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Raccogliamo in un unico thread tutte le notizie (in ordine cronologico) riguardanti il World of Darkness Online cosicché chi si affaccia qui possa leggere quanto si è riusciti a sapere fin'ora di questo MMO. :)

16 Novembre 2006

This didn't happen at Gen Con. Things were already in motion, by then.

We've been working on MMO-related stuff for a while, ranging from brainstorming to some serious design work, though nothing you'd really call "preproduction" by any means. It's not like we're just getting started now that the legal paperwork is done.

CCP is not making the MMO. WE are making the MMO -- CCP and White Wolf, together.

The MMO is not intended as a replacement for the paper RPG. Right now, we're committed to both projects as aspects of our larger, ongoing virtual world -- the World of Darkness. Likewise, we're hoping EVE will get similar treatment, becoming a deeper setting through both MMO and paper-RPG play. The only reason I think we'll abandon paper RPGs is if you abandon us first.

The MMO will not be the paper RPG online. MMOs and paper RPGs need different things to do what they do well. We're planning on making a great MMO and a great paper RPG, without forcing either to do the other's bidding.



While talking to Ksberge in the IRC room he happened to point one several domain names bought by WW during 2006 (When we believe pre-production work started on WoDO). Some of these addresses such as http://www.wodonline.com and http://worldofdarknessonline.com are listed as being owned by WW and registered during various times during 2006, in fact some as early as March 2006.

So certainly the idea for a WoD MMORPG started earlier then at least I was lead to believe. Perhaps as long ago as 2005, as buying a domain name isn't something typically a company does out of the blue one morning for kicks. Generally it is a thought out process and done when they intend to bring a product to fruition.

Currently there are no sites at any of those pages, just a default park page.

Febbraio 2007 -> Fonte (in islandese)

The Icelandic game developer CCP will be developing a new massively multiplayer online computer game called World of Darkness. The game will be developed along with White Wolf, the board game company CCP merged with last year.

The setting of the game will be World of Darkness, a world inhabited by vampires and werewolves. White Wolf created said world and has written stories and books that take place there.

Halldór Fannar Guðjónsson, one of CCP's programmers, couldn't give any more details on the game, but said its development will begin in the next few months.

CCP owns an operates the Icelandic massively multiplayer online game EVE Online which currently has over 180.000 subscribers.

Here are some more details including staffing numbers on the project:

It's development will take at least four years, and it will be jointly created in Reykjavík and Atlanta, where While Wolf's HQ is.

Also, here are CCP employee numbers, for those interested:

27 - Programmers
14 - QA department
10 - Graphics department
26 - Game design
29 - Game masters

Total 81 in development positions

169 total staff, counting people in China and the US. In Iceland there are around 120.

16 Ottobre 2007 -> Fonte

During a tour of White Wolf Publishing and CCP's new Atlanta office, CCP North America president Mike Tinney revealed several new details on both the World of Darkness MMO currently under development and the future of EVE Online.

World of Darkness
"[World of Darkness] is in a prototype stage right now. There's a lot of experimentation, nothing is set in stone. It's a very open and active exchange of ideas," Tinney explained. "This project is being co-developed between both the Iceland and the Atlanta offices, with some outsourcing assets being coordinated by our Shanghai office as well."

Tinney noted that the Atlanta office will focus on developing the content for the game, while the Iceland office will be responsible for the technology behind the game, which is based on the EVE Online infrastructure, and also discussed how the company plans to keep development on-track for the ambitious project. "Everybody [on the World of Darkness in Atlanta] is grouped into teams of four, cross-discipline teams between designers, artists, programmers, quality assurance testers," he explained.

Development Setup
"That group is responsible for developing a fixed aspect of the game on a two to four week development cycle that is then turned in, reviewed [and] brought back out again and refined on a later development cycle," Tinney continued. "It's done that way to keep a two to four year project fresh, full of energy, full of small deliverables so that the team stays energized and focused on the task at hand, not caught up in the greater scheme of the project as a whole.

"It's one of the first multi-office projects of this nature," he added," and it's a very ambitious goal of ours to develop an MMO with content coming from multiple offices, but that is the way of the future and the direction that everything is going. We're innovating and learning as we go along."

Concept Art
The first floor of the two-story building, which was filled with inspirational printoffs such as "We will crush the critics and make them look like fools" and amusing pictures of cats, also contained a board filled with concept art for World of Darkness. The art depicted multiple vampire- and werewolf-esque player avatars along with rough landscapes of towns and a curious picture of Justin Timberlake. "I'm bringing darkness back," laughed CCP communications director Valerie Massey.

Currently, the World of Darkness team occupies about one-third of the space on the office's left side, the rest of the area being empty space. "We have an aggressive growth schedule ahead of us," said Tinney, who hopes to fill the rest of the room with staff across the next six months and expand into the adjoining room, which is located next to the building's racquetball court, as development continues.

EVE Online Support
With the second floor containing the whole of White Wolf Publishing's board, RPG, and card game branches as well as marketing, the other side of the office's first floor houses CCP North America's EVE Online division. This portion of the company is slated to provide additional and more time zone-friendly customer support for EVE and help with content creation. "Of course, eventually Iceland will fall beneath the waves, so there will be something left of CCP to carry on," Tinney joked.

As for the future of EVE Online, I spoke with a CCP employee who noted that the company has put DirectX 10 support on the backburner in order to focus on optimized DirectX 9 support and the forthcoming upgrade that will add normal mapping and specular mapping to the game, among other graphical features. He also pointed out that that the different focuses of the economy-driven EVE Online and the action-based World of Darkness should allow the games to co-exist without cannibalizing the sales of one another.

21 Febbraio 2008

The mastermind behind progressive and forbidding Icelandic MMO Eve Online, Reynir Hardarson, has said that the company’s second game, World of Darkness, will follow in the space-based title’s steps of having a ‘real-world’ financial model and will be primarily community-based.

“The key is human interaction,” Hardarsson said of his MMOs, talking to videogaming247. “World Of Darkness shares that vision.”

Like Eve, which has realistic resource and economic models, World Of Darkness would about “being as real as it can be,” he said.

Hardarson is now building the second CCP studio in Atlanta, after the merger of the company with World Of Darkness owners, White Wolf. The contemporary vampire fiction will now be the subject of CCP’s second title. When asked whether the World Of Darkness MMO would follow in Eve’s footsteps, or take the rather more popular World Of Warcraft route, Hardarson well as the technology, that had made the Icelandic MMO so effective.

CCP will release no further details of the game at this time, nor a release date. All Hardarsson would say was that the new game would as much of a leap in ambition for the company as releasing the MMO from scratch was when they started.

Hardarson has previously said that he believes MMOs should be continuously evolved by their developers over decades, rather than years. When asked whether Eve Online could still achieve new things he said, “Absolutely, we will just keep building on top of it.

“MMOs do not have to age. The nature of a game like Eve is that there is no need for sequels – why shouldn’t it run for fifty years?”

31 Marzo 2008 -> Fonte

Si tratta di un'intervista al creatore di Eve Online, Reynir Harðarson.
Le informazioni sul WoD sono sparse lungo l'articolo che vi invito a leggere.

Luglio 2008 -> Fonte

CCP is currently working on new projects, the largest of which is World of Darkness, a MMOG that is scheduled to launch 2010.

The setting for this game shares the same history, culture and geography as modern day Earth. On the surface, the inhabitants of this fictional world live as we do; yet here, the shadows are deeper, the nights are darker, and the fog is thicker. But most importantly, monsters exist. Beneath the thin film of civilization, Vampires thrive on the blood of humans, Werewolves prowl for carnage in the darkest forests, and Mages scheme to bend reality to their will.

In the World of Darkness, you are the monster, struggling to remember the memory of your humanity while you struggle against the evil that lurks within us all. CCP and White Wolf are now hard at work in pre-production on the World of Darkness the persistent world. Given the World of Darkness legacy, its large fan base, and proven appeal to both genders, we estimate the subscriber potential of this product to be two to three times that of EVE Online, without competing head on with CCP’s existing products thus enabling wider total appeal.

La risposta della CCP a questa indiscrezione:

CCP has refused to confirm or deny whether or not a supposed financial statement listing horror MMO World of Darkness as a 2010 release is genuine. “We have nothing to add,” a US CCP rep told VG247 today.

