Q&A MARZO 2019


Alcune interessanti domande e risposte sullo stato di sviluppo e sui prossimi contenuti!


Q: When can we expect new content (e.g. new weapons, bigger map, new resources, new armor, new game systems, magic, healer overhaul, etc.) to arrive?
Right now the focus is on more features, more depth to existing features, tuning and solidifying the technical foundations. We will get back to adding content in the future.
Q: What kind of activities are you most interested in seeing tested? What do you feel may be overtested or undertested? Is there content that you thought the player base would be focusing on that we haven't?
A: Right now we are trying to understand the economy so the more people playing the trading post merchant game the better. I'm a bit surprised there aren't more alchemists and chefs. They are very powerful against the more difficult content.
Q: Does AGS have a target number in terms of active players at launch for their game? The more recent rumor puts it at about 10,000, but again, these are just rumors.
A: We aren't chasing a number. Whatever provides the best player experience.
Q: Are there going to be ships, and how will they work? So many rumors!
A: No plans for ships.
Q: Thoughts and impressions on the recent armor and equipment load changes?
A: I think they are great. I'm already seeing more players in leather and cloth which means we are doing more to give players meaningful choices about what gear to equip. We will continue to tune.
Q: What are your plans on trying to create a great game that balances PVE/PVP and the different aspects of gameplay both bring?
A: This is a question I think about all of the time. How to build a sandbox MMO that appeals to both. I don't want to get specific other than saying we are actively working on features to support solo and PvE gameplay.
Q: How are we as testers doing to test your game? Are we missing anything?
A: Overall very good – Thank you all! There are still some folks that are not sharing exploits with us which is a bummer – we can't fix what we don't know about. Overall you guys are great please don't make us ban you for not telling us about exploits!
Q: Are you as devs satisfied with the speed at which larger companies progressed? Too fast, too slow, just right?
A: We need to let the server mature a bit more since our last wipe. Also you all in the bigger groups know the game so well that you get to high levels incredibly fast.
Q: Are there any plans for a mobile app to chat with your company or manage market listings?
A: Not at this time.
Q: Can you confirm, deny, or tease any large game systems currently in development? i.e. naval warfare, capturing players alive, alliance system, vassal system, dynamic PvE events, etc?
A: There are a couple of major systems in development. We're not ready to discuss them yet, additionally this is probably not the context through which we would share this information.
Q: Why does Amazon Game Studios allow specific companies to invite mass amounts of players while others are not permitted any invites at all?
A: For our testing purposes we are looking for large organized groups. If you are a member of a large, highly organized, easily coordinated group of players (500+ members w/ a highly organized leadership group) that would like to help in the New World Alpha Test, please message Roshen directly in the forums. We would love to talk with them about helping us test.
Q: Can you outline, perhaps in a series of blog posts, your final "vision" for New World? Where you see the game in a year's time?
A: No. This is too likely to change as we are in active development and constantly evaluating what the most important and impactful changes to the game will be.

Q: Are resources going to continually stay focused in the north with lesser resources in the south, or will it become more concentrated depending on the biomes(and a larger map eventually?
A: For March we've done a lot to focus resources. The North will need to actively trade with the South in order to be effective.
Q: Treasure hunting - At the moment, the loot table consists almost entirely of crafting components and craftable items. Do you have any design position or plans regarding unique lootable items and abilities?
A: We have a high level design for Treasure Hunting, but we're not able to detail it at this time.
Q: What is the #1 thing alpha testers are asking for, which the designers believe we would not actually want if it was given to us and why?
A: Fast travel. This would crush the economy and take all risk out of transporting items through the world.

Q: Can you share some more information about the "ranged accuracy system" that Zin_Ramu brought up in the Newest Combat Changes thread when stating why hip fire was removed?
A: Right now all ranged projectiles in our game are 100% accurate, which makes sense for the bow and musket precision shooting. However, it made hip fire very strong. At some point we want to add an accuracy system that will add some random variance to the shot when doing hip fire. That will create a more appropriate cost/balance and allow us to reintroduce hip fire.
Q: What are your plans for magic? Will all magic revolve around gauntlets or can we expect different types of weapons for different schools of magic?
A: We are working out the details, but I think it is safe to say we will push well beyond gauntlets. We have 3 schools of magic in mind. Celestial which you see a portion of with the gauntlet, Elemental which is more offensive and Occult which is more paranormal. Exited about all but these are not on the short term road map.
Q: What are the developer's thoughts on sieges? Can we expect siege engines in the future?
A: We like sieges! We think that the game really shines when a bunch of players are all trying to kill each other. As far as siege engines are concerned, we're planning to have them, but can't comment on when they'll be added.
Q: What are the developers thoughts on the recently introduced Lawless Zones?
A: We are watching closely. I think we need to put higher end materials there to give people a reason and risk/reward decision. We still have a lot to learn by watching how players engage with them.
Q: Are you guys happy with the percentage of criminals on the server in the current phase, or are you looking at changes to slightly increase or decrease the criminal population?
A: It feels pretty good right now. Many more up north (thanks for not killing me on Monday night!) and not a lot of folks killing newbie players. More on our thoughts on Criminal populations
Q: Are we going to see the addition of more/larger lawless zones, or are you happy with what we have now? What kind of data do you have regarding what you've seen in the lawless zones?
A: We will continue to experiment with lawless zones. First we need to get the ones in the game to a state we are happy and then we'll decide on how far to take them.
Q: Are there plans to introduce parrying in some form to the game?
A: We have discussed parrying a few times and like the concept. But making it work reliably and fairly in an MMO with lag is very difficult. So its not an immediate priority for us.
Q: What plans do you have for adding more depth to the combat system?
A: The short term goals are finishing tuning and refining the core system and latest round of combat enhancements we implemented last build. Then in the medium term we will add more weapons with varying play styles. Longer term ideas, but with no concrete plans yet, include additional systems that make positioning and timing more important (like a skill based critical hit system), more attacks per weapon, and a feinting or canceling system.
Q: Do you have any plans to diversify armor/weapons by adding secondary effects of some kind? (IE decreased reload speed, faster weapon swap, more mana regen, ect)
A: No immediate plans, but we agree that adding more benefits and diversity to weapons is important.
Q: What is your "ideal sized fight" that you try balance around, 5v5? 20v20? 50v50?
A: We balance around all of those including 1v1.
Q: Does the team have a position or plans for PvP Bounties, or is the Bounty skill a PvE only system? Anything you can share?
A: We don't have a lot to share about bounties just yet. It's safe to divulge that we intend Bounty Hunting to "bring people together" in rewarding ways, though. That said, we're not actively working on it right now, so we can't comment on when it will be available to try.
Q: Are there any plans to change heavy armor?
A: We are trying to make light, normal, and slow (soon to be renamed heavy), all feel like distinct roles with advantages and disadvantages. Overall, we agree that slow has too many negatives and not enough positives. Increased poise and other defense attributes are something we are starting to experiment with and if we like the results, will roll out in the future.
Q: With the increased time on recovery frames from F and leap attacks, it has pretty much made light attacking the only safe tactic. What are your plans to further promote the Rock Paper Scissors aspect of the game and what improvements do you think can be made to the mace/sword to make them viable again?
A: There were no changes to the recovery frames on the heavy attack (F) or the sprint attack. The sprint attack has been and still is very risky. If it is blocked you will be punished, its a high risk / high reward move. The heavy attack is not punishable on block. However, it can be dodge rolled to avoid the attack, so you need to vary the timing and usage of that attack.
Q: Will dual wielding be added for players?
A: Dual wielding is a feature we like, but is a very complex feature that will take a lot of work to get right. It's not going to happen in the short to medium term.
Q: What are the team's thoughts on protection circles and their future in the game? i.e. how do they feel about the size of the circles? And can we expect any changes to this gameplay?
A: Right now they seem to be working.

Q: Are there any plans to make farming more interesting/involved?
A: Yes, but we're focused on other things at the moment. We have a plan ready to execute when it rises through the backlog. But nothing to share right now.
Q: Are Letheans and Renewing Draughts gone? I personally love the new respec system, but I know a lot of people are confused about whether or not Draughts are planned for launch or not.
A: The Lethean and Renewing Draughts were a stopgap to the existing respec system, and have since been removed from the game.
Q: Is there plans to be more of defined roles within the game? Currently with the new player experience they are aiming to give more definition to the classes/rolls but with the stat points, balance, and gear, it seems that everyone has to be multi tasking with their roles.
A: We do not have plans to give defined roles. We want players to define their role and build their character to suit the way they want to play. We are doing more to give reasons to place every trade skill point which should help players understand and build their character.
Q: What are the end goals for farming?
A: Ultimately we want Farming to be a way to offset the need to seek out a subset of resources that are otherwise specifically located. The Cooking Skill specifically relies on a variety of farmable ingredients, and the consumables it creates are critical to gaining an edge in both PvE and PvP combat. With Farming, Companies that control territory can produce a high volume of these consumables either to sell on the Trading Post or to supply themselves with powerful, long-term buffs in addition to the nourishment provided by the food and drinks.
Q: Will there be an alternative way to respec outside of the set level intervals?
A: We have no plans for an alternative at this time.

Q: Do you plan on creating an In-game group chat (much like Linkshells in FFXIV)?
A: We will be doing a lot of much-requested work on the Chat system in the future. In the meantime, please feel free to bump one of the existing Chat threads on the forum and make sure your feedback for chat is heard!
Q: What are the thoughts around possibly adding dyes or coloring (or transmog) to Armor?
A: We very much want to add dyes (and paint) to the game. We want to give players more opportunities for agency.

Q: Do you have plans for small/solo companies/players to acquire smaller plots?
A: We do and it is something we are actively working on. I hope to have more information in the next few months.
Q: Are there plans to give the companies leadership any further way of seeing what is going on in the company, for example seeing when the last time someone played was, and/ or where they were then they logged out?
A: Heck yes. Stay tuned on that.
Q: Since the building system seems to be designed to work anywhere on the map, are you planning on adding small, temporary structures players can build outside of claims?
A: Yes, we have plans for these, but we're not ready to discuss their purpose or when you can expect to see them added to the game.
Q: How is the Amazon Game Studios team feeling about the balance between attacking and defending claims?
A: Overall, we still think its a bit too easy to attack and siege claims. With all the work that goes into building a claim we want it to be a hard to take a claim.
Q: How is the Amazon Game Studios team feeling about individual and company progression regarding obtaining coin?
A: We're keeping a close eye on the earn rates of individuals and companies, especially now that the economy is primarily player-driven.
Q: Are there plans to extend the permission system?
A: Yes indeed. We will be adding more granular permissions and access settings, as well as eventually letting them be customized.
Q: Are there plans to add onto the storage mechanic?
A: Yes, we have plans for making territory storage 1. easier to manage and organize, and 2. in combination with the permission system above, give more control in the hands of Companies for how it's distributed and accessed.
Q: Are there any plans to introduce T5 Walls to building options?
A: Yes, soonish.
Q: What new buildings and services might we expect for base building? i.e. Towers, more storage options, Stables, trading posts?
A: I would very much like automated defense towers. And we have some ideas for 'prestige' structures that serve new purposes in the game.

Q: Are there any new company/group vs environment activities that are in the works? Stuff like more dungeons/world bosses/company-wide quests? If so, could you tell us a bit about them?
A: There are things in the ideation phase but nothing we're ready to discuss.
Q: Would you consider making open-world dungeons more complex?
A: Sure we would and are considering it. It is not an immediate focus.
Q: How large is the map planned to be compared to our current testing environment? I've heard rumor that it's 1/8th, and the map outline supports that, but I'm hoping to use this opportunity to put some rumors to bed.
A: I don't want to get specific but I will say – a lot bigger. We need to learn what the right player density (most fun) is and then combine with the number of players we want in the world and that will dictate the size.
Q: Will we ever see open world dynamic events with world bosses?
A: Ever? Yes! When, probably a long ways off.
Q: What is the ETA for mounts being introduced into the game? Will we see some trade route / caravan action?
A: Mounts are not on the short-mid term roadmap.
Q: In the tests that you have done so far, what was the maximum number of players that the server was able to handle in a single battle?
A: On the live Alpha, the largest I am aware of was around 125 players. On a test server we hit 250.

Q: How does the Amazon Game Studios team feel about pineapples as a pizza topping?
A:I speak for the team. As long as it is with ham or bacon we are all good*
Community Manager's note: Johannis does not speak for BONESMALONE. BONESMALONE believes pineapple on pizza to be sacrilege.