Producer’s Letter: A Few words on Level Agnostics ‘n’ Stuff


ecco il perche' del maintenance dell'altro giorno... a quanto pare ^^

Greetings Norrath!

With our Level 90 Heroic Characters release tomorrow, I've seen a few questions/comments around Level Agnostic Dungeons in various places so I thought I'd give a quick update on a couple of things.

First, on Level Agnostic dungeons: We're working on updating existing Level Agnostic Dungeons to accommodate up to level 94. We expect to launch this in the next few weeks. We'll give you more information and a date when we have it all done and tested and are confident in the launch. Later this year we plan to add more dungeons to the system also.

Secondarily, with Level Agnostic questions I've seen some inquiries around our plans to do Cross-Server Dungeons. I'm happy to say that's still in our plan. What I haven't said is what this new feature requires. Since December, we have been rewriting a lot of the back-end systems (i.e. databases and stuff) which is all part of our foundation for the long and healthy future of EQ2. The changes and updates we're making are going to give us a lot of benefits on the dev/server side as well as giving us the ability to do things like Cross-Server Dungeons. This takes time as I'm sure you can imagine.

This work on our systems will be ongoing well into this year with several challenging and exciting updates. The team is really excited as these "upgrades" and fundamental improvements will give us some exciting options in the future, the first being Cross-Server Dungeons (we'll be looking into Battlegrounds also to make it a better system on the back end and the front end...and all the ends -- except the dead ends).

More news to come!

Sincerely, as always,

Holly "Windstalker" Longdale