guild member offline color not being gray as intended.
  • Being put in mercy mode by AI did not send a message about damage caused.
  • Blocking AI hits now reduces damage taken by 50%.
  • Updated a number of skill descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue with pet points not updating correctly when you tamed a new pet and also being late to update when pets died or were stabled.
  • Fixed an issue that made it so that you could equip several weapons and armors by adding them to your action bar, then pressing all the action bar buttons at once.
  • Fixed an issue that stopped you from woodcutting or mining just after you started the process.
  • Characters should now re-align with the slope of the ground when rotating. They previously only aligned when moving. This issue caused mounts to behave oddly when rotating on the spot in a slope.
  • Fixed an issue where pets could get large amounts of levels or pet point costs.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when moving an item around in pet bags while the pet was almost over encumbered, which would make the item disappear.
  • Fixed a bug causing items to sometimes go invisible in banks & bags after handling them.
  • Fixed spirits sometimes spawning with more Orbs than intended.
  • All items that can be used and split should now show the “shift + ctrl to split” in their icon info.
  • Fixed Guards standing inside the ground outside Tindrem.
  • Fixed an issue with stamina modifiers of one handed weapons not being calculated correctly. One handed weapons will now use less stamina.
  • Fixed an issue where spirit boxes could not be targeted in the etherworld.
  • Fixed some scenarios where AI would clip into and path through the ground. Could be seen with roaming animals along small hills.

Known Issues
  • Some particles and sound effects from NPCs and creatures leak into the etherworld. For example the troll will be very noticable. We are working on piping all the effects through the same path to be able to filter them effectively.
  • Basic spell book currently does not contain spurt.


Beta Patch Notes

Finally! Housing and building construction comes to Mortal Online 2!

  • Added player houses.
  • Added keeps. You can claim a keep by upgrading a ruined keep using a keep deed.
  • Added support for shared buildings. Shared buildings are buildings in the world any player can help build.
  • Added House Vendors to all cities.
  • Added Keep Vendors to Tindrem and Morin Khur
  • Added Urials.
  • Added Terror Birds.
  • Added a third set of beards and hairstyles to character creation.
  • Added scrolls category for the broker.
  • Added Clothos Maiden Queen.
  • Added the Bloodsilk Lore book to a special NPC.
  • Added a ‘Support’ button to the game’s launcher.
  • Added more wildlife to the world.
  • Damage dealt to and received from AI will now be affected by the player’s Zoology skill of that family (except humans, alvarin, oghmir, thursar).
  • You can now see your weight class in character creation.
  • You can safely log out while inside houses/keeps.

  • Nation tattoos replaced with clade tattoos in character creation. This will unfortunately scramble the choice of tattoos on existing characters. We are doing another update to the tattoo selection in the next patch and so do not recommend rerolling for character tattoos until then.
  • Split stack window now closes when the container closes.
  • Texture quality options have been adjusted. Texture streaming pools have been reduced for all quality levels. CPU to GPU amortization enabled for all quality levels. These changes were done to see if it reduces game stutter and VRAM-related crashes.
  • Oghmir clade gift 'Equipoise' now increases chance to resist knockdown by 15%.
  • Rain is now a bit easier to notice overall.
  • Increased mounting distance slightly (sometimes you'd get stuck, requiring gm assistance).
  • You will now see more accurate taming level requirements.
  • Updated UI when moving from Haven to Myrland.
  • You will now transfer only the selected items to the bank of the starter city that you travel to.
  • You will no longer fizzle spells that you are already casting by trying to cast it again before it is ready.
  • Sator creature animation overhaul.
  • You can now only report the top 3 damage dealers and the final killer for murder.
  • Adjusted the stat balance between different horse types.
  • You no longer get standing from killing AI from different nations.
  • Lowered task standing rewards
  • Skills set to level down now visually increase the 'available points' in the skill tree

  • You can no longer use bandages while casting magic.
  • You can no longer dismount a horse if there is a wall in the way, but can of course dismount on the other side of the horse.
  • Fixed issue where some AOE attacks from AI wouldn’t correctly come from the AI.
  • Fixed crash related to turning off the UI with F10.
  • Fixed crash when destroying things from the character sheet.
  • Fixed a couple of the nodeline issues, mainly issues connected to the Jungle.
  • Pet crafting now resets when you swap pet types.
  • Fixed tooltips in the extraction UI.
  • Fixed issue when destroying items, sometimes turning the item slot upside down permanently.
  • Fixed issue with taming which made it much harder than intended when taming difficult pets.
  • Scribing UI is now draggable, closes when esc is pressed, and you can right-click your spellbook to the proper slot.
  • Fixed “the alchemist” title being to the left of the name.
  • Fixed Haven city select statue putting you in the wrong instance (e.g. when you picked instance 15 you’d get put in 1).
  • Improved descriptions for stats in character creation and the character window.
  • Titles no longer display on the player and target frames.
  • Mounts no longer try to avoid obstacles when standing still.
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to control a mount when dead.
  • Fixed mana regen tooltip.
  • Fixed a bug where you could access some UI from too far away.
  • Fixed inaccuracy on item tooltips weight.
  • Fixed fanfare visibility blocking UI.
  • Fixed visibility issue in the skill tree where a clade gift’s bonus was showing on unlearned skills.
  • Fixed issue with feeding pets health food, which would give large amounts of health even if you gave the pet just one unit.
  • Made some server changes to avoid nodes crashing with a lot of players.
  • Fixed several server crashes.
  • Fixed voip issue when standing still and rotating your camera you could still not hear people properly unless your body actually rotated
  • Changing resolution now resets UI positions(very often some UI would end up outside your screen when changing resolution)

Known Issues
  • House chest containers in early stages, has some ui issues. Relog may fix issues involving items that do not delete from inventory.
  • Illusionist doors still does not open every time you kill the illusionist.