Novembre 2008

As some of you may know CCP (EVE Online) is working closely with Microsoft's High Performance Computing group to help speed up EVE's space battles. Some recent fights have had over 1,000 players fighting it out in the same system with minimal lag o_0

Anyway Microsoft have just put up the following 'case study' about their 'customer'.

http://mediadl.microsoft.com/mediadl/www/w/windowsserver/...0Games Tech_750K.wmv which included a very interesting snippet near the end (particularly as CCP have been exceptionally tight lipped information on World of Darkness) when one of the Dev's said:

"The goal for the new game is 1 million players"

This implies that CCP is planning on implementing a one-universe model for the WoD MMO instead of the more traditional multi-server world.

This could mean that many of the core principles of EVE will carry over into WoD, specifically:

1. Player-driven market
2. Rich player politics
3. Territorial entities

Could be interesting if they manage to pull it off...
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18 Maggio 2009

Sul sito Telegraph.co.uk è stata pubblicata un'intervista (link qui) a Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO della CCP. Ovviamente Eve Online occupa gran parte della discussione, ma verso la fine si menziona anche il World of Darkness:

CCP Games has been profitable since 2004, but all profits are currently being reinvested in Eve Online and also into creating World of Darkness, a new online subscription game about vampires targeting an 18-25-year-old, female demographic.

Fashion and design will play a key role in the game and the group has employed two supposedly well-known Icelandic fashion designers to create virtual "gothic-style" clothing for avatars. The group is hiring 100 more people in the next 12 months – including producers, animators and economists – to create its new virtual world.

I giochi della CCP sono remunerativi dal 2004 ma tutti i profitti sono attualmente reinvestiti per Eve Online e per la creazione del World of Darkness, un nuovo gioco online a pagamento sui vampiri che mira ad un target prettamente femminile, dai 18 ai 25 anni.

Fashion e design avranno un ruolo chiave nel gioco e la CCP ha assunto due famosi fashion designer islandesi per la creazione di abbigliamento virtuale gotico per gli avatar. Il gruppo inoltre è in procinto di assumere 100 e più dipendenti nei prossimi 12 mesi - includendo produttori, tecnici dell'animazione ed economisti - per lo sviluppo del nuovo mondo virtuale.
10 Giugno 2009

In data 17-19 Agosto, al GDC Europe che si terrà a Colonia, Hilmar Petursson della CCP rivelerà in esclusiva il nuovo progetto (attualmente in fase di pre-produzione) della software house islandese!

Eccovi il testo dell'intervista (link qui) apparsa su gamasutra:

Hilmar Petursson, chief exec at EVE Online developer CCP, will be keynoting the upcoming Game Developers Conference Europe this August in Cologne, Germany, where he'll unveil the studio's next project.

The exec, who has been with Reykjavik, Iceland-based CCP since 2000, will deliver the keynote "CCP: Winning the War," a presentation centered on his company's growth.

The studio began in relative obscurity, but now lays claim to the space-faring MMORPG EVE Online, which surpassed 300,000 subscribers in May.

At GDC Europe, Petursson will exclusively reveal CCP's latest project, currently in pre-production.

"GDC Europe is gearing up to be one of the industry's most essential events. I am honored to have this opportunity to share some of the valuable lessons CCP has learned with such a prestigious audience," Petursson said.

According to the firm, CCP plans on an "extensive global expansion" as online gaming continues to proliferate in the market.

GDC Europe (part of Think Services, as is Gamasutra) will take place August 17-19 this year in Cologne alongside the inaugural GamesCom trade/consumer game event, and more information is available via the official GDC Europe website.

Edit: "Sfortunatamente" il nuovo progetto di cui hanno parlato era Dust 514, falso allarme quindi.
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5 Novembre 2009

Qualche giorno fa s'è tenuta una conferenza dei manager della white wolf in cui hanno parlato un pò di tutto.
Ovviamente non poteva mancare qualche accenno all'MMO, per la nostra gioia. :)
Se avete la pazienza di sorbirvela tutta su youtube...:

Altrimenti ecco a voi la trascrizione di quel che ci interessa davvero:

I am the senior producer for the World of Darkness MMO that we are working on. Thanks. Glad you guys are excited about it. But I'm not going to talk about that today, unfortunately. I know it's a horrible tease, right? But the fact is, before we talk about the World of Darkness MMO, we want it to be right, and we're spending millions of dollars getting it right and we want to make sure that when we are ready to show it, we are ready to show it. And the one thing I can tell you is that we absolutely will be taking the attitude of a company like Blizzard – without making World of Warcraft with fangs- but we won't do this until is right, we won't release it until it's right." (0:22)

"(...) that's Reynir Harðarson, he is our creative director on Vampire... and... sorry, excuse me, the World of Darkness MMO." (5:28)

"(...) and I still feel passionately about storytelling, I still feel passionately about the whole World of Darkness setting, and that is going to carry through to the community that we want to build, because people are building this relationships online and in real life like this, and we want to find a way to make sure that all those things coexist in a way that makes everybody feel comfortable and everybody feel a part of the process and focuses on storytelling and quality, and that's what we're going to do." (8:03)
27 Novembre 2009

Dall'account della CCP su Flickr ecco tre immagini dagli uffici della CCP!
Le prime due sono piene di concept art (che devo dire mi ha molto soddisfatto perchè in linea con quella del p&p), la terza in particolare è la più interessante.

Foto 1

Foto 2

Foto 3

Su World of Darkness Online News > Home li hanno "decifrati":

Locations? (yellow)
secondhand bookstore
military surplus store
salvation army clothing store
illegal gun shop
penthouse clubs
pet store
American city: gated neighborhoods, helter skelter (unsure) in every school, if you're black (??)
European city: nude (??), pedophile clubs, soccer hooligans
airplanes and helicopters flying overhead
opera house
dirty 7-11
End of the world (??)
huge libraries
A gay club
Old playgrounds in disrepair
End of the world cults (???)
Trash on the streets, piling up, flies, rats, (???)
Lots of rats (???)
Subway stops out of service and (???) inhabited by riff raff
A large ferris wheel out of order
European city: nude beaches, pedophile clubs, soccer hooligans
American city: Gated Neighborhoods, Metal checker in every school, if you're black (??) double LOS
Sanctified altar
Hear arguments (?) when walking past a (???)

Game mechanics/More locations? (pink)
conversations overheard that lead to something
death sentences
"Times Square"
able to enter every generic building
half built houses, (??)
swimming pools by (??)
NPCs ******** to drugs while human
overgrown gothic (??)
atheists denying everything
home for the retards lonely people (unsure)
Amish families
Underground mazes!
Kittens =^.^=
Space dragons
Home for the retards (?) 2 crazy people (unsure too)
Overgrown gothic garden (?)
Swimming pools by mansions
Underground mazes! Water pump, abandoned (???)
Toxic waste (???)
Archeological museum (?)

Misc? (Orange)
Identification papers
"Venice" canals
Marzo 2010

Al Game Developers Conference tenutosi a San Francisco sono venute fuori alcune importanti novità:

1. Alcuni membri dello staff CCP avevano "World of Darkness Dev Team" sul retro della maglietta;

2. Alla domanda rivolta al CEO CCP riguardo lo sviluppo del gioco è stata data la risposta: "Attualmente non esiste";

3. Durante una conferenza CCP-Nvidia viene mostrato un video riguardante la simulazione di vestiti con il Maya (link al video intero, link al video ridotto).
Naturalmente la prima associazione è stata fatta con Incarna, il motore grafico di deambulazione degli avatar in EvE, ma se guardate al minuto 9:29 sono chiaramente visibili i nomi dei file e le cartelle in cui sono contenuti e indovinate un pò? La cartella si chiama WOD-DEV, motivo per cui abbiamo tutte le ragioni per credere che si tratti delle prime effettive immagini di ciò che ci aspetta. :)

Inoltre in data 11.03.10 è stato fatto un revamp del sito della CCP e per poche ore è stato possibile ammirare un paio di artwork del gioco. Purtroppo sono state eliminate poco dopo e non ho avuto la premura di salvarle per potervele mostrare ma rappresentavano una gangrel con il viso deturpato dalle cicatrici.
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