Pearl Abyss Reschedule Black Desert CBT to This Fall

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Black Desert is no doubt one of the most anticipated MMORPGs that players can't wait to give it shot. However, in order to add some polish and shine to the first beta, game developer Pearl Abyss announced that the team need to take a bit of extra time so as to reschedule the launch time from this summer to this Fall in Korea.


Even though the first closed beta is delayed, nothing can stop the love from Black Desert fans. The sad thing is that when a nice Korean MMORPG comes out, we aren't the first to give it a shot, and when it arrives the western shore, maybe some other better games have come. That is the pity for most of the Korean game lovers. Now take your take to enjoy some of the nice screenshots in Black Desert. Click here to check out the Black Desert E3 detail review.


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sarà un anno davvero difficile qualcuno stà messo peggio di me con l'inglese c'è scritto che la beta viene rinviata e non sarà più lanciata quest'estate :no